Giving Up Food For 45s (including Slick On The Corner No. 2)

Hello, kiddies.

We’re running a bit behind this week as the workload was quite strenuous, not to mention it’s crunch time as far as lil’ truck goes. She did get a new radio installed. I really don’t like car CD players but for $4. I just couldn’t pass it up, y’know? What that means is even more recipes will be made than normal because I refuse to play my original CDs when I’m driving. Car CD players can get hot just like an oven as you all know. Now if I can pass the emissions test next week, life will be swell.

I’ve been reading up on the latest exploits that plagued DJ Prestige as he continues to search high and low for that funky heat. It truly is amazing just how people can act when it comes to crate digging. I just came back from the monthly show at the fire hall a few hours ago, and my experiences there are exactly the opposite of what Pres has had to endure in recent weeks. Don’t get me wrong, we do have an assorted cast of characters here, but they are nothing compared to those at the Flea Market. It makes me sad because there is such a thing as ettiquite, and I for one follow it to the letter. I pick my box, sift through it and move on to the next one with relative quickness. There are hundreds of others looking for the same thing after all. I am learning more and more about how the fire hall works with each visit, what vendors set up early and who really has the heat. The nod certainly goes to the Vaccarinos and Record Ray for coming through each and every time. They are also really nice people to boot. There are a couple of more tables that I usually visitwhen I’m there, but this trip was made with one purpose in mind, and I did get there about two hours early. The cashflow went quickly and let me tell you kids that everything I bought home leaves a burning sensation on my fingertips. I am sad that I had to put back a minty fresh copy of “Just A Groove In G”, but I just couldn’t afford $75. It’s bad enough that I am risking an empty gas tank just to satisfy my vinyl jones. Oh well, there’s always next time…

Yesterday Leslie and I went to the famous Hot August Blues festival at Oregon Ridge Park. What a disappointment to say the least. The bill promised to be great, with the Dickey Betts Band as the headliner. I for one waited with baited breath for the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, while Leslie was all about Joan Osborne. We missed the first two acts, but I’m not too worried that we missed much. I’ll refrain from speaking about the overall atmosphere (it was Cockeysville after all), but the person running the soundboard should have been tested for drugs! The whole day was a wash of distorted low frequencies with intermittent spurts of funky music that was hard to hear as it was. Leslie finally got fed up and went to express her displeasure. It worked for a little while, but overall the sound quality was a bust. At least it was an absolutely beautiful day weatherwise, so getting outside and soaking up some much needed sunshine without the excruciating heat and humidity was a good thing…

Anyway, the business at hand awaits.

Before I bought home this latest stack of 45 rpm goodness, I had a soundcheck on the timeline that almost got scrapped (and I almost think that it should still as some of the choices aren’t so minty fresh, in fact, some of them are quite a bit scarred). In the interest of keeping you kids fed, I will post it, having only taste tested it once. This one contains a delicate blend of Northern Soul stompers, sweet soulful ballads, some more treats from Rob’s box and some warmed over leftovers from digging sessions past. I really like all the ingredients that I chose (quality of course being a non issue), so let’s give it a try together, shall we?

