Where do I go from here, really..?

Hello, kiddies.

I have an obligation to all of you who “dared to click the link” at least once over the last five years… Just like most of my colleagues have done for many and various reasons, I had to take the hiatus that I did. Twenty odd eleven has certainly been one for the record books for a lot of us. I don’t have to go into the specifics, as most of this year’s tragic events are probably as fresh in our minds now as they were when they first happened. Personally, it’s been a real rollercoaster of a year to say the very least… when last I posted for Mr. Grogan’s Soul Club, I had no idea it would take a whopping six months to come back. I never expected it, and I certainly wished it didn’t happen the way it did, but sadly, it did.
As one would readily guess, most of the events leading up to the hiatus were rather heartbreaking, especially the loss of both of our beloved cats Indigo Girl and Bear. They were both well in their senior years, living to be fifteen, but they will forever be our “babies”. To be fair, we do see some significant light at the end of the tunnel, all things considered…
We finally relocated to our new digs in the city. The place is pretty cool in a relatively nice neighbourhood. The new “kitchen” is much larger than the old, although I am still going to have a great deal of difficulty getting all the excess records off of the floor. What’s good about that scenario however, is that I have been taking great care to actually listen to stuff that I hadn’t heard in at least fifteen years. I don’t know how else to segue into the crux of this multi-purpose post, which undoubtedly is the future of this here piece of cyber-style real estate.
What do I really do with it; it’s in such disarray, and most of the old posts that I said I was going to restore are for all intents and purposes beyond restoration… I’ve wrestled with this problem for months, leading up to this, the fifth birhtday of Fufu Stew, which truthfully, I really never thought that that would come to pass, much less, that the blog would have come relatively close to getting a half million hits in five years time. I know, it would have probably fared better if I kept at it and posted a little more regularly, but as I always say, real life is a mother!
I admit, I set my expectation level real low when I first started. Looking back on it all, I really never dreamed that I would have come this far, meeting many great people from literally every corner of the earth, learning so much about the obsession of cratedigging and the fruits that result. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to each and every blogger whose sites I have visited, to each and every blogger that has been so kind as to include me as a part of their blogroll, to each and every blogger for their benevolence in sharing the fruits of their digging… It all goes a very long way, and needless to say, you all will forever have my respect, admiration and above all else, appreciation for everything you have done to help make the last five years of my life mean something from a creative standpoint.
More on that later, but for now, I must go ahead and start the blog over again from scratch. All of the original posts prior to mixcloud will disappear as I work on the new design. Most likely they will be redone, at least the better ones will at any rate. When it does shake out, and believe me, at some point it really will, I know that besides looking a hell of a lot neater, the browsing experience will be a lot better overall. As far as the path I intend to take, I have but one simple premise: I will always like making mixtapes. In fact, it’s about the only way I listen to music anymore. Ever since 1983, and that first cassette I got from an old friend, I tried hard to recreate that experience, over and over, leaving absolutely no stone unturned. With all those years of trial and error, I finally feel that I have achieved a personal goal. As always, I am proud to be able to share them with one and all as best I can, and as much as the apparent law will allow. One of my wife’s colleagues call it “paying it forward”. Some call it “share and share alike”. Whatever one wishes to call it, the end result is that the Fufu train will continue to chug along… with that said, the new pahse will leave me free to continue my love of making mixtapes. Period. From this point forward, the rules are there are no rules.
and now for the closing commentary…
Twenty odd twelve is here. I am so glad to see 2011 disappear in the rear view mirror, you just don’t know how much. I still hold true to my one and only resolution for the new year, and that’s to try and make it better than the last year.  The most I can do is the best I can. I want to take these final fleeting moments to wish you all the best for a prosperous new year full of good health, happiness, a good degree of security, and most of all, SOUL! As always, whatever you do, be sure to do it good, and please be safe doing it. I can’t wait to get started, with a little luck, the reconstruction will commence on Wednesday. Real life will always take precedent, but I will always try to use my spare time wisely. Til the next time…

Peace and blessings.

