Another holiday double shot (including Fufu Stew’s Warmed Over Leftovers?)

Hello, kiddies.


It’s time once again to get those plates ready for another mouthwatering helping of soulful goodness. I know that most of you (those of you living in the US at any rate) are probably going to be enjoying the Labour Day holidays with some of that ever popular dinner on the ground. I for one will have the coals burning non stop when Leslie and I head to Deleware for four days of rest, relaxation and most of all, records. For all of you fine folks residing elsewhere in the world, go on and pull out the ol’ grill anyway, because there’s nothing better than having some of your favourite foods fresh off the open fire. I’m sure we’ll be doing some type of kebobs with shrimp and veggies, tuna steaks, and as always hamburgers and hot dogs (meatless of course). And I certainly can’t forget the batch of hot steamed crabs from Lazy Susan’s… Just add a case of Stella Artois to the mix (or your favourite beverage of choice), iced down for optimal refreshment, and you have the makings of a great time. Enough of my rambling on, let’s get to the meat of the converation here…


This recipe is a part of a double shot, with the other half being hosted by Rich the Cratedigger. Thanks as always for the constant support, mon frer… I finally got to convert the lion’s share of 45s recently purchased over the last several weeks. Now that the busy period has come to a close at the salt mines, time is on my side once again… Although the focus was supposed to be on just how tasty warmed over leftovers can be when prepared just right, this all 45 rpm exercise contains quite a few new acquisitions… I had the introduction and exitus already in place on the timeline, so I kept the title. It’s actually kind of appropriate in a way, because I can tie it in with some of the very insightfully entertaining posts done by the mighty Mr. Grogan over at his other blog Iron Leg. Besides, who doesn’t like a good cartoon once in a while, y’know? Anyway, here’s the list of ingredients (and just a few label scans too).

01 Introspeak by Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble
02 I Can’t Stand Alone-Wilson Pickett (Atlantic)
03 Aunt Dora’s Love Soul Shack-Arthur Conley (Atco)
04 It’s Better To Have And Not Need-Don Covay (Mercury)
05 Let A Woman Be A Woman, Let A Man Be A Man-Dyke & The Blazers (Original Sound)
barracuda.jpg afrotwist.jpgkenya.jpg

06 The Barracuda-Leonard King & The Soul Messengers (Inferno)
07 Afro Twist-The Capitols (Karen)
08 Girl From Kenya-The Fabulous Counts (Moira)
09 We’re Rolling On Pt. 1&2-The Impressions (ABC)

10 Go For Yourself-Soul Toranadoes (Burt)
11 Look At Granny Run Run-Howard Tate (Verve)
12 Dance Dance Dance Pt. 1-The Bar Kays (Volt)
13 Step One-Jimmy McGriff (Solid State)
14 D-R-Y-Jimmy Castor (Smash)
15 Soulin’ Willie & The Mighty Magnificents (All Platinum)
16 Baby Rice-Paul Humphrey & His Cool Aid Chemists (Lizard)
17 Cool Jerk-The Capitols (Karen)

18 Cool Jerk ’68-The Capitols (Karen)
19 Do The Thing-Lou Courtney (Riverside)
20 Cubano Chant-El Chicano (Kapp)
21 Baby Don’t You Cry-Ray Charles (ABC Paramount)
22 Everything’s Gonna Be Alright-Willie Mitchell (Hi)
23 Juicy-Willie Bobo (Verve)
24 Wah Wah Man-Young Holt Unlimited (Cotillion)
25 Lay It On Me-Maurice And Mac (Checker)
26 Where The Action Is-Robert Parker (NOLA)
27 Amen Brother-The Winstons (Metromedia)
28 Shake That Hiney-Gradual Taylor & Stage Fright (Queensgate)
29 I’m The Man-Chris Jones (Goodie Train)
30 Exitus by Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble

Please download and enjoy Fufu Stew’s Warmed Over Leftovers, an .mp3 file, 72 MB

Now for the closing commentary…

Thanks first of all to the bloggers who have agreed to participate in my Thanksgiving Day post. You will all be recieving an email with the details next week. I also want to hip you to some great mixes I came across this week. Everyone’s heard Larry and Prestige’s contributions, I’m sure. if you haven’t, what are you waiting for… I also found a wonderful batch of soapbox moments put together by Colin over at In Dangerous Rhythm. Great job, Colin. Big ear-splitting shouts to the HeavySoulBrutha for recently hitting 10,000 visitors. To celebrate the occasion, he spun a nice set of 45s as well. Be sure to drop by and get yourself a plate before it’s all gone… I must also put my hands together for the Scholar and his excellent guest post series over the past few weeks. All of the contributions were stellar, and you’ll be a sad pup if you miss getting some on your sound carrier device of choice. It looks like we all Got The Fever this week, which brings me to deliver the sad news that Kevin has hung up his blogging jersey. I for one am sorry to see him leave us, but sometimes good things must come to an end. Let me wish you well my friend. You will always be welcome with open arms here at the Fufu Stew kitchen.

There’s just one more thing that I’d like to elaborate on. If you haven’t read Red’s latest entry over at The B Side, please do. Once again he gives the “factual actuals”, this time about one of my all time favourite performer/producers, Mr. Willie Mitchell, who as you know, I shamelessly feature here on the regular. It looks as if he could be up for a much deserved Lifetime Achievement Grammy award next year. I want to join Red and urge all of you to please send an email to so that this legendary figure can get the props that he rightfully deserves.

I’m off to Deleware now. I will be away from broadband access for a few days, so I will try my very best to check in and respond to any commentary. After four years of high speed internet, waiting for dialup is like trying to pour cold syrup in the dead of January… If I’m tardy, I’ll catch up next tuesday. Enjoy the weekend, have fun and as always, be safe.

Peace and blessings.

I’m posting over at The Snack Bar too. I’ll have a few new ones up before bedtime. That should keep you all full for a few days. When I get back home, I’ll be working on another installment of AntiDivas among other exciting things…

The second half of this post is ready to serve. Be sure to stop by and see Rich the Cratedigger… I’ll see you all next week.

8 thoughts on “Another holiday double shot (including Fufu Stew’s Warmed Over Leftovers?)

  1. hi there vincent… thanks again for the invite to your thanksgiving day special… although we don’t celebrate it over here in europe i’m putting together a special menu… you will receive my selections in a few days… keep up the good work… mike

  2. I was 11 years old in 79 when my mom came home with Gradual Taylors shake that hiney. She work as a waitress at the kitten lounge in Blue Ash and he would play there from time to time. Anyway I loved it as a kid and have looked for it from time to time over the years with no luck so let me say thanks for posting it with your funky leftovers.
    Thanks again

  3. That was an interesting read, Roy. Thanks for the link…

    I had to talk the guy into lowering the price on the 45 when I bought it. He was trying to sell it for 20 USD but suffice it to say that was a bit steep, even if the quality isn’t so good. I’m glad to own a copy nonetheless.

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