The sweet tooth’s back… Records are like chocolate part six

Hello, kiddies.

Well, it’s official. I’m on my way to Asbury Park in September. First of all, I must thank the mighty DJ Prestige for the chance to come and play 45s with the gang. For the occasion, record digging will be priority number two. Number one being the second job I took on almost by accident today to pay for said record digging. Remember, more money means better 45s for all! Unfortunately that will severely limit my time to spend creating new mixes for a little while, but I won’t dig too far into the future. There will be at least two days off during the week, especially Sunday which will once again be the day set aside to publish new posts. I’ll see how it goes. Anyway, on to the business at hand.

I’ve been wrestling with ideas for a new alter ego/DJ name. I was approached by Prestige yesterday on the subject. I haven’t had one of those since I used to spin Acid House records almost twenty years ago, and trust me, the name I had was oh so corny… Maybe some of you out there can offer a few suggestions. Since I’m all about the food thing these days, I was thinking about something like “Soul Chef” or even the “Galloping Gourmet of Soul”. Not too terribly original and catchy, but I’m still tossing ideas around. Feel free to chime in if you’d like. You could probably come up with a whole lot better stuff than I ever could. Like I said, it’s been waaaaaaay too long.

I’ve been a little down lately, thanks largely to the greuling work schedule. In an attempt to lift my spirits, I whipped up another batch of pot luck Soul for the ol’ iPod which naturally I want to share with all of you. Now I only finished this a few hours ago, having only auditioned it twice, but the ingredients blend together very well with a multitude of flavours.
Most of these tunes are from newly acquired 45s, along with a few that I’ve had stored away in the pantry. Some common, some not so common, but all of them hot juicy and delicious. Grab a plate and dig in.

01 Poquito Soul-Senor Soul (Double Shot)
02 The Worm-Jimmy McGriff (Solid State).
Need more organ grinding? You know where to go. If you’ve already been there, wasn’t that some fantastic stuff? And what about that extra bonus, huh? Made my day, that’s for damned sure
03 Do It One More Time (The Twine)-Alvin Cash & The Registers (Mar V Lus). He’s my hero ‘cos he’s so damned funky!
04 I Can Always Tell-Lou Courtney (Riverside). He’s my other hero… these cats can do NO wrong.
05 My Brother Pt. 1-The JBs (People)
06 Count The Days-Inez & Charlie Foxx (Dynamo).
In my fruitless search for a hard copy of “Speed Ticket”, but this one is nice just the same.
07 Here It Is-Dorothy Moore (Malaco). Thanks and shouts to Red Kelly for prompting me to dig out this 45 that I have never played until he posted it a few weeks ago.
08 So Far So Good-The Impact Of Brass (Rare Earth). I only know of two other acts who recorded for this label (besides the obvious), both of which not suited to my taste… yet. This one was a nice surprise to say the least which will indeed prompt me to do some research.
09 I Can’t Forget-Bull & The Matadors (Toddlin’ Town). Time for another “Up North Trip”, to coin a phrase from that classic Mobb Deep record.
10 I Pray Everyday You Won’t Regret Loving Me-David Ruffin (Motown). Another childhood memory from days gone by.
11 Ain’t No Sunshine-Jack McDuff (Cadet)
12 Modern Jive-Pretty Purdie (Date).
More great Northern sounds from one of the best drummers to ever take a seat behind a kit.
13 Fire-Etta James (Cadet). Here’s another from the famous Memphis sessions. It sounds as if she reworked the charts of the next track, which is…
14 Soul Dance No. 3-Wilson Pickett (Atlantic)
15 Wrapped Up In You-Geater Davis (House Of Orange).
Here’s the newest name in my crates. Time to do some more homework…
16 Baby That’s What I Need (Walk Tall)-Esther Marrow (Bluebird). Here’s one of three tracks taken from an LP. In this case, it’s the 2003 comp “Flying Groove” containing several timeless Funk and Soulful Jazz gems. It’s definitely worth investigating.
17 Weak Spot-Ruby Andrews (Volt). This is another one of the many surprises that I found inside of Rob’s box.
18 Harlem Shuffle-Bob And Earl (Marc). …and I really LOVED the House Of Pain’s debut record too!
19 Let Me Do My Thing-The People’s Choice (Phil LA Of Soul)
20 Get It Together Pt. 2-James Brown (King).
This is my all time favourite JB side, hands down. A textbook example of Soul Brother No. 1’s ability to lead a band…
21 Lily-Manu Dibango (Atlantic). Here’s a shoutout to the Soul Psycho, keeping that “psychadelicde” love flowing free. It’s such a happy slice of Afrobeat goodness, sure to have you dancing on a cloud once you hear the breakdown.
22 All Along The Watchtower-Bobby Womack (United Artists). This album cut is truly heavy. I can’t say too much for the quality of the vinyl (a replacement is definitely in order), but I was so floored when I first heard it so it made the cut.
23 Feelin’ Alright-Fifth Dimension (Bell). Another childhood memory, taken from one of the first LPs I ever owned.
24 Chug Chug Chug A Lug (Push And Shove) Pt. 1-The Meters (Reprise)
25 This Little Light Of Mine-Young Holt Unlimited (Brunswick)

Please download and enjoy this Fufu Soul Soundcheck, an .mp3 file, 67 MB.

Tomorrow is shaping up to be a really hectic day which I am certainly not looking forward to, but all in the name of 45s…
I will be doing some more digging this weekend in between jobs as there is a HUGE yard sale going on in my neighbourhood, not to mention a trip to Fell’s Point which is always sure to satisfy my jones for new soulful heat. Next week I’ll be working on recipes for This Is Tomorrow and Got The Fever. They should be up and posted on their respective blogs real soon. As far as what’s on tap for Fufu Stew, the next post will be a complete surprise to me. I have lots of thoughts buzzing around so who knows what could happen. Only time will tell so until then, enjoy your weekend and be safe. I’m going to bed now.

Peace and blessings.

I’ll bring the colour back next time… and I hope to have some new snacks, too… I’ll let you know. Thanks for dropping by.

7 thoughts on “The sweet tooth’s back… Records are like chocolate part six

  1. ps:

    that dorothy moore is a FAVORITE of mine. there are hundreds of copies of that up here, and i try to pick them up when they are in good shape. it’s a definite sleeper. i’ve written her several times to try and get a personal perspective on that record, so i have my fingers crossed for a response.

  2. DJ PotLuck , DJ LittleMo’Salt, DJ CornBread, The Ingredient Mixer, DJ Aroma, DJ Recipe, DJ PorrigeMash, , DJ Boil-To-A-Simmer…..just a few off the top of me head.

    Seriously, “Soul Chef” is actually pretty sweet. Short and very descriptive of what you do.

    Boss mix, can’t wait to check it out!! Cheers man!

    Peace and SOUL,

  3. Another winner. A question, how do you find the time, Vincent?
    Highlights were for me the following:
    The great take on Aint no Sunshine by jack McDuff
    Bobby Womack and the sizzling, hot fuzzed guitar on his version of All Along the Watchtower, which is a truly kill version/
    I am always a fan of Harlem Shuffle and this take is also cool.

    Stay cool,

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