Back to the Corner…

Hello, kiddies.

The respite is slowly drawing to a close. Lots of unexpected twists and turns happened, but as is always the case, I rolled with the punches. I have been lacking in my duties here once again, but I’ve still got some time left to atone. Before I go another further, let me direct all of you over to Funky 16 Corners so you can take advantage of another installment of the F16C Soul Club All Nighter and pledge drive, held at the world famous Grogan Casino… clever play on words, huh? Dig this all-star lineup: Tarik (8KC) Thornton, DJ Prime Mundo, Tony C., and the mighty DJ BlueWater… and headlined of course with two sets from the host with the most. I am truly honoured to be among such great company. Clicking on the image below will get you to the place to be post haste.

…and while you’re there, please show your support if you are able. It’s an investment that has already paid for itself and will continue to do so for years to come. Thanks so much for allowing me this indulgence. I hope to be back sooner than later with some new goods. I’ll make it worth the while… until then, have fun(k) and as always, please be safe.
Peace and blessings.

It’s a Mondo Mondo Mondo Mondo World…

Hello, kiddies.

Another day in the life is coming to a close. It was a very productive couple of weeks to say the least, so let’s get the ball rolling.

Here’s where the overhaul finally begins. The page images will change radically, as well as the font. It should be a lot easier to digest when I get done. Additionally, the blogroll will go through a major change too. Each and every blog that is still active will get a visit from me in the next few days, just to say hi and thank you for all of your support over the years. I know I’ve lost touch with a lot of you, due largely to real life issues… believe me, I can dig it. It’s like I said back in November, the world as we know it, is in serious trouble on so many levels. In one way or another, we are all feeling the pinch. Besides the usual blessings that I certainly count each and every day, I am thankful for the role that my mixtape craft has played in my recent existence. It keeps me sane. The finished products usually always make me happy when I blast them on my iPod or in my wife’s grocery getter. (shrug)… why not share them, y’know? It’s only that simple. I’m equally thankful for all of the support of all of you who saw fit to visit and enjoy the small contributions. So to make a long story just a little longer, the future of Fufu Stew will unfold before your very eyes sooner than later. Moving on…

I caught up with my long-time colleague Mr. Mondo and the mighty Mr. Grogan last week. Both have invited me back to their respective spots to lay some 45′s down. Of course I can’t ever pass up an opportunity to make a mixtape or five…

For now, you can head over to Planet Mondo and dig on this batch of heavy fuzz and buzz.

He also turned me on to a sneak peek at the latest marvel from the Bongolian which should be available in the all the right places by the time you get this far in the post. I was given the go ahead to share just a bit of it, which you can check out in the form of a mini sampler over at my Mixcloud page if you like. Big cheers and mad love for the folks at Blow Up Records first, last and always for the opportunity. Click the image below…

…and since it’s a mondo mondo mondo mondo world, I will start the overhaul of this little ol’ slice of blog by restoring the exchange we did wayyyyy back in 2008. You can dig on those at my Mixcloud pages. Again, click the appropriate image if you wish…

Aside from the lack of visual changes, that should be a good start… more to come sooner than you think. I will change the imagery later on this week, so until then, have fun(k) and as always, please be safe.

Peace and blessings.

Hungry for vinyl…?

Hello, kiddies.

First off, I must wish all of you springtime holiday greetings, Easter, Passover and all the rest… I’ll kick off the festivities on a positive. Unfortunately since the last visit,  I wish I could say that the respite is going according to plan. As is always the case however, real life loves to rear its ugly head in the form of having to kick it in gear getting ready for a major face lift to the pantry. Boxing up all that vinyl will be a chore, but a labour of love just the same. It only stands to reason in that case that I have to fill up the ol’ life support system, I mean iPod, with plenty of new mixtapes. Here’s the first.

