Come And Get It… Fufu Stew No. 5: Pot Luck

Quick update: Mr. Ash alerted me to a mistake, which I will admit and correct. It was Kevin from Got The Fever who started the debate. You can read the post in question here. You see, that’s what happens when one tries to post massive blog entries just before bedtime… I apologise for any inconvenience.

Hello, kiddies.

Today’s post begins with a shoutout to fellow wordpresser Jeff over at AM Then FM. He alerted me to a pretty healthy debate about the current state of radio (or at least the part that hasn’t been taken over by shock jocks and preprogrammed nonsense) a short while ago which got me to thinking. What is it about radio that used to be so appealing anyway. Could it be the fact that along with the usual hot list, one could hear deep album cuts, or in some cases an entire album side? Maybe it was the fact that you could CALL a radio station and TALK to the DJ, make a strange request and have it granted within a matter of a half an hour or so. Well that’s what I miss about radio, and I have to thank God for the dwindling supply of free form listener supported radio stations out there who still cater to folks like me (sounds like another shoutout to WFMU is in order here). It’s also the main reason Fufu Stew exists; it sort of fills a void for me in that I get to share a very wide assortment of tunes with you. With that said, I won’t digress and get to the matter at hand.
The time has come to lay another installment of the Fufu Stew saga on your ears. I’ve been fortunate to have recieved a tremendous amount of traffic coming through here in the past couple of months. Speaking of which, Fufu Stew will soon be celebrating its sixth month of business as well as serving the 10,000th customer which I never thought would happen this quickly. For those who haven’t experienced the eclectic nature of Fufu Stew firsthand, I have reactivated the links to the first three chapters of the story so you can get you up to speed on how the saga unfolds. I have tried in vain to find all of the original minidiscs, so this set is merely a mental recollection of what I gave him back in 2001. I sort of lost track of the originals since it was during that summer that I met my beloved Leslie (more on that and some of the music that goes with it later).

I would like to quote one of the newest members of the Fufu family who heads up Got The Fever. As you may have noticed, any blogger who digs what I do here will almost always get a link.

“One truism that we follow here at Got The Fever is that you don’t have to love ANY band OR time period – but there is one incontrovertable truth: a lot of bands have at least a few tracks that can move someone in one way or another. Those are what I try to highlight here. Though I tend to lean more toward the soul, pop and funk strains of music, I’m just too whimsical to stay on one path very long. I’ll dig on jazz, new wave, blues, garage, dance, groove, prog, soundtrack … pretty much whatever strikes my fancy or my mood. Anyone that knows me can testify that I’m open to absorbing and dispensing most music genres…” -Kevin (akaWZJN), Got The Fever

Fufu Stew No. 5: Pot Luck

Part One:

01 Ticket To Ride-Vanilla Fudge. The set opens with what I consider to be the most brutal reading of that all too common Lennon/McCartney standard, just drenched in the Hammond prowess of Mark Stein.
02 A Song For Jeffrey-Jethro Tull. I know I picked on Prog a few months ago, but to be truthful, I really love this track. My first exposure to something other than Aqualung (which is a fantastic record to say the least), came when I saw the “Rolling Stones’ Rock and Roll Circus” movie for the first time. More on that note later, I promise you…
03 Go up Moses-Roberta Flack. Who in their right mind would have the balls to follow Jethro Tull with this? Yep, you guessed it. Here’s another gem from my mother’s stash. Dig the chops throughout. The lyrics are pretty poignant too. Red wrote a beautiful piece about this record a while ago that may spark your interest.
04 Rock Me Baby-The Animals. Too many bands have done this song, but I am partial to this reading by one of my all time favourites from the original British invasion.
05 Too Rolling Stoned-Robin Trower. You gotta love this one, if only for the title. Trower serves up a mess of greasy chops to boot. Thanks to my uncle for making me listen to this record almost ad nauseum as a kid for so many reasons…
06 Driving Wheel-Al Green. Another deep one from Mr. Green’s Hi output.
07 The Bomber Suite-The James Gang. I am a sucker for power trios, and this one definitely ranks right up there as one of the all time greats. Just ask Larry.
08-Pneumonia-Kool And The Gang. I did some major reassessing of this legendary funk outfit a short while ago. With the exception of the usual suspects (hits such as Celebration, Cherish, etc.), this band really has my attention once again. I highly recommend picking up a copy of their “Live At The Sex Machine” set.

09 Why Am I Treated So Bad-James Brown. Originally performed by Jazz legend Cannonball Adderly, this is a part of the “Triple Crown” of instrumental LPs that Brown did back in late ’69 to early ’70. Sheer brilliance through and through. The next track is more of the same. 
10 The Chicken-James Brown. I can also recommend the Derek Trucks Band’s reading of this funky masterpiece.
11 Blues For Memphis Slim (including Mother Earth)-War. A true epic jam. Gov’t Mule’s reading of this tune is highly recommended as well, go figure…
12 Brother Man-The Brothers Johnson. This is just a happy little number, produced as only Quincy Jones could. There’s so much polish on this deep album cut. The shine might just blind you if you’re not careful. Check it out.
13 Prehistoric Boogie-Redbone. Come and get yourself some of this funky “Love”.
14 Wolf Child’s Blues-The Cult.
This is without a doubt the best tune this band has EVER done, and a fitting finish to part one of this set. Taken from the “Love Removal Machine” double 45, circa 1987. Hard to believe this record is twenty years old… should’ve guessed from the excessive surface noise, huh? I admit it, I played this record a LOT!

