Here’s your holiday double shot (including AntiDivas No. 3: The Group Session)

Hello, kiddies.

Bear with me today, for I am suffering from the nightmare of allergies. Humidity and pollen are a deadly combination for me. I would have posted this just a bit sooner but I had to catch a couple of winks, no thanks to allergy medications. I can’t take any of them without passing out. That goes for the so-called non drowsy formulas, too… If there are any mistakes with the links, please clue me in and I will fix them immediately. Anyway, on with the goods…

As I promised, here is a double shot for your holiday festivities. First up is another installment of AntiDivas. This time around I am focusing on the group sound, be it funky, sexy or socially conscious, it’s all here for your enjoyment.

AntiDivas No. 3: Group Session
01 Barefootin’-The Marvelettes (Tamla). Detroit meets NOLA right nicely here.
02 Camel Walk-The Ikettes (Modern). Mere words can’t do this slice of dancefloor heat justice.
03 Mr. Hot Stuff-The Hot Stuffs (Henry Stone Music CD track). I wish I knew the origin of this really funky 45 complete with shades of the Popcorn-ish guitar chops throughout, but since I can’t afford the really rare ones, I’ll take what I can get.
04 Runnin’ Out-Gladys Knight & The Pips (Soul). Another deep cut from the mighty Norman Whitfield produced “Nitty Gritty” LP, and the only “men” that could be allowed on such a collection.
05 How Long Has That Evening Train Been Gone-The Supremes (Motown)
06 Honeybee-The New Birth (RCA).
Here’s one that the Wu-Tang Clan liked to play…
07 Chained-The Sister and Brothers Featuring Sister Geri (Calla). Here’s the flip side of that Ack A Fool 45 I played last month. Fantastic stuff, wish I knew more about it though…
08 Collage-The Three Degrees (Roulette). This is without a doubt the greatest side this trio has ever done…
09 Come Get It-Honey & The Bees (Josie)
10 Leave It All Behind Me-The Fuzz (Calla). Here’s a sleeper of a track from this long forgotten Washington, DC trio.
11 How Can You Mistreat The One You Love-Jeannie & The Darlings (Volt)
12 One Hurt Desrves Another-The Raeletts (Tangerine)
13 The Feeling’s Gone-
The Honey Cone (Hot Wax)
14 No Plans For Tomorrow-The Emotions (Kalimba).
I’ve nodded my head to this track for as long as I can remember.
15 If This World Were Mine-Love Unlimited (UNI). Taken from the trio’s eponymous debut concept piece. This record DESERVES a proper reissue, considering my copy has seen better days.
16 Love In Them There Hills-The Pointer Sisters (Blue Thumb).This reading of the Vibrations funk classic is one of epic porportions. The vocal work in the breakdown is phenomenal.
17 The Humpty Dump (Parts 1&2)-The Vibrettes (Lujon). This cut and paste was created using the version from Luv ‘n Haight. While the sound quality here is far better than the Funky Delicacies attempt, the skip in the record is unfortunately beyond my control.
18 Garden Of Four Trees-The Explosions (Gold Cup). Thank you Soul Jazz for making this super rare record a little easier to find.
19 Something In The Air / The Revolution Will Not Be Televised-Labelle (Warner Bros). Here’s your soapbox moment. A sweet version of the Thunderclap Newman classic combined with a really funky reading of Gil Scot-Heron’s masterpiece.
20 Which Way Is Up-Stargard (MCA). To wrap up, here’s one of the lesser known Norman Whitfield finds in all of its extended glory which allows the session players to do their customary “thing”.

Please download and enjoy AntiDivas No. 3: Group Session, an .mp3 file, 67 MB

Before I go, I must give a big shout to the newest members of the Fufu family holding it down in the Great White North. First, there’s Waxing Deep. I’ve seen the name before in blogrolls, but I had a chance to visit them the other day for the first time. The mixes they do are top notch (there are TONS of them to choose from), and worthy of a few megabytes of your hard drive space. Alex Panther is up next with If It Rotates, We’ll Control It. I consider him to be another soldier fighting for free form radio supremacy. He can be heard live at Check the site for showtimes and his blog for over 40 archived shows. Last but certainly not least I want to send a shout to Jason at Shindiggit who I’ve been keeping up with for some time, but I haven’t properly introduced him. Most of you should already be hip to what he’s putting down but if not do yourself a favour and check out his archives.

Please visit and support these fine sites because they give us what we need when we need it, and I for one always have a need for soul! You will get your rightful spot on the blogroll once I can get control of these friggin’ allergies.

I hope you all get a long weekend to enjoy cookouts and good times. I for one plan to have dinner on the ground ALL weekend, rain or shine. Whatever you do, have fun and by all means, be safe. I’ll be back with more goodies real soon.

Peace and blessings.

5 thoughts on “Here’s your holiday double shot (including AntiDivas No. 3: The Group Session)

  1. man… Love Child was one of the first records i ever owned, so it made my heart skip a beat to see that pic of Diane in the yellow sweatshirt and cutoffs!

    top-notch mix, sir!

  2. Every time you post it’s like going to music class. After it’s over I realize how little I know about music. Two more mixes full of songs I have never heard before. I leave class today with a whole lot of research to do. Thanks so much Professor “V”. Absloutely blown away by the tracks from The Three Degrees, Pointer Sisters, Labelle, and Starguard in the Antidivas mix. I’ll be sitting at the FRONT of the class from now on.
    Peace and SOUL,

  3. I’m lovin’ Anti Divas! Stuff I love and stuff I’ve never even heard before.. Can’t go wrong with these funky females.. Thanks for this!

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