Inspired by the cutest Peanuts comic strip I ever read, here’s an on the fly funk fix full of 45′s that are pretty much chewed up as the image suggests. The perils of digging through dusty Rubbermaid bins, hoping that steam distilled water and alcohol will resurrect the errant gems. Some were easier to clean than others, but all the tunes were pure bangers so I went with it. No additional restoration was used.

As always, listen at your leisure or on demand (at least until I really figure out and resolve the embed issues at any rate)…

01 Put The Music Where Your Mouth Is-Olympic Runners (London)
02 Super Cool-Black Heat (Atlantic)
03 Little Ol’ Country Boy-Parliament (Invictus)
04 Keep On Doin’ What You’re Doin’-Bobby Byrd (Brownstone)
05 Gettin’ It On-Dennis Coffey (Sssex)
06 If He Can You Can-Isley Brothers (T Neck)
07 California Dreaming-Harley Farquart Express (Peon)
08 Too Many Cooks Spoil The Soup-100 Proof Aged In Soul (Hot Wax)
09 You’re What’s Happening (In The World Today)-Marvin Gaye (Tamla)
10 Raw Hamburgers-Kool & The Gang (De Lite)
11 Shimmy-Toussaint McCall (Ronn)
12 Hum Along And Dance-Temptations (Gordy)
13 Black And Blues-Chollo Rivera & The Latin Soul Drives (Cotique)
14 My Brother Pt. 1-The JB’s (People)
15 Funk Power-Creative Funk (Creative Funk)
16 HLIC-Bobo Mr. Soul (Ovide)
17 Turn On The Light Of Your Love-Four Tops (Dunhill)
18 Higher Than High-Undisputed Truth (Gordy)
19 Jam-Three Dog Night (Dunhill)
20 If I Can See The Light (Instrumental)-The 8th Day (Invictus)
21-Oh Baby I Love The Way-New Birth (RCA)
22 Magic Mountain-Eric Burdon& War (MGM)
23 Hard Times-Curtis Mayfeld (Curtom)
24 Be Thankful For What You Got Pt. 2-William DeVaughan (Roxbury)

Don’t go far, or keep reading on to the next post for even more new stuff. I’ll probably pop in a little later on with some more eclectic stuff but til then, have fun(k), and as always, please be safe.

Peace and blessings… and happy 4:20 too :D

Even More Warmed Over Leftovers…

Hello, kiddies.

I finally got the chance to put up this jam packed post.  Get comfortable and be sure to look at the extra links…

I am really enjoying the respite and everything it has to offer. I even got the gumption to bring Fufu Stew Too back from the dead with two new posts. Check ‘em out by clicking on the images if you like.

Now, as the times we live in continue to deteriorate (thanks a lot to those who already know who they are and what they’re doing wrong), I believe the only thing that really keeps me together anymore, my wife, family and friends notwithstanding, is music. News depresses me these days. Really, why can’t people just get along… I am trying to slowly ration the new scores, especially since I can’t afford another huge digging trip for a while. In doing so, I came up with this. Some old friends make their scheduled reappearance in this assortment of 45 rpm happiness. For the sake of relevance, I will say that it’s how the music feels at the time it’s felt, meaning that since I need music fed into my ears almost intravenously, oh well, you know! 8KC, one of my Mixcloud colleagues summed it up very nicely by saying this: “So many get caught up in the image of the music that they lose touch with the true source of the music, the Soul. It’s not about how expensive your 45’s records are but how you play them. You play from the Soul!” The quote was lifted from this post here. Truer words have never been spoken. As always, I do indeed put my soul into each mix that I make, and the tunes just have to flow together which may explain why each one feels the way it does at the time it’s felt. In any event, enjoy another heaping helping.

I have no idea what happened to the embed capability (probably full of bugs like another blogging platform)… oh well, you can still listen at your leisure or on demand just the same.