It was customary with the original Fufu Stew discs that they come in twos. As Mike’s appreciation grew for the music I was turning him on to (as well as my appreciation for his contributions), the need to churn out more became necessary. In keeping with that tradition, here’s part two. This time the tunes get a little heavier (if that’s possible), but the same common thread is still there.

Part Two:

01 Jeff’s Blues-The Yardbirds. Again I say, Jeff Beck is the greatest… A fine homage to the legend that is Elmore James.

02 Never In My Life-Mountain. This is one white hot tune! Watch the segue into…
03 The Heat Is On-The Isley Brothers. While I am partial to the stuff these guys were doing on Buddah, this track is indeed a standout.
04 I’m A Man-The Yardbirds. See track one…
05 Fried Hockey Boogie-Canned Heat. Hey Larry!
06 Sweetback-Ivan Boogaloo Joe Jones. Oh, what a funky slice of Acid Jazz… The guitar chops here are quite meaty to say the least…
07 Poem 58-Chicago Transit Authority. Can’t say much more about the manic prowess that was Terry Kath.
08 Sly-Herbie Hancock. Another deep one from the legendary masterpiece “Head Hunters” (which was also donated by my mother). When the tune takes off in double time toward the middle, I am certain that your mind will be blown.
09 The Jam-Graham Central Station. Another fine example of the “Give Everybody Some” formula, with a very noticeable breakbeat. “…just listen to the ‘rums”
10 Dogs Part Two-The Who. Here’s a new addition to my library, as I am a fan of “Maximum R&B”. God, this band was amazing, and Keith Moon was a fucking maniac! Listen for yourself at this Moon penned b-side
11 (I Know) I’m Losing You-Rare Earth. This song had to finish this and the original set. It’s just too much for words to explain the funkiness going on here. For about fifteen minutes, this band just takes your mind and for a lack of a more descriptive term, blows it to pieces…

Please download and enjoy Fufu Stew No. 5: Pot Luck.
Part One is an .mp3 file, 72 MB.
Part Two is an.mp3 file, 71 MB.

And don’t forget, I have reactivated the links to the other chapters in the Fufu Stew saga. The links below will take you to the original posts…
Chapter One: What Is Fufu Stew

Chapter Two

Chapter Three: The Gourmet Menu

I’ll repost the fourth chapter as part of a new feature that I will call Second Helpings which will replace Last Chance For Leftovers. That is where you’ll find most of the old links, just in case you need a little bit more. Check it out, especially those of you who recently came on board. For now I am in the process of testing new recipes out as we speak because the summer is fast approaching. Thank you for allowing me another opportunity to share some time with you. I’ll be back to do it all over again real soon.

Peace and blessings.

I also want to welcome Todd Lucas and Brian Marshall over at It’s Great Shakes to the family. They’ve got their soul together too, and that in itself is good enough for me. Please visit and support these fine blogs.

3 thoughts on “Come And Get It… Fufu Stew No. 5: Pot Luck

  1. … and I, in turn, have to also give it where it’s due. My post which you refer to, while a rant of mine that had been building up for quite a while, was inspired in part (as I mention in the post) by the DJ over at “The Hits Just Keep On Comin'”. He struck on what I thought was a sour note about music he was sick of hearing by The Beatles, and I took the ball and ran in a different direction with it. You can find his original post at:

    Thanks to Jeff for the shout. He’s no slouch in the opinion of the state of radio either!

    And, I want to also thank Fufu Stew for the placement of the quote from my blog dealing with the diversity of music. Looking around at the blogs I favor, I note continuously that they are the ones that ‘spread it around’ or ‘mix it up’ and make it an impule to visit often. These blogs are for me the new radio and what radio should be. Where else can I get a mix that goes from Vanilla Fudge to Jethro Tull to Roberta Flack? Now, THAT’S what I’m talking about!

    This current post dovetails perfectly into the point. What a mix. Thanks for the time and effort it took to get this posted!

  2. What can I say. I’m gonna keep giving you dap for every mix because
    you continue to impress. I’m doing my best to spread the FuFu brand so more folks out there can experience the musical mastery in each recipe.
    I’ll second what Kevin said. RADIO IS DEAD!! Once you take a bite of the Stew, you’ll understand why. Dig IT!!
    Peace and SOUL,

  3. Radio is dead. Long live bladio!

    Vincent , your taste is impeccable. Wanted to let you know that Sweetback shows up on a comp I posted over here:

    I was too lazy to rip the track from vinyl so I just snipped it out of the mix and beefed up the levels a bit. However, I gave you full credit for being the source and linked to this post and the site, so I hope you don’t mind!

    Thanks for a great show!

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