A “Charming” Fufu Blues Fix

Hello, kiddies.

Another week is down the drain. Luckily for me it meant that I was able to play an exorbatant amount of records. Basically, there was no room for discussion. The session yielded three new mixes and another two more on deck to be completed, so there will be plenty for everyone. I am in the process of testing out the new recipes as we speak because the time is fast approaching for another chapter of the Fufu Stew saga. It’ll be extra heavy, soulful, bluesy and I’ll even be digging into the Jazz crates again. There’s nothing like the sound of cool jazz on a hot summer night.

I wanted to expand the horizon a little bit more so I added a couple of new features. The first one I will call Second Helpings which will replace Last Chance For Leftovers. That is where you’ll find most of the old links, just in case you need a little bit more. Check it out, especially those of you who recently came on board. I am also planning to add another new feature called The Snack Bar, for the occasion when I am feeling like I need to kick out a single serving or so, you’ll be able to find it there. More on that will be forthcoming. In the meantime, I’ve whipped up a hodgepodge of blues 45s that are sure to feed the need… As the old saying goes: Do it once, do it twice, do it with Beans and Rice.

Fufu Blues… With Beans And Rice

01 Junior’s Groove / Up In Heah-Junior Wells (Bright Star). This is the first record I ever uploaded.
02 Everyday I Have The Blues-Howard Tate (Verve)
03 Stepping Up In Class-Jimmy McCracklin (Checker)
04 Five Long Years-B.B. King (Kent).
At long last, B.B. gets to play Lucille undisturbed for 24 bars… that is the only problem I have with his brand of blues. That doesn’t stop me from saying that this side is nothing short of fantastic…
05 Chuck’s Beat-Chuck Berry & Bo Diddley (Checker)
06 I Would If I Could-Joe Haywood (Rampage). Here’s one of those “which came first…” records that Red spoke about last April. Check out the extreme wealth of information, not to mention a bunch of samples…
07 Woodchopper’s Ball-Willie Mitchell (Hi). Kinda smells like “Green Onions”, don’t it.
08 Doin’ My Own Thing Part 1-Johnnie Taylor The Soul Philosopher (Stax)
09 C.C. Rider-Joe Tex (Dial)
This happens to be my all time favourite Joe Tex side.
10 Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right-Mary Wells (Motown)
11 That’s A Lie-Ray Charles (Tangerine)
12 Uncle Funky-Hank Crawford (Kudu)
13 I’m To Blame-Jimmy McCracklin (Checker)
14 Lonely Gal-Pointer Sisters (Blue Thumb).
This is one of the last sides from the Blue Thumb period. This really has Taj Mahal vibes all over it.
15 I’m Going Upside Your Head Parts 1&2-Jimmy Reed (Vee Jay)
16 Giving Out Of Juice-James Brown (King).
I lied. This is indeed a deep album cut, but this blues is worthy of being here. JB’s doing his patented organ noodling and those guitar chops are to kill for!
17 Freedom Blues-Little Richard (Reprise). Another one of my earlier posts, and a fantastic record!
18 Watch The One-Joe Tex (Dial). This happens to be my other all time favourite Joe Tex side.
19 It Hurts Me To My Heart-Bobby Marchan (Fire)
20 I’m So Tired-Eddie Bo (Ace).
I do believe that this is Mr. Bocage’s recording debut…
21 Sweet Home Chicago-Junior Parker (Groove Merchant)
22 Hey Joe-King Curtis (Atco).
This is a bluesy reading of the Leaves‘ masterpiece, complete with that Memphis Soul Stew flavour and Duane Allman serving up the chops.
23 Doin’ My Own Thing Part 2-Johnnie Taylor The Soul Philosopher (Stax) …and I am, too. I hope you like it.

In closing, be sure to visit and support the newest members of the Fufu family. Todd Lucas and Brian Marshall of It’s Great Shakes and Kevin (aliasWZJN) of Got The Fever. I want to extend a warm welcome to you and your readers. I’ll make sure that you are well fed…

Thank you all for allowing me another opportunity to share some time with you. I’ll be back to do it all over again real soon.

Peace and blessings.

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