Hooray, back in business!!!

Hello, kiddies.
I am pleased to announce that bandwith will now pretty much be a non-issue. I just re-upped the supply yesterday. Here’s hoping that all you faithful customers will continue to choose Fufu Stew. Be sure to tell your friends and neighbours too, because this post here is going to be the one that raises the bar. Today, I will focus my attention on the legend that is Howard Tate. I just learned about him through eMusic and of course, Larry (Notice the Janis Joplin reference again). Well to make a long story even longer, I want to share this new mix with you. We’ve all heard it said once or twice in our lives that patience is a virtue. Well I want to thank you all for your patience as I continue to learn the ins and outs of this blogging game. I thought I was going to have to change servers there for a minute, but thankfully such is not the case. Anyway, enough of my rambling, I’m going to jump right on in and get started.

Here’s a batch of some of the new records that I picked up on Sunday. Once again the record show was a big success, and I am so glad because as it stands now, this is about the only place other than the Guru’s where I can actually buy 45s. Now that’s cretainly not saying a lot, but I digress. Every time I hear these records I am reminded of Chris Tucker’s famous catch phrase from “Friday”… Kids, get ready to get

Knock’d Da Fukkout…

01 Night Owl-Howard Tate (Verve). Bless you, Howard…
02 The Game Of Love-Ike & Tina Turner (Liberty)
03 Aw Shucks-Willie Mitchell (Hi)
04 Everybody Needs Somebody To Love-King Floyd (Chimneyville)
05 Now That You Got It-Millie Jackson (Spring).
This is from my mother’s old stash. KRS One likes it too. Buy a copy. You’ll thank yourself for it…
06 Broken Hearted Fool- Inez & Charlie Foxx (Symbol)
07 Half A Man-Howard Tate (Verve).
This song is what prompted the mix in the first place. I can’t wait to find a better copy. More on that later.
08 Needle In A Haystack-The Whispers (Soul Clock)
09 Double O Soul Part 2-The “Double O Soul” of Sonny Stitt (Wingate)

10 Pata Pata-Senor Soul (Double Shot)
11 Close Your Mouth Pts. 1&2-Rudy Robinson & The Hungry Five (Lau-Reen)

12 Let My People Go-Brother Jack McDuff (Cadet). This is the baddest piece of Hammond soul jazz I have EVER heard. Thank you Mr. Fine Wine. I donated to get your Motown mix. God bless WFMU…
13 Green Power-Little Richard (Reprise)

14 Scramble-Billy Stewart (Chess)
15 Hey Gyp-Soul Survivors (Crimson)

16 Hung Over-The Martinis (Bar)
17 How Blue Can You Get-Howard Tate (Verve)

18 Crazy Legs-Donald Austin (Eastbound)
19 Hot Wire-Al Green (Bell)
20 Soul March-Fatback Band (Perception)
21 Born Funky-Dave “Baby” Cortez-(All Platinum)
22 Them Changes Pt. 2-King Curtis & The Kingpins (Atco)
23 I Can’t Dance To That Music You’re Playing-Martha And The Vandellas (Gordy)
24 Heavy Hips-The Flamingos (Ronze).
Thanks to Rob for this really funky side of doo wop.
25 Got To Have Your Loving-King Floyd (Chimneyville)
26 Magic Mountain-Eric Burdon And War (MGM)
27 Late Late Party-The Martinis (Bar)

Now as you may have noticed, I added the March singles in there in case you missed ’em. You may also notice the huge amount of B sides and funky ass Hammond riffs. Rest assured, I am in no way trying to steal your thunder. I am just once again glad you both exist to share some of your favourites. I in turn wanted to share some of mine. Remember, I learned it watching you!
I am in anticipation of the new and exciting things I have in store for this spring. The yard sales, the barbecues (I am an intermediate grillmaster. With two baby weber kettles I can really knock out some yellowfin tuna and make it taste just like a good steak)… and hopefully a few trips to Rehobeth Beach this summer. Enjoy the jams, kids. And speaking of jams, please check out and support Counterclock if you are in the mood for a Jam Band or two. The Mule haven’t been around in a while. I’ll have to tag along with Mike for his next road trip. And if I’m not mistaken, the renowned Beacon Run for the Brothers is in full swing too… I’m sure you New Yorkers are having a blast. Wish I could be there with you.
I’d also be remiss if I didn’t give a shoutout to the fine couple who I was able to converse with while sifting through the bean piles for those last minute flakes of gold. How glad I am that I rediscovered the sheer power of a good soul record.
Thanks for sticking it out with me. I was literally going berzerk waiting for that bandwith to refresh.There shouldn’t be anymore problems from here on out so it’s time to get back to work… I have alot of things I’d like to share. It’s only right that I do so. I just wish I had started sooner. Oh well, woulda coulda shoulda… Live for today becuse as I once read on the grafitti filled walls of that old liquor store:
“Life is a road to death, so live it up.” – Unknown

Until next time,
Peace and blessings.

2 thoughts on “Hooray, back in business!!!

  1. I just found your great blog and wanted to thank you. The “Knock’d” mix is fantastic and funky. What a great bunch of songs! I have it on repeat. Keep up the good work.

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