01 Hoochie Coochie Man-Skip Easterling (Instant)
02 Buster Browne-Willie Mitchell (Hi)
03 Boogaloo Tramp-A.C. Reed (Nike)
04 Here Come Da Judge-The Buena Vistas (Marquee)
05 Jerk It-The Gypsies (Old Town)
06 Hide Nor Hair-Earl Grant (Decca)
07 The Flea-The Five Du Tones (One Der Ful)
08 Misery-The Dynamics (Big Top)
09 Love Is Alright-Cliff Nobles & Co. (Phil LA Of Soul)
10 The Gallop-The Chevelles (Flaming Arrow)
11 On The Dock Of The Bay-The Da Kars (Josie)
12 Desiree-The Charts (Wand)
13 Hallways Of My Mind-The Dells (Cadet)
14 If This Is Love-The Percisions (Drew)
15 I Can Feel The Ice Melting-The Parliaments (Revilot)
16 I Got Lucky-The Ideals (St. Lawrence)
17 I Call It Love-The Manhattans (Carnival)
18 Soul Time-Jackie Wilson (Brunswick)
19 Lost In The Mood Of Changes-James Brown (Smash)
20 Do Do Do Bah Ah-Bert Keyes (Clock)
21 Dancin’ Master-The Bandwagon (Epic)
22 If You Love Her-Bobby Taylor & The Vancouvers (Gordy)
23 Decator Street-Patti Labelle & The Blue Bells (Newtown)
24 Them Terrible Boots-The Orlons (Cameo)
25 Treat Her Right-Roy Head (Back Beat)

Speaking of which, I recently discovered it has been a year since I joined mixcloud. Time continues to fly, huh? I wanted to share some of the exclusive type stuff that I’ve been putting up over there, but since the embed feature is on the apparent fritz, I’ll have to do so in another way. Just the same, I can’t recommend it enough. Mixcloud is a beautiful place. I hope they never go away!

Well we’ve come to the end of another episode. Everything I did I really enjoyed immensely, and I plan to continue in that enjoyment for as long as the free time holds up. So far so good. Well,’til next time, have fun(k) and as always, please be safe.

Peace and blessings.

Happy Spring (Incuding Back To Basics…)

Hello, kiddies.

I’ll keep this short and sweet since respite time is at an all time premium. Three months to get a lot of pent up frustration out of my system, and I plan to use each and every day of it doing exactly what needs to be done. Gee, I wouldn’t know it was really spring by looking out of my front door. I just have to shrug my shoulders and move on I suppose. I played some nice 45′s last week; there’s a good start… nothing fancy,  just the basics, but they all sounded good. Enjoy.

As always, you can listen at your leisure, or, now that I’ve finally figured out how, you can listen on-demand with the player thingie below. Imagine that :)

01 Can’t Be Still-Booker T & The MGs (Stax)
02 The New Breed-Jimmy Holiday (Diplomacy)
03 Boomerang-Tom & Jerrio (ABC)
04 Saturday Night Fish Fry-The Coasters (Atco)
05 Happy Feet-Robert Parker (NOLA)
06 You Ain’t Ready-Lou Courtney (Riverside)
07 Day Tripper-The Vontastics (St. Lawrence)
08 I’m A Man-Spencer Davis Group (United Artists)
09 Switch It On-Cliff Nobles & Co (Phil LA Of Soul)
10 Music Talk-Stevie Wonder (Tamla)
11 Grits N Cornbread-The Soul Runners (Mo Soul)
12 You Ain’t Too Cool-Cash McCall (Thomas)
13 Too Many Fish In The Sea-Jack McDuff (Prestige)
14 Much Too Much-James Crawford (Mercury)
15 Baby Don’t You Cry-Ray Charles (ABC)
16 Kansas City Woman-Bennie Gordon & The Soul Brothers (Enrica)
17 Ain’t It The Truth Now-Eddie Bo (Ric)
18 Popcorn Charlie-Chrles Spurling (King)
19 Modern Jive-Pretty Purdie (Date)
20 Elanor Rigby-Aretha Franklin (Atlantic)
21 Ode To Billie Joe-Mel Brown (Impulse)
22 I Take Care Of Homework-Syl Johnson (Twinight)
23 Devil Woman-Clarence Carter (Atlantic)
24 Are In Laws Really Outlaws?-Sir Douglas Quintet + 2 = Honkey Blues (Smash)
25 Knucklehead-The Bar-Kays (Volt)
26 The Barracuda-Leonard King & The Soul Messengers (Inferno)
27 Shing A Ling Baby-Willie Bobo (Verve)
28 Down Here On The Ground-Lou Rawls (Capitol)

