Another Fufu Funk Fix

Hello, kiddies.

Yes, I know I’m running late with this week’s post. Lots of things have been absorbing my time and trying my patience, but I won’t let it keep me from doing the things I love the most. I’ll try to post a lot more snacks in the coming weeks too…

I want to take this time to thank all of you who got a plate of that Doo Wop fix that I posted two weeks ago. With over 1100 downloads it’s by far the most popular one yet, aside from the AntiDivas stuff. I’ll get to work on another batch real soon. I don’t have to suffer with night work anymore, so I can resume my original sleep pattern. That leaves me free to spend the better part of the afternoon sifting through the pantry to come up with more of that eclectic goodness that you have come to expect. Before I begin, I want to say hello to Rich the Crate Digger and Dan Phillips who runs the superlative Home Of The Groove. Dan, I must apologise for not blogrolling you sooner. I’ve been a fan of your site for about a year now. You and Mr. Grogan are the “Dream Team” of New Orleans Funk and Soul in my eyes. You certainly have broadened my horizon just a little bit more… I’ll also pass along the good word of Mr. Prestige and get you kids to check out Bobbalin’ Hot and Sister 45 who run the Mama Feelgood blog out of merry old England. They’ve got a couple of mixes to stream and some awesome images for your browsing pleasure. Thanx for the tip, Pres. Now on we go to the music.

Originally this post was to be a double shot, inspired by a conversation I had with Rich about the “behind-the-scenes” stuff here in the Fufu Stew kitchen. Once again I sung the praises of the mighty Cakewalk Pyro program which prompted me to look at an old project I had been working on before I started this blog. The idea was pretty simple. I wanted to take some of the tunes that I’ve stored on my hard drive, strategically place them in a timeline and attempt to turn them into a seamless beatmix. Now some of you may think that this sounds like an easy thing to do, but something is keeping me from actually sharing it. I don’t want to come across as being unoriginal, since the mix contains some tunes that other bloggers have posted several months ago. I will say this in my defence however. The tunes that I did use were so good, not to mention too rich for my impoverished budget, and they did fit in the mix like a hand fits inside a glove. I am not normally into repackaging someone else’s material, but if you kids out there don’t mind my giving mad and deserving props to those who originally posted the tunes (and trust me, I will do just that), then I would love nothing more than to share the mix with you because it really is that fucking good. I’ll let your comments make the decision for me. In the meantime, here is a more recent project that will hopefully wet your whistle and keep your head nodding. I really hope you enjoy it. I did my best to include the original label information wherever possible, although most the tunes are readily available on CD comps. Obviously enough, I would kill for some hard copies of 45s here, but as I have said before, my impoverished budget forces me to take ’em any way I can get ’em…

Fufu Funk Fix No. 2

01 Soul Brothers Testify Pt. 1-The Original Soul Senders (Anla)*
02 Wahoo Wahoo Wahoo-Wayne Carter (Mootrey’s Studio)
03 Lottie Mo ’68-Lee Dorsey (Amy)
04 Boom Boom Boom-Tony Alvon & The Belairs (Virtue Acetate).
This is the prototype of the legendary breakbeat classic “Sexy Coffee Pot”. It was taken from an episode of “Downtown Soulville”, originally broadcast 27 May 2005. The complete broadcast is still available for your streaming pleasure by clicking here.
05 Speeding Ticket-Inez And Charlie Foxx (Dynamo). I was fortunate enough to acquire this one from the somewhat dormant Monkeyfunk blog a couple of years ago. Your contributions are truly appreciated. I never thought that a fire truck could pull you over for going too fast…
06 Yo Yo-Richard’s People (Tuba). This track is a part of Mr. Fine Wine’s latest pledge drive collectors item “They Were Sure Busy In Those Shadows Of Motown”. Rumour has it that his uncle was a part of the crowd noise in the record, according to Fine Wine at any rate, but I certainly trust his word as he is indeed one of the foremost authorities of rare funk and soul.
07 If It’s Good To You It’s Good For You Pts. 1&2-Eddie Bo (Scram). Oh doggone it, this here is sho ’nuff funky, children…
08 My Mind Set Me Free Pt. 1-The House Guests (House Guests)
09 Bahama Soul Stew-Funky Nassau (Drive)
10 Hamhocks And Red Beans-Chuck Womack & The Sweet Souls (Re-Joint)
11 Marvin’s Groove-BW Souls (Round)
12 The Bear-Chuck And Mac (Twinight).
Some of you may remember when I posted this one around the time that Twinight’s Lunar Rotation was released.
13 Right On-Syl Johnson (Twinight). This brother is certainly the truth, not to mention the Pieces Of Peace Orchestra. Pure funk through and through.
14 Unknown track and artist. Here’s another one from the Nazty Soundz Tribe that I’d sure like to know a little more about.
15 Super Good-Vicky Anderson (King). This is my all time favourite of the army of divas that have recorded with JB.
16 I’ve Got Just The Thing-Lou Courtney (Riverside). Lou Courtney is my hero… I wait with baited breath for the day his music is reissued on CD. I will be the first in line to own one, that’s for sure.
17 Tighten Up The Popcorn-Big Daddy Graham (C.A.M. Association)*
18 Butter That Popcorn-The RDM Band (Virtue)
19 Southern Fried Chicken Pt. 1&2-Bill Thomas & The Fendells (Savoy)
20 Teddy Dos Dedos Garcia-Los Granadians (Liquidator Music).
Here’s one from Daddy Vegas, a member of the mighty Monkeyfunk team, circa 2005. Incidentally, this was one of the first funk blogs I discovered, and my life is all the better for it.

