Come and get it… Fufu Stew No. 3: The Gourmet Menu

Hello, kiddies.
Boy, it sure smells good in here. Guess that means another batch of “Fufu Stew” is hot and fresh out of the oven. This particular recipe was first unleashed on an unsuspecting insert name liquor store whose name deserves no mention these days. However, I cracked open a bottle of Wolf Blass Yellow Label 2004 Shiraz from South Australia, that was lovingly recommended by the fine folks at College Square. I wish they did online ordering so that all of you could enjoy this nifty little red. Hopefully you can find it at your local wine dispensary, spirit shop, liquor store, etc.
The playing order is untouched from the original minidisc. 100% vinyl. That’s the gourmet aspect. Kind of like a fine bottle of wine, or cheese that has been well aged. You get the picture.

01 Long Distance Call-Muddy Waters, Bo Diddley & Little Walter. Once again, Phil Chess summons his heaviest hitters for another all star session of old Chess standards. This time Little Walter is Howlin’ Wolf’s replacement, but the results are the same. A fantastic piece of history.
02 Tell The Truth-Otis Redding. Another funky treatment of another Ray Charles standard with all the usual Stax suspects.
03 Lowdown-Chicago Transit Authority. Another ingredient from the Chicago III recipe book. This one is funkier than the first. One can pick up subtle notes of Madhouse on the nose and finish. Could it be that Madhouse was inspired by these guys… or vice-versa.
04 Bluesbuster-Pacific Gas & Electric. Notice the secret agent movie type sound that makes the lead track from PG&E’s self titled sophomore release such a delight. The guitar chops are really chewy and pungent, and the horn charts are sharp and effervescent
05 Hocus Pocus-Focus. Everybody knows this Prog classic. Eclectic like a wheel of brie… but heavy enough to eat with your fingers so the grease drips down your chin.
06 Hit It And Quit It-Funkadelic. Mike really liked the 1971 vintage Funkadelic, so I gave him another glass. The Purple Wu Bernie Worrell is really on his game with the organ chops, who incidentally played on several dates with the Gov’t Mule.
07 Loose Booty-Funkadelic. It was time he tried the 1972 vintage this time around, once again with The Purple Wu at the forefront of this classic from “America Eats Its Young”
08 Blues, Pt. 2-Blood Sweat & Tears. This one should be quite familiar to fans of the Ebony Rhythm BandJames William Guercio was such a genius; light years ahead of his time. It would be pretty amazing to see what would have transpired had Guercio and the ERB had joined forces… Oh, the possibilities.
09 Chameleon-Herbie Hancock. This track needs no introduction, but the backup band deserves a bit of extra props. Check out East Bay Rhythm on 7 Bridges records.
10 Soul Finger-Dexys Midnight Runners. This track came a surprise to me. Of course everybody wishes they could forget “Come On Eileen”, but you should really take a look at their reading this Stax standard.
11 Hum Along And Dance / Take A Stroll Thru Your Mind-Temptations. This was Mike’s first introduction to Norman Whitfield’s patented “Psychedelic Soul” recipe. From the landmark album “Psychedelic Shack”. The chops, although not credited on the original album are being served by Dennis Coffey and Joe Messina, cooked to perfection as always.
12 The Horse (Bonus Track)-Dexys Midnight Runners. This bonus ingredient is taken from the 1983 “Geno” Compilation, as well as the previous. Apparently, copies of the original single go for hefty sums on the internet. In all actuality, this should have been part of the original playing order, but I was really going out on a limb as it was to try to get Mike to accept anything labelled as “New Wave”. I prefer this one personally as it takes the old Cliff Nobles classic and really pushes it hard and fast with pronounced horn charts… and no fiddles!

Please download and enjoy “Fufu Stew No. 3: The Gourmet Menu”, an .mp3 file, 70 MB.

Here is where I must go on record and say that I would have never guessed that Fufu is actually an African delicacy, and that I have actually prepared and enjoyed a variation of the same. I picked up one of those little cookbooks from the checkout at a local supermarket some years ago and inside was a fantastic recipe for Spicy South African Chick Pea Stew which I serve over couscous. I will have to find the book so that I can make it again. I’ll throw the recipe in a future post when I do.

I have some real special goodies in store for you kids on the next post. I found another mom and pop shop yesterday while traipsing around Fell’s Point, as well as the inevitable discovery of the Sound Garden. I mean it only took me several years to actually go inside , but boy, when I did… I’ll explain that later. I’m off to convert more treasures now so until next time, have a good week and I’ll be back sooner than you think.

Peace and blessings.

2 thoughts on “Come and get it… Fufu Stew No. 3: The Gourmet Menu

  1. Ok, everything you say about Gov’t Mule is true. However, there is one download that is a must – last year’s Warren Haynes Christmas Jam. Gov’t Mule, Taj Mahal, Branford Marsalis and Dave Matthews. I have a link to a torrent in Torrents blog.

  2. Thanks for the info. I am almost positive that the resident tapeheads up in Westminster have a copy of that one. They all frequent Mike’s store and hook him up with all kinds of stuff. I myself am the proud owner of several shows between about ’98 and ’05. I’ll give you a shoutout and a link for sure.

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