Since time waits for no one, I’m off to enjoy what I hope will be a very therapeutic yet very fruitful respite. Until the next time, you know… :)

Peace and blessings.

Don’t Mess With Cupid!

Hello, kiddies.

Finally, some new 45′s were given a good home! It only took ten months to get down to the fire house, but I made the journey on Sunday and brought home over 150 pieces. Some gems, some common… some minty fresh, some hammered. Overall, it was a very fruitful digging session… Now we come to the payoff…

I wanted to join in on Rhythms in Black Satin’s 4th annual Cupid’s Hunt, but real life set in yet again. Oh well, like my pal Mr. Grundy says… everyday is Valentine’s Day!!! I know I am a lot late, but better late than never… After everything settled down, I ended up having a great weekend, spent with my beloved Leslie and that aforementioned huge stack of newly acquired 45′s. Here’s just a few of them, once again assembled on the fly. In keeping with the theme, all the tunes contain some element of love in the lyric. Essentially, they speak for themselves, so sit back and enjoy. NOTE: A few minor technical flaws were discovered after the upload was complete (track 19 in specific). I wish I had time to fix them, but I really don’t. It doesn’t help matters that my desktop took another shit, which I won’t be able to address until after March. I don’t think it shouldn’t hamper your listening experience too much though…

As always, listen at your leisure or on-demand…

01 Under The Influence Of Love-Love Unlimited (20th Century Fox)
02 I Wish It Would Rain-Marvin Gaye (Tamla)
03 I’m Sick Y’all-Otis Redding (Volt)
04 I’ve Got To Find Myself A Brand New Baby-David Ruffin (Motown)
05 La La For You-Al Green (Hi)
06 Hey Love-Stevie Wonder (Tamla)
07 Don’t Leave Me Starving For Your Love-Holland/Dozier (Invictus)
08 Love Insurance-Gwen McRae (Cat)
09 Unh Song-New Birth (RCA)
10 All I Need Is His Love-The Raeletts (Tangerine)
11 Since I Lost My Baby-The Temptations (Gordy)
12 Love Eye Tis-Judy Clay & William Bell (Stax)
13 I’m Living WIth A Memory-Barbara Acklin (Brunswick)
14 It’s How You Make It Good-Laura Lee (Chess)
15 Sitting In The Park-Billy Stewart (Chess)
16 I Only Meant To Wet My Feet-The Whispers (Janus)
17 Walk On By-Isaac Hayes (Enterprise)
18 Give Me Your Love-Barbara Mason (Buddah)
19 The Same Love That Made Me Laugh-Bill Withers (Sussex)
20 You’re Losing Me-Ann Sexton (Seventy Seven)
21 Don’t Mess With Cupid-Otis Redding (Volt)

Thanks to Mr. Grundy for inviting me to join in the fun… I really wish I hadn’t been fashionably late though lol!! Just the same, please visit and support his lovely website, Rhythms in Black Satin. There you’ll find all of the goodness that happened over the last week, including a few love type mixtapes that could very well be the soundtrack for your next intimate moment.

I really did buy a bazillion new 45s, so I may be back sooner than you think. Until the next time, have fun(k) and as always, please be safe.

Peace and blessings.