And now, these messages…

Hello, kiddies.

This week was really taxing to say the least. The new job was okay, although I really don’t think that it will last long. Just a premonition. It did pay for the recent stack of 45s I acquired yesterday which will of course be added in the next recipe. Soon kids, soon. I really do need a breather, not to mention this week will probably be worse than last with the upcoming dog and pony show (otherwise known as a visit from the corporate br-ass). I’m hoping that the second job will prove to be a little more fruitful this week. Anyway, I digress.

First, I must welcome my good friend Craig (unless he visited before this post was published) to the party. He was my boss back when I worked for one of those God forsaken corporate record stores. He was the one who turned me on to Kate Bush along with most of the good old fashoined Prog and Gong (I really love that song “Flying Teapot”). I hope that you (along with anyone else who is just joining us) enjoy what you see and by all means, feel free to check out the back catalogue and archives. I’ll be restoring any links that I forgot when I was doing DivSahre. I should be done by the time I post again.

Next, I must say thanks to the Guru of course (I want that Joe Zawinul 45), and Jack (the newest resource for all that is funky) who runs El Supremo on Aliceanna, also in beautiful Fell’s Point. I’m sure I spelled the name of the store wrong, but that will be rectified when I see you again in a couple of weeks. I’ve gotta give Jack the nod for having a cheap, minty fresh copy of Chris Jones’s “I’m The Man” on Goodie Train, along with some other really superlative titles that made me just salivate when I played ’em. Pure heat for sure. It’s all a part of preparing for my long awaited return to the decks when I get to Jersey in September…

I wish I could say I have something new to serve today, but truth is I just didn’t have the time or the energy. I spent today sleeping in the hopes that I will get my strength up for the next several days. I did prep a large handful of stuff for the guest posts and I’ll be serving snacks in the coming days as well. I must get to work on that stuff at least by Wednesday…

Now for the new patrons, I will do another repost. There’s only three more left after this, then that will get everyone up to speed… finally. For the regulars, please bear with me. I am juggling lots of stuff and trying hard not to drop anything…

Fufu Funk Fix No. 1
Originally published 3rd April 2007

Bobby Byrd: “What you gon’ play now?”
James Brown: “Bobby, I don’ know, but whats’n ever I play, it’s got to be funky!”
Bobby Byrd: “Yeah!”

(deleted phrases…)

The Richard Pryor soundbites should come as no surprise as to their origin. And please make careful note of all the subliminal free advertising as this recipe was made when I first acquired the monumental box set “What It Is”. I had buy links in place at one time, but due to a lack of time today, I refrained. A good search engine will certainly point you in the right direction if you are so inclined, or drop a comment if you want to know where I obtained a particular track. I’ll be happy to answer any inquiries you may have. On to the list of ingredients…

