While it’s still cool outside…


…I took the time to post some fresh snacks, so drop on by The Snack Bar and eat up.


I hope you’re all staying cool and enjoying the Blues fixes. I’ll be back next week with a super special post that’s sure to fill your hungry souls.


Peace and blessings.

all images from the essential motion picture “Do The Right Thing”, a Spike Lee Joint c)1989 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks. This is indeed a must have for any dvd collection. Thank you for your time.

One thought on “While it’s still cool outside…

  1. Hey Vincent, the comment from Lord Haha left on your site was definitely not from me or anyone from hahamusic. But I’m glad you liked our site and I’m digging yours too. I’ll be adding you to the hahamusic blogroll, so keep on cooking!

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