You Had To Be Slick When You Was On The Corner No. 2

01 Cool Summer Night-The Intentions (Uptown)
02 Da Do Ron Ron-The Ikettes (Modern)
03 Be’s That A Way Sometimes-The Scientists Of Soul (Kashe)
04 Daughter-The Blenders (Witch)
05 Desiree-The Charts (Wand)
06 I’ve Got A Secret-The Sharpees (One-Derful!)
07 Tomorrow-Frankie & The Spindles (Roc-Ker)
08 Disillusioned-The Tams (Arlen)
09 Ain’t No Big Thing-The Electrons (Shock)
10 Diamonds Rubies Gold And Fame-The Gypsies (Old Town)
11 Hard Way To Go-The Exciters (United Artists)
12 I Got Lucky When I Found You-The Ideals (St. Lawrence)
13 I’m The Man-The Dynamics (Bigtop)
14 (I Need Some) Money- The Miracles (Tamla)
15 Academy Award-Patti Labelle & The Bluebells (Newtown)
16 Divorce Court-The Five Du Tones (One-Derful!)
17 I’m Blue-The Ikettes (Atco)
18 I Know She’s Mine-The Dynamites (Pay)
19 Workin’ Hard-The Olympics (Arvee)
20 I’ve Been Good To You-The Temptations (Gordy)
21 She Loves Me So-Harvey Fuqua (Tri-Phi)
22 I Ain’t Got Nobody Else-The Masqueraders (Bell)
23 I’ll Be Sweeter Tomorrow Than I Was Yesterday-The O’Jays (Bell)
24 I Remember You-Ponderosa Twins Plus One (Astroscope)
25 Wasting Time-The Lost Generation (Brunswick)
26 Kansas City Woman-Bennie Gordon & The Soul Brothers (Enrica)
27 Lee-The Detroit Emeralds (Westbound)
28 Dumb Dude-Bloodstone (London)
29 Bad Bold And Beautiful Girl-The Persuaders (Atco)
30 Finally Got Myself Together-The Impressions (Curtom)

Please download and enjoy Slick On The Corner No. 2, an .mp3 file, 73 MB. I’ll have some colourful label scans and such for you next time. The allergies are killin’ me right now.

Now for the customary closing comments…

I’ve been busy suffering in the salt mines week after week (you all know how I hate the summertime in that respect), but there’s only one more week left to endure. Not only am I in the home stretch of surviving another dismal busy season, but I won yet another battle of wits with the opposition in the process (with all due respect to keeping business and pleasure seperate, I will spare you all the gory details). That means I can rest on my laurels for another three months and concentrate on making new and better tasting Fufu Stew for all of us to enjoy. I’ll be serving up plenty of snacks in the coming weeks as well. Today’s digging revealed some real monsters that are once again just too good to keep. I must also send shouts to Rich the Cratedigger. He invited me over to his place for a guest post so I will publically accept the invite and cook up some really eclectic food for sure. Of course the details are forthcoming as there will soon be plenty of extra time to make it taste just right.

Before I get back to the booty, I must welcome some new faces to the Fufu Stew Family. First there’s Floodwatch Music with some white hot Hip Hop mixes to keep the head nodding as well as the surprise of Heavy Metal. God, it’s been so long since I’ve played Metallica’s “Kill ‘Em All”, which happens to be one of the greatest metal albums ever made. Yeah, I like me some good Metal too… Next up is the one and only My Favourite Sound. I can’t believe how this one slipped under my radar, but as I catch up on previous entries it’s plain to see that I snoozed. There’s lots and lots of ultra rare Funk, Soul and Jazz LPs to be had here, including not one but TWO Bobby Williams albums just to name a few. This one is a can’t miss. I must sing and shout the praises of this mighty blog, as well as the companion My Favourite Sound 2, where the rarest of 7 and 12 inch Funk and Disco singles can be had. It was there that I found a very fond childhood memory that I thought I would never see again… Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication, not to mention sharing some very hard to find gems.

I urge all of you to visit and support these fine blogs.

Have a good week, stay cool and as always, be safe. I’ll see you all soon.

Peace and blessings.

I also want to say thanks to Alan the Guru for stopping by. Check out his Myspace page and get the lowdown…

6 thoughts on “Giving Up Food For 45s (including Slick On The Corner No. 2)

  1. Hey Vincent,
    Thanks for the shout.
    I have been swamped, so my output off all things blogginess has been greatly reduced.
    this is tomorrow did a mix for me earlier today, so check it if you have time.
    Stay cool & all the best,

  2. hi there… i think i (we) have been blessed by all my fellow bloggers, contributing such great mixes… and it ain’t over yet… lots of goodies to come… keep me posted about this blog party… and yeah, 45’s are getting way toooo expensive… i turned down some great 45’s just because someone wanted too many $…

  3. Absolutely fantastic mix. I always love your blog, but this has to be one of the best yet! The Charts and Dynamics are both long-time favorites, thanks a lot for sharing!

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