01 What It Is-The Temptations. Taken from their fantastic and hard to find “Solid Rock”, here is another reading of another classic Norman Whitfield/Barrett Strong composition, also done to perfection by the Undisputed Truth. This is indeed an introduction of things to come… The same album also contains a reading of the next track…
02 Superstar (Remember How You Got Where You Are)-Undisputed Truth. Taken from their fantastic sophomore release, “Face To Face With The Truth”, here is another reading of another classic Norman Whitfield/Barrett Strong composition, also done to perfection by the Temptations. The same album also contains a reading of the previous track, but once again… hard to find!
03 Slip The Drummer One-Lunar Funk. The first of several tracks provided by the fine folks at Ubiquity. Unfortunately, most of those comps are out of print on vinyl, however, selected cuts can be had at eMusic which is a good thing.
04 Anything-8th Day. “She’s Not Just Another Woman”, and they’re not just another INVICTUS band. This one’s a real “Give Everybody Some” type that just blows my mind.
05 Must Be Your Thing-Watts 103d St. Rhythm Band. If it feels good, do it.
06 Go Ahead On-Dayton Sidewinders. At long last, the complete works of this really heavy Ohio outfit are available at Funkadelphia’s website, or at eMusic which again is a good thing.
07 Damn-New Birth. The title says it all…
08 In The Deep-The Beginning Of The End. I’ve been on the hunt for the crown jewel of Henry Stone’s stable for years. Thankfully, my search ended when I picked up a copy of Nina’s newsletter back in 2003 and things have been right ever since.
09 (Everybody Wanna Get Rich) Rite Away-Dr. John. Somehow, I vaguely recall hearing this joint as a kid, but I can’t swear to it. I’m sure glad it was on that “What It Is” comp.
10 Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is-Rose Royce. The sound bite fits well between the two “money” songs…
11 Funky Thing Part 1-The Unemployed. WHAT IT IS, brothers and sisters… Thanks Larry for hiding part two of this monster jam in your F16CR no. 5.
12 Funky John-Johnny Cameron & The Camerons. Third verse, same as the first… WHAT IT IS! Get one NOW! You’ll be glad you did.
13 Soul Party A Go Go-Andre Williams. Ever since I heard “Humpin’ Thumpin’ and Bumpin’” some three years ago, I had to have more. Thankfully, Tuff City made it possible.
14 Hot Potato (Piping Hot)-Rinky Dinks. Or is it Soul Train-The Ramrods… Thanks goes out to Red for helping to solve the mystery… Here’s both parts seamlessly mixed… in STEREO!
15 Something Different-The Propositions. Once again, thank you UBIQUITY.
16 Sticky Boom Boom-United Soul Association.
Too cold? I think not.
17 There’s A Wrinkle In Our Time-1984. Tobias comes through in a pinch to make this otherwise very expensive 45 available for peanuts.
18 Why Don’t You Play The Organ, Man-Memphis Black. Be part of “The In-Kraut”.
19 What It Is-Randolph Bros. Plus. Once again, big ups to Tobias…
20 Percolatin’-Willie Mitchell. I may decide to do a showdown type post pitting STAX against HI for bragging rights. Tough contest to call, huh?
21 Your Man, My Man-Betty Davis. The former Mrs. Miles Davis is by far one of the B-A-double-D baddest sisters out there.
22 Rock Steady (Alternative)-Aretha Franklin. This one came as a real surprise to me. Without the horn charts, this version is so much hotter. In fact, I don’t think I’ll ever play this song any other way. I’m lying. If you haven’t gotten my drift by now, go get a copy of WHAT IT IS! BUY, BUY, BUY!!!

If you haven’t already, please download and enjoy Fufu Funk Fix No. 1, an .mp3 file, 73 MB. Once again, sorry for the lack of colour. Time is of the essence.

With that said, I am absolutely famished, so I am going to have din din then I’m going to bed. Monday will be pretty hectic and I need to be prepared. There will be new recipes real soon. Before I go, I have to send a shout to my Godsister who is now part of the WordPress family. If you’re a pro wrestling fan, then check out her new blog called Pure Imagination. The blog is in its infancy, but she is off to a pretty good start. She’s pretty stoked about tonight’s Great American Bash Pay Per View and has offered her insight into the card and picks on who is already scheduled to win. Yeah, we all know that someone is making a mint writing that stuff, but I’ve been a wrestling fan since I was fifteen, so I for one am still “entertained” week after week. I do prefer the old stuff personally, but the current three ring circus formula is just too good to pass up. In fact, I find it rather amusing like a good episode of Jerry Springer or any courtroom drama show. I’m partial to The People’s Court because I am a sucker for a redhead. Don’t tell Leslie. Just kidding, she already knows…

I’ll be back to do it all again soon, so until then,

Peace and blessings.

2 thoughts on “And now, these messages…

  1. Think I missed this one first time round. ACE, as usual. I dropped “Funky John” in the radio show I did on Friday. SMOKIN’!! Also some Betty Davis. I’ll be posting the mix on Friday. You said it, I’ve definitely got to track down a copy of that Temps “Solid Rock” LP. Love that one. The drums sound so good in that tune. Fairly simple, but what a DAMN FUNKY break!

    Peace and SOUL,

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