The Snack Bar is open!

Hello, kiddies.

I had to drop by and say thank you for helping me to reach the 10,000 mark. It may still seem insignifigant to some, but for me as I have always said before, I am glad that your hungry souls are all satisfied. I must be doing something right, huh?  I’m kidding. I really enjoy making these recipes. It’s good practise to say the least, since I am such a stickler for a quality mix.

I wanted to let you all know that after a lot of procrastination and two sleep filled afternoons, the Snack Bar is now open for business. The presentation aspect does need work, but there are two dishes waiting for your consumption, so please visit and enjoy.

With regard to this here blog, I plan to resume the overhaul phase and get a couple more recipes up for the Memorial Day weekend festivities (you’ll notice the sidebar has a few new things going on). I’m sure that most of you will be pulling out the Hibachis, the Weber kettles and Smokey Joes and enjoying the tremendous weather (at least here on the East Coast anyway, I hope the rest of you are as fortunate as we are). I’ll be back later on this week with two new recipes, including a brand new installment of AntiDivas. Time has been a little funky lately, not to mention my sleep pattern having been destroyed, but I will try real hard to press on and move forward.

Peace and blessings.

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