Records are like chocolate part three (including Slick On The Corner)

Hello, kiddies.

There’s only one reason why I am late to the party once again: To make a long story short, this has been a really draining week on so many levels. I’ll spare you all the agony of my “terrible violin playing” and get right to the situation at hand. Lots of people to thank today, and more to welcome to the family, so let’s begin with shouts to Lily, Jason and the super duper Heavy Soul Brutha. You’ve got a little company today in the classroom, more on that later. Next, as is custom, thanks Larry for fulfilling that request of sorts. Your latest podcast was the muthafukka (and oh so timely since I am trying to keep that “violin” hid). I spent all morning playing it, and for those who haven’t been, get on over and grab a plate of luscious groove grease…

Now for the formal welcomes… I’ve been trying some more blog surfing and I found some more super Afrobeat goodness which has made its way into my heart , so thanks and a big welcome to Matsuli Music and With Comb and Razor. Stop on by and have a look at their wares. Speaking of which, I hope you all got to tune in to this week’s “Downtown Soulville” as the mighty DJ Soulpusher dropped by the studio once again. If you missed it for whatever reason, the podcast is now on iTunes for sure. I highly recommend checking it out.

I have been waiting to dig into this pile of sides that I’ve been sitting on for about three years. You’ve heard me make mention of a gentleman named Rob. He is in my opinion the foremost authority on the street corner sound and all of its many spawns into Northern Soul and dipping into the funkier side of the spectrum. Well, the day he let me dig through his 45 crates was as satisfying as devouring a batch of peanut butter cups smothered in ice cream, Breyers lactose free vanilla of course, and doused in Kaluha. It’s really hot in here, and I’m kinda thirsty (wink, wink)… 

Today I have assembled a batch of my absolute favourites from the lot that he was gracious to let me borrow and convert. It was kind of hard to choose a decent amount as there were literally over 1000 to choose from, but I feel confident that I covered all the bases here. A careful blend of jumpers and ballads with the time span representing the 50s and 60s, and even a couple of 70s tunes made the cut. Here’s where I join my classmates because as I always say, I have a lot to learn here, and what fun it is. Even more so that I get to share it all with you. Are you ready? Here’s a thing that I like to call

“You had to be slick when you was on the corner…” the first fufu doo wop fix

The doo wop moniker may be a bit of a stretch since there’s a bunch of sweet soul music peppered throughout this mix, but not really since each tune is purely influenced by or a major influence on the sweet music that we have been taking for granted lo these many years. A whole lot of people we have grown to love so dearly, and maybe some you’ll be meeting for the first time. I’ll let you all formulate your own opinion, and I will stick to mine when I say that this is some of greatest music around, so here we go…

01 Itty Bitty Twist-Patti Labelle & The Blue Belles (Newtown)
02 I Want A Guy-Marvelettes (Tamla)
03 You Know You’re Doing Me Wrong-Harptones (Aladdin)*
04 Let’s Have A Good Time-Hi-Tones (King)*
05 Swim-Falcons (LuPine)*

06 He’s Got Nerve-Truetones (Soulville)*
07 Money Honey-Coasters (Atco)*
08 It Takes Two-Four Sonics (Sport)*
09 People From Another World-Jive Five (Beltone)*
10 Passing By-Versatiles (Atlantic)*
11 Millionaire Hobo-Fantastics (RCA Victor)
12 I’m Thinking Of You-Hank Ballard & The Midnighters (King)*
13 Why Must I Cry-Idols (Dot)*
14 Tear Maker-Mad Lads (Volt)*
15 I Count The Tears-Drifters (Atlantic)*
16 Get My Hands On Some Loving-Artistics (Okeh)*
17 The Flea-5 Du-Tones (One-Der-Ful!)
18 Mash Them Taters-Olympics (Arvee)
19 Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie-Tippie & The Clovermen (Stenton)*
20 Pa I Need A Car-Contours (Gordy)*
21 Show Me-Dells (Cadet)
22 I Betcha Couldn’t Love Me-Manhattans (Carnival)*
23 The Storm Is Over-O’Jays (Imperial)*
24 Remember The Rain-Vibrations (Okeh)*
25 Truly Yours-Spinners (Motown)*
26 Deep Water-Rivingtons (Liberty)*
27 Someone To Watch Over Me-Flamingos (Ronze)*
28 Crying-Versatiles (Atlantic)*
29 I Found A Love-Falcons (LuPine)*
30 Suddenly There’s A Valley-Drifters (Atlantic)*

Please download and enjoy “You Had To Be Slick When You Was On The Corner…”, an .mp3 file, 69 MB.  * Thanks Rob…

I hope you understand why I have to cut this post kind of short today. The room in which Bessie and her newly adopted sister live is really warm, so I don’t want them to suffer from heat exhaustion. Leslie and I will be investing in some type of hot summer day cooling devices really soon, even at the risk of being forced to bend and take it slow from the man and this ridiculous rate increase. Well, we all have to eat, I guess. The work schedule will get intense real soon so budgeting time must be priority number one for about eight weeks. Plan on me getting through it, hopefully unscathed. The next time we meet I hope to have another something special in store just for you.

Hey Alan, I hope to be able to visit next weekend. It’s about time once again to “…Sit With The Guru”.

Stay cool and enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Peace and blessings.

5 thoughts on “Records are like chocolate part three (including Slick On The Corner)

  1. Very nice! Props for tackling one of the supremely forgotten and underrated genres, at least these days. Takes me back to my 70’s childhood and the 50’s renaissance that was going on with TV’s “Happy Days” and films like “American Graffiti” and “Grease.”

    The Fantastics “Millionaire Hobo” had me cracking up. Love that one. And you really can’t go wrong with ANY Drifters tune. Although they are sometimes overplayed in the “Beach Music” genre, they were a truly great Soul group. As usual, a fantastic mix.
    Peace and SOUL,

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