What A Difference A Needle Makes…

Hello, kiddies.

I’ve got good news, bad news and more good news for you all tonight. The good news is that I survived yet another busy season at the salt mines without comitting a felony. The bad news is that I killed a needle creating the last recipe. Thankfully I had a spare turntable floating around complete with a fresh Stanton cartridge attached. I guess I should have known better than to trust the factory cartridges that came with the decks I got for Christmas two years ago…


Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice kit (one day I’ll be able to afford 1200s), and I am grateful for the gift, but the needles were killing my 45s… Now I know that I will only use Stanton products from now on. That means a trip to the local pro shop next week to get one for the other deck. I started sampling some 45s for the next recipe and discovered that the sound quality is much better than with the factory cartridges. I’m still learning new things every day which is a good thing. Leslie’s father once said if you don’t learn at least one new thing every day you might as well be dead. I call that words to live by… literally! Anyway, I digress.

This weekend will find me recapturing hundreds of 45s. The result will be lots of new recipes for your aural consumption which brings me to the more good news… Vacation begins in a week! Ten glorious days of rest, relaxation and of course, more records (go figure)! You’ll see… In the meantime, let me get to it because I want to have a new recipe up by Sunday, as well as some snacks.

Before I go, let me hip you to the updated link for my friend the HeavySoulBrutha. He can now be found in the blogroll as SoulBrutha’s Put The Needle On The Record. Still the same great blog, just the correct name that’s all. In fact, check out his guest post over at Scholar’s place. And here’s a surprise for you. I was checking out In Dangerous Rhythm today, and it looks as if he’s been really busy as of late with two massive guest appearances for Souled On Music and This Is Tomorrow. Be sure to check them out as well. They’ll be on my iPod for the workday tomorrow, that’s for sure.

Time for bed now. Enjoy the guest posts… I’ll be back soon…

Peace and blessings.

One thought on “What A Difference A Needle Makes…

  1. Hey Vincent,
    I’ve finally ventured back into the Blogisphere and was checking everyones blogs and came across this post. Sadly I too know the woe of a broken needle. I have a few Stanton cartridges as back-ups but found my liking for Ortofon needles instead. Have you tried these? Prices are somewhat comparable, but it has a bit crisper sound I find. BTW, I still don’t have 1200’s either, but I paired up a couple Technics D-12’s which are kinda like the home version of the 1200’s. Sure do miss the STOP/GO button though…LOL. Come check out my site again sometime. I’ve got lot’s to post recently!

    Jason X


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