Another Fufu Blues Fix

If you were directed here by Larry, thank you for stopping by. The .mp3 link below will be inactive until 1 May 2007, but don’t worry… you can still get the jams by clicking “Blog” at the top of the page. Before you do though, read on and get the info first.

Hello, kiddies. I finally got the header right…
Now that that’s taken care of, I have another batch of some really heavy blues to lay on you to help you ease the pain of another Hump Day. Thankfully I took off early today for numerous reasons, most notably the fact that I have not had a whole day off in about five or six weeks! This time I’m blowing the dust off of an old recipe I made some eight years ago. Before I started making Fufu Stew for the patrons of the liquor store, I made a couple of batches of some really heavy blues dishes that had everyones mouths watering. Here are select ingredients from those dishes with a pinch and dash of some new flavours thrown in for extra measure. Larry, I hope you like this one as much as the last…
01 Tighten Up Your Wig-Steppenwolf. This is a testament to the legend that is Junior Wells. It’s also my all time favourite Steppenwolf song.
02 Hey Lawdy Mama-The Cream. It may sound familiar at first, but the lyric might surprise you.
03 Killing Floor-The Electric Flag. I really like the horn charts on this one. The boogie tempo ain’t so bad either. A wonderful reading…
04 Evil-Howlin’ Wolf. From the much sought after album that Wolf didn’t like. I can’t understand why because the Electric Mud Cats really heat up this standard.
05 Electric Church Red House-Jimi Hendrix. I think this is the same lineup that performed on “Electric Ladyland”. The liner notes leave no indication, but that sure sounds like Steve Winwood on the Hammond, a la “Voodoo Chile”
06 Penthouse Pauper-Creedence Clearwater Revival.
This is one of my favourite CCR deep album cuts.
07 First Train Home-Fleetwood Mac. This is a fine example of the Mac prior to the addition of Nicks, McVie and Buckingham. Peter Green is in fine form here.
08 Gin House Blues-Nina Simone. Here’s a thank you to the mighty Prestige. I find this to be Ms. Simone’s finest performance EVER… I found this record at a yard sale a long time ago for a buck. What a value! All of the tracks have since been reissued on CD in compilation form, but not only is the version on the record longer at the end letting more of the guitar chops come through, but the sound quality is far superior in my opinion.
09 Blues In F-Spencer Davis Group. A real fine jam taken from the flip side of the original “Gimme Some Lovin'” 45. Steve Winwood is sure making that Hammond sing.
10 Shuggie’s Boogie-Shuggie Otis. Johnny’s number one son tells the story of where he came from, paying homage to some more of the true legends along the way, then just tears into a blistering twelve bar blues. Fantastic!
11 Death Sound Blues-Country Joe And The Fish. From the eponymous debut which helped to usher in the world famous San Francisco Sound, along with Big Brother, The Dead and so many others.

12 Tom Cat-Muddy Waters.Once again, the Electric Mud Cats are fixed to blow your mind good and proper. While Muddy really didn’t like it, Cypress Hill did. Here’s a nifty little background on this and the Wolf record.
13 Going Down Slow-The Animals. This well known Howlin’ Wolf standard is from my all time favourite Animals record. Now all I have to do is pick up a copy of their reading of John Lee Hooker’s “I’m Mad” and life will be swell.
14 She’s Long And She’s Tall-Pacific Gas & Electric. This boogie blues should have you dancing in the aisles.
15 Rock Me Baby-Otis Redding. What blues mix doesn’t have at least one reading of this classic B.B. King track.

16 B.B. King Medley-The Hour Glass featuring Duane and Gregg Allman. The Brothers run through “Sweet Little Angel”, “It’s My Own Fault” and “How Blue Can You Get” in fine fashion. I can’t for the life of me understand how these guys got saddled with the Southern Rock moniker when they are clearly displaying some fine blues prowess… Remember, I had to convince Mike that this was to be something he’d want to listen to again, so having the Allmans present on it certainly couldn’t hurt.
17 I Call It Pretty Music (But The Old People Call It The Blues) Part 2-Little Stevie Wonder. This track puts the whole thing into focus.

Please download and enjoy Another Blues Fix, an mp3 file, 70 MB. Eat up. For the record, I just got wind of the legendary Hot August Blues Festival taking place here at Oregon Ridge. If you’re in the area, you may want to be a part of the fun which will include the Dirty Dozen Brass Band. I got to see them last winter, and let me tell you, they ROCK!

Not too much else is going on at the moment, just the normal stuff. I actually enjoyed a VEGETARIAN fast food style breakfast this morning. That is to say I made two egg and cheese biscuits with Quorn’s meatless chicken patties. For you vegetarians who aren’t hip, you really ought to check out your local supermarket and try a box. They even make roast beef too! The secret is mushroom protein. There’s some free advertising for the day.
Have fun doing your thing and I’ll be back to do it all over again real soon.

Peace and blessings.

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