Please download and enjoy Fufu Funk Fix No. 2, an .mp3 file, 63 MB.

Please keep in mind that this one was originally intended as a personal thing to put on my newly acquired iPod. After repeated listenings over the past week, I discovered that it was just too good to keep to myself. I hope I haven’t stepped on any toes here, but I really love these songs that much. If the response is positive, I will post the second half.

Here’s hoping all you dads out there are enjoying the day. Take it easy, have some “dinner on the ground” and a couple of frosty ones. While I don’t have any children personally, I do intend to burn some fish on the grill and wash it down with Tsingtao today, that’s for damned sure.

In closing, I must give props to PJ Gray for the Live 365 broadcast he offered back in 2005. Unfortunately the program is no longer, but the wealth of funk is an indispensible part of my musical education, and for that I am truly grateful. Thanks once again for hanging out, and I’ll see you all later on.

Peace and blessings.

9 thoughts on “Another Fufu Funk Fix

  1. Nice set Vincent, with a couple of personal faves (I’ve been chasing that Richards People 45 like Ahab after Moby Dick). In fact that Lou Courtney number is already part of an upcoming F16 mix (one of the first LC 45s I ever dug up).
    Nice job!

  2. i really love 45’s, but i don’t care if it’s a 45, a cd or even a tape as long as it’s good music… we don’t have the budget to buy all the original 45’s so who cares… just post the mix if you really like it… and keep on doing your thing… mike

  3. First off, tight mix as usual! You always get me with a couple of songs that completely blow me the hell away. “Speeding Ticket” is a riot. “Wahoo, Wahoo, Wahoo” is a fav as well. But, “My Mind Set Me Free” is one of THE BADDEST tunes I’ve ever heard. WOW!! It’s strange as the intro has got a kind of “Mission Impossible Theme” sound and I thought it was a cover of that. Then BLAM!! Funk bliss ensues. I really think, and perhaps I’m staing the obvious here, that what a celebration of the drums this mix is. Sometimes the power of tight live drums is lost, especially in contemporary soul music. Aside from the retro acts around, it seems that R&B lost it’s base somewhere along the lines, probably in the 80’s with the intrduction of way too many synths and drum machines. Don’t get me wrong, when used inventively and with a purpose they can be cool. But, nothing replaces that warm “boom, boom, pat” of a funky drummer on REAL DRUMS! Rant over.

    I’ve also been in a dilemma with using tracks that have shown up on other blogs. There are times when I’ve got plans on sharing stuff and got beat to it. I figure as long as you give shout outs as to who turned you on to the music, it’s cool. I don’t care if you were the first one to share something or the last. THE MUSIC IS THE THING! It’s all about spreading the word and keeping good karma with your fellow bruthas and sistas. I’ve only been blogging for a few months now and one thing I’ve discovered is that this is one of the most generous communities in cyberspace. In these short months my musical world has probably doubled from the hard work of cats like you, DJ Presitge, Funky 16, This is Tomorrow, Stepfather, Oliver W. and the list goes on. Posting the mix would be a tribute, not only to the great artists, but to the scholars, beat philosophers, and straight up music lovers of this community.

    All the best and keep spreading the word!

    Peace and SOUL,

  4. Vincent,

    Mix sounds great.

    I understand your concern about posting others’ sound files. I think that you have set up a good work around, by providing attribution on the source of said file.

    There are a number of issues, that I am personally experiencing, when putting together a mix. Some of the ones that are key are obviously sourcing material, making material into digital format, and the more esoteric areas of taste/flow/feeling/sound artistry.

    Not all of us have the budget for original vinyl, but having the taste in putting together a set is one of the KEY elements, and you have IT.

    BTW, I am having a little backyard BBQ this weekend, and I predict that this set will be part of the SDTRK!

    Stay cool and keep up the good work,

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