Time to reflect

I’m still a novice at this, so bear with me if it looks wrong.

As I continue to learn the WordPress interface, I will take time out to give the props to those that I promised.
For all you experienced blog readers and posters, you should be well aware of these fine folks. For all of you that have been living under a rock, get to clicking. With that said, on with the horn blowing…
How amazing it was to discover that this music was even out there. Sure, everyone’s aware of the usual James Brown or Parlaiment/Funkadelic jam, but how was I to know that for a small fortune I could own some really special music. Sitting in front of the PC one day, I stumbled across the Nazty Soundz Tribe. All I could say was Good God because as the hits became increasingly harder with each each song, it became painfully obvious that there was new territory to explore. On to the links, each one better than the one before it. Then logging hours on the front lines of record shows and those mom and pop outfits I spoke of previously, hoping to find that elusive nugget of funky goodness (because I DO believe in supporting those who put good music out there for my aural consumption), not to mention having friends with better record collections than mine. It took a couple of years of patience on my part, having to deal with faulty equipment and learning to use my audio restoration software. It also took a toll on my beloved Leslie, who I will only allude to once, so as not to embarass her too badly. Now that I am settled in my new digs, not having to deal with disrepectful neighbours who slam their doors below me making my needle jump over my records, I can share my finds with you. I don’t know too much about the people in question, other than the simple fact their music is slowly robbing me of my hearing from being blasted in my ears on a daily basis. I welcome any insight from readers who know more than me so that I don’t look like a total idiot. I am a humble man who will never claim to be the know-all-tell-all, especially when I only know half of the story. I only know what I like, and I hope you will like it too. The next time we meet, I hope to have some fine examples of what has been killing my hearing for the past thirty years.

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