A Loaf And A Jug

Hello, kiddies.
I should have put this one up last night as another double shot, but I wasn’t feeling so hot. I really need a good night’s sleep for a change instead of the sporadic two to three hour naps throughout the day that I’ve been getting…
So much ground to cover here. First, a quick look at the new header. I had an inkling to do this much earlier, but the lack of firepower from a certain web browser put the kaibosh on that. Now I’m back with the old tried and true, I hope you like the results. I have also updated the About page which should put the total package into focus. Feel free to check it out if you like.
I am looking into getting back into the DJ game for the first time in many many years. My coworker’s uncle owns a rather large venue in town known as the Paradox. Some of you locals should already know, but long story short, for the past fifteen years this club has enjoyed a solid reputation for hosting quality entertainment for all of Baltimore’s clubgoers. We are going to shop the idea of hosting a monthly evening of sweet soul and funk the likes of what has been gracing the blogisphere for the past few years. There’s a few places in town that cater to that demographic, but I have a strong feeling that just as the Asbury Park Gang are enjoying tremendous success with their monthly 45 Sessions, an event of that caliber here can generate the same lovely vibe. I’ve been inspired to take this venture on by Mr. Prestige (who also shows an interest in joining us, bringing his brand of Fleamarket Funk to the party), and even Mr. Funky 16 Corners himself! That in itself is indeed an honour, much more, a privilege! I am hoping to begin the negotiations in the coming week to rent the facility for a night and see what kind of buzz we can create. If all goes well, who knows… Careful planning is the key here because I’d love nothing more than to be able to spin records again for a crowd. I want to believe that I can really pull it off, but as they say, nothing beats failure but a try… What a way to heat up the summer. I’ll keep you posted on the progress.

Now, on to the post.
I’ve gotta send a super sound barrier breaking shoutout to KT and the folks out in San Francisco. We miss you too. This one’s for you! Here’s another serving of chunky funk and a dose of that super sweet soul that I have really come to embrace as of late that I’d like to call A Jug And A Loaf.

01 Down Home Style-Brother Jack McDuff (Blue Note)
02 Wooden Spoon-Joe Tex (Dial)
03 You Can’t Sit Down Pts. 1&2-Philip Upchurch Combo (Boyd)
04 Pata Pata-Ray Bryant (Cadet).
On the strength of the title alone, I picked up this joint from the Guru. It’s a lively little 45.
05 Feelin’ Alright-Maceo And All The King’s Men (Excello). It seems as though everyone has read this song. This one is quite funky to say the least.
06 Booty Bumpin’-Oliver Sain (Abet)
07 Popcorn Willy-King Curtis & The Kingpins (Atco). Will this one get the same response as “The Cook Out”? Give it a listen. I love the breakneck tempo here.
08 Food Stamps, Y’all-Ohio Players (Westbound). Oh, so funky!
09 On A Cloudy Day-The People’s Choice (Phil L.A. Of Soul). A nice change from the formula of “I Likes To Do It”.
10 Sock It To Me-Joe Cuba Sextet (Tico)
11 Your Love Is A Wonderful Love-The Soul Brothers Six (Atlantic)
12 Old Man Soul Pt. 1-The Implements (Loma).
13 Soulful Train-Rodger Collins (Pompeii)
14 Cool Broadway-The Fantastic Johnny C (Phil L.A. Of Soul)
15 One Eye Open-Maskman & The Agents (Dynamo)
16 Let’s Go Get Stoned-The Coasters (Atco).
Happy 4/20, kiddies! “…nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more, say no more…”
17 No Deposit, No Return-Alvin Cash & The Registers (Mar V Lus). Go on, have a drink.
18 Take It Easy, Soul Brother-The Corner Boys (Neptune). This has got to be the prototype for what would later be known as The Sound Of Philadelphia, or the most well known “Soul Train” theme… and be sure to check out Funkadelphia Records because that Mutha Funkin’ Son of a Bitch compilation is a monster!
19 Don’t You Know A True Love When You See On-The O’Jays (Astroscope)
20 Amen, Brother-The Winstons (Metromedia). I chose this one to remind myself of the fifteenth anniversary of my brother’s passing. I am certain that he’s enjoying some Fufu Stew on a PC somewhere…
21 The Dribble-The Mar Keys (Stax)
22 Somebody’s Got To Love You-Don Covay & The Goodtimers (Atlantic).
You must read the excellent writeup on Mr. Covay over at The B Side, which I only discovered just a few minutes after I completed this mix. Red, you are indeed a walking encyclopedia.
23 Give Me Love-The Foundations (UNI). Thanks to the mighty Miss Shingaling for prompting me to get a copy of this fine blue eyed soul classic. It’s certainly a departure form their obvious hit records.
24 You Better Stop (Let My Love Shine On You)-Tom Dooley And His Lovelights (TRX)
25 Old Man Soul Pt. 2-The Implements (Loma)
. No pigs, no cows… just SOUL!

Leslie and I will be heading up to Philly this weekend to do some sightseeing. I hope to be able to travel the walk of fame that honours the wealth of Philly’s music legends again. This time, I plan to take a camera. I was never one for being a shutterbug, but we did buy a low grade digital camera for occasions such as these. I hope to be able to get some digging in too, but that goes without saying. I’ll be working on new recipes upon my return, putting ol’ Beesie through the ringer once more. She has been a real trooper the past three months, Hell, she’s been my best friend for almost four years now, Leslie notwithstanding of course.
Thanks large for stopping by. I’ll be back to do it all again real soon…

Peace and blessings.

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