The birth of a legend… or the creation of a monster

Welcome one and all who dared to click the link. I hope you will find the experience gratifying. Ever since I was four, believe it or not, I’ve been consumed with this crazy thing called record collecting. I still remember buying my first 45s at the local government employeee store back in the 70s. What a great feeling it was to come home and listen to the sound that came from the speakers. As I grew older and more impossible as most young adults do, I found myself experimenting with everything from going through the gothic hippie and every other phase that one can imagine between the 80s and 90s, soaking up the music from everywhere. Some good, some really bad, some indifferent, some mandatory. Long story short, I’ve collected a very eclectic assortment of records which I will elaborate on later. Haven’t you ever bought a record that just floored you to the point that you wanted everyone to hear it ad nauseum? Sure, we all have. Well I’ve spent the last year or two doing loose research on the information highway yielding tremendous results. I said to myself that I would love to contribute to the cause. Yes I know that all you legal types can buy and sell me with the loose change in your pocket but please be assured that I am always ready to support any artist out there that is worth my support. I can safely say that the state of music today for the most part has suffered (quick soapbox moment) since the advent of prefabricated pop so badly, that I would much rather listen to an old dusty 45. Maybe I can use this forum as a wake-up call to get more people involved, thereby making it even easier to access this wealth of underappreciated music. I can also use this forum to learn even more about what I am listening to because I am still a student even after some thirty years of troubleshooting. I don’t want to sound like some fly-by-night who thinks his collection is better than yours or theirs, but I do feel that I can contribute some ideas and even make a few friends in the process. I want to personally thank everyone whose blogs I have been reading for the past year. Once I work out all the kinks, you will get your props, I promise.

As the clock winds down on this somewhat miserable year and we raise a glass to Twentyodd Seven’s arrival, I hope and pray that everything that happens from here on out will bring happiness to one and all. We all stand to learn a lot from this experience. Enjoy your end of year festivities everyone and I’ll see you real soon.

Peace and blessings.

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