More shouts, more snacks…

Hello, kiddies.

As I enjoy a cold frosty Stella Artois on this hot August afternoon, I wanted to alert the masses to a brand new member of the WordPress family…


Today I found On The One, a new funk and soul blog brought to you by the mighty DJ Save 1, who will be a part of the upcoming Asbury Park Sessions in September. For more skinny, stay tuned to Fleamarket Funk, but you already knew that, right? 

I’m gonna get back to the mixes now. There’s a new long overdue installment of Fufu Stew forthcoming, as well as a guest post for Souled On Music which I am extremely proud of, so stand by… With a little luck, I’ll see you all on Sunday. I dont think it should be a problem though… until then,

Peace and blessings.

I just posted some new snacks for your aural consumption, so drop by and eat up. I really think you’ll enjoy ’em this time around. and be sure to visit and support On The One… I also want to send a special hello to Jan, another proud member of the Splinters… for more, be sure to visit the Heavy Soul Brutha.

*UPDATE*: Oops, I made booboo… Save 1 will be spinning, but you gotta give it up to brother Joe Rosenberg for the blog. My apologies to all…

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