There Ain’t No cure (including two Fufu Blues fixes)

Hello, kiddies.

I went on a marathon session this weekend. I’ve got my reasons, mainly that the heat is returning in full force. I know I’m probably one of the few who truly despise the summer. Aside from enjoying the longer days and of course “dinner on the ground” every night, the heat is one thing that I really can’t tolerate. It wreaks havoc on my sinuses threfore resulting in some monster headaches. Thankfully, no migraines though. Speaking of which, I hope you’re feeling up to par today Lily… Since there ain’t no cure as the old saying goes, looks like I’ll be going on another Blues tangent. This is the first of two Blues fixes that I created on the fly. This time the focus is simple. I discovered some more material from that glorious period between 1938 and about 1966, mixed it up with a few pleasant surprises I had laying around and came up with this here to pass along to all of you. You may notice that some of the tunes here have a bit of a fun theme to break up the monotony. All in all, it’s still the prototype for everything we take for granted musically, so here are the ingredients.

Fufu Blues Fix No. 4: Blues I Can Use

01 Introspeak by Howlin’ Wolf
02 Tough Times-John Brim

03 1958 Blues-Little Sammy Davis
04 Don’t Touch My Head-J.B. Lenoir
05 You Can’t Beat The Horses-Big Boy Groves
06 Sweet Angel-Earl Hooker
07 Just A Little Bit-Lattimore Brown
08 I Got My Mojo Working-Ann Cole
09 Call My Job-Detroit Junior
10 Satan’s Blues-Jr. Walker & The All Stars
11 Night Watchman-Memphis Minnie*

12 One Way Out-Elmore James
13 Man Around My Door-Grace Brim
14 Be On Your Merry Merry Way-Albert King
15 Jealous Man-Johnny Lewis
16 Fishin’ In My Pond-Lee Jackson
17 Mussy Haired Woman-Lightning Hopkins
18 Santa Fe-Baby Boy Warren
19 Booze In The Bottle-Carter Brothers (Here’s one for Todd and Brian)
20 Alcohol Blues-Sonny Boy Williamson
21 Keep Drinkin’-Little Brother Montgomery
22 I Feel So Good-J.B. Lenoir
23 A Fool No More-Eddie Hope & The Mannish Boys
24 Love Me With A Feeling-Magic Sam
25 Mattie Mae-Baby Boy Warren
26 Ludella (alternate take)-Jimmie Rogers*
27 Messin’ With The Kid-
Junior Wells (this is the thing that Steppenwolf stole…)
28 Stop The Train Conductor-Snooky Pryor
29 Slo Fuse-Johnny Otis

* These two were taken from an LP featuring Blind Willie McTell and Memphis Minnie released on Biograph Records back in 1974. The extra bonus being “Ludella”, another one of Muddy Waters’ alleged first recording sessions, circa 1949. While this particular record is most likely out of print, I am sure that a suitable facsimile can be easily obtained.

Now don’t go anywhere just yet, I have another one for you. In times such as these with the heat and all, I like to have things that make me comfortable, as I’m sure you all can rightfully understand. A big ol’ plate of sushi, a very VERY cold beer, and some funky heavy mind blowing Blues blaring in the newly acquired iPod. To feed the need, I pieced together the second half of this Blues fix. Luckily it only took a couple of hours now that my creative juices are flowing freely. I hearken back to the last Blues fix from the Spring which incidentally helped to get this blog established. Thanks again Larry, I’d like to send this one out to you. As I am listening to the playback for the first time I am certain that this one will be just as special as the last. I won’t put my usual hype on the tracks, instead, I’ll let them speak for themselves as each one is a proven knockout punch for me.

Fufu Blues Fix No. 4 1/2: Comfort Food

01 Dust My Broom-Ike & Tina Turner
02 Miss Lucy-Pacific Gas & Electric
03 I Got My Mojo Working-Rotary Connection
04 Cut You Aloose-Ricky Allen
05 I Pity The Fool-Stevie Wonder
06 The Hunter-Ike & Tina Turner
07 Can You Feel It Pt. 1-The Famous Flames
08 Hard Head Makes A Sore Behind-Cash McCall
09 The Champion (Part 1)-Willie Mitchell
10 The Bo Vitch-Booker T & The MGs
11 Talkin’ Loud And Saying Nothin’ (Rock Version)-James Brown
12 Uncle Sam Blues (Live At Woodstock)-Hot Tuna**
13 70s Blues-Betty Davis
14 What’d I Say-Albert King, Steve Cropper & Pops Staples
15 How Come My Bulldog Don’t Bark-Howard Tate
16 Unknown Title (Live At Woodstock)-Canned Heat**
17 Sex Machine-Sly & The Family Stone

** These tunes were pulled from the audio of the DVD.

I don’t plan to ramble on this time in the afterwards except to say that I’m glad you dropped by. I want to get back to work on posting the other mixes before the heat becomes too unbearable. On tap for the future is my first attempt at a Jazz fix, more Soul of course, finally reposting the rest of the older mixes (for all of you who just tuned in) and the long overdue fourth installment of AntiDivas! I’ll also be adding the colour again. Again, I am trying my best to post in between heatwaves, so time is limited to the absolute essentials. Maybe, just maybe I’ll even get to go on some digs soon . I’ve got a jones and I’ve got it BAD! Until next time kids,

Peace and blessings.

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