AntiDivas No. 4: Strong And Invincible

Hello, kiddies.

My beloved Leslie and I celebrated our sixth anniversary this past Wednesday… We really didn’t do anything special, just the fact that we’ve sustained and maintained for six years is celebration enough, y’know? Please allow me to use this worldwide forum just for a second to say I love you Leslie and I owe you a debt of gratitude for putting up with my constant computer abuse.

Boy am I glad I got all those mixes done last week… It’s been a real scorcher outside since Tuesday to say the least. I did come to the realisation that I’m just going to have to give in to the man and put an a/c unit in the window… We’ve had one all along but we just weren’t going to fool with it. Check that, we just got an oscillating fan a few short hours ago. I really don’t feel like fooling with the a/c just yet. I should take advantage of the cooling trend that has FINALLY hit today, but there’s still this box of 45s to sift through. I managed to put a dent in it the other day and get some 100 sides converted so the Snack bar will be open for business next week for sure. I’ve been totally immersed in this thing they call Northern Soul for the past couple of days since I found not one but TWO copies of the most amazing 45 I’ve heard in quite some time. I can’t thank you enough, Rob…

Let’s see, what else. Another miserable week in the salt mine has come to a close, and now is the time to unleash another furious installment of AntiDivas. Of the four mixes that I finished, it was only right that I post this one first coming off of the strength of the Funk Fixes from two weeks ago. I won’t waste any time and get right to the ingredients.

01 Mama Feelgood-Lyn Collins. Opening up with a shoutout to Bobbalin Hot and Sister 45
02 Double Determination-Liz McCall
. Here’s one that Mr. Fine Wine likes to play.
03 Don’t Joke With a Hungry Man-Quantic Feat. Spanky Wilson. It’s really amazing how the sparsest of melodies can become the funkiest of tunes. Case in point…
04 I’m Tired, I’m Tired, I’m Tired (Things Better Change Before It’s Too Late)-Lyn Collins
05 How Come You Won’t Stay Here-Natalie Cole. Here’s another one from the “Finest Dope” period. I’ll explain that one in a future AntiDivas post.
06 Momma Momma-Betty Barney
07 Kissing My Love-Cold Blood
. Another funky reading of the classic Bill Withers tune.
08 Liberation Conversation-Marlena Shaw
09 Look What You’ve Done To Me-Sheila Skipworth
10 Straighten Up-Nat Hendrick & The Swans Feat. Yvonne Fair
11 Lowdown-Three Degrees.
I was completely shocked when I heard this Chicago cover for the first time. I really have to give it up to the folks On The Outside Looking In for blessing me with this one. Welcome to the family, and thanks for the Northern Soul education.
12 Don’t Leave Me Starving For Your Love-Laura Lee
13 Super Cool (You’re just Super Fool)-Pat Hunt
14 Ticket To The Moon-Betty LaVette
. Heres another one from the latest Fine Wine comp. This is one amazing track…
15 Unwind Yourself-Marva Whitney. This tune needs no hype as the opening few seconds should sufficiently demonstrate.
16 The Honeydripper-Delores Ealy
18 Woman’s Lib-The Singing Principal.
An amazingly rare piece of funk…
19 Check Me Out-Little Denise
20 Sleeping Alone-The Pointer Sisters. A surprising Stevie Wonder composition. Love it!
21 Who Is She (And What Is She To You)-Gladys Knight & The Pips
22 The Salt Of The Earth-Rotary Connection
. Here’s a soapbox moment to close out, and a teaser for the next installment… Hey Dave and Lily, you can check your inboxes now.

Please download and enjoy AntiDivas No. 4: Strong And Invincible, an .mp3 file, 63 MB.

It’s been a really taxing day so I’m off to get some shuteye. The task that awaits will prove fruitful for all I assure you. I swear, I promise some colour with the next post. A label scan, a photograph or something…

Peace and blessings.

4 thoughts on “AntiDivas No. 4: Strong And Invincible

  1. FANTASTIC!! “AntiDivas” is one of the finest, if not the finest, continuing series in the blogosphere. Thanks so much for your efforts in spreading this great music.

    Happy Anniversary!

    ….and get some A/C in that crib. July and August are some hot months, my brutha. Although, if the heat is in any way helping with the hotness of these mixes, don’t forget to drink lots of fluids, and keep a towel handy so you don’t sweat on the records. 😉

    Peace and SOUL,

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