The Best Farmer’s Market Ever (including AntiDivas No. 6)…

Hello, kiddies.

I trust you all had a good weekend, holiday or otherwise. Did you have lots of dinner on the ground? I know I burned through a bag of charcoal in record time because there’s nothing better than a thick juicy tuna steak fresh off the grill, smothered in portabello mushrooms and onions. Top it off with a generous dollop of A-1 Steak sauce and yum… Considering that I’m not a meat eater, this is truly a delicious alternative. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for an exciting new way to eat tuna.


All you have to do is score a package of McCormick Montreal Steak marinade. I doubt if it’s available everywhere, but if you see it in your local supermarket, try some. Or, you can score some from their secure website, thank God … It’s a nice blend of sea salt, dill, fresh black and red pepper, garlic, paprika and other quality spices. Mix with some soy sauce and olive oil and marinade your tuna for about 30 minutes. Grill it up to your liking and boom… instant seafood satisfaction. I’ve been wanting to share that recipe with you kids for quite some time. You’d be suprised just how close it is to eating a regular steak…

I was fortunate enough to have spent the last several days with my beloved Leslie relaxing in the serene atmosphere of Dogwood Acres, situated some eight miles outside of Bethany Beach in Deleware. Here is the maental picture: Imagine a very small community of prefab homes. Most of the properties there are occupied by vacationers. Athough a couple of folks live there year round, it’s not many. There’s lots of trees for what seems like miles, a big change from the concrete jungle that is Baltimore, that’s for sure. Access to this place is courtesy of a tiny road which only recently was paved with a fresh coat of asphalt. For years it used to be just stones and sand. At night, you can look out the windows and see absolutely nothing as there are no blinding street lamps, that is unless someone has lights on in one of the homes across the way. There is one drawback though: if you don’t have citronella candles burning constantly, expect to be bitten unmercifully. Don’t worry, we came prepared. Once we hit the road though, all bets are off. I had originally planned to bring ol’ bessie along, but instead I decided to just fill up the Nomad with some 6000 or so tunes. Talk about roughing it. Hell, it’s better than the severe lack of variety that the local radio stations have to offer. That is unless you are a fan of Country or that God awful Crunk, and I for one don’t like either. That brings me to this thought here… I’ve come to the realisation that our corner of the blogisphere is nothing more than a virtual farmers market of music with each vendor having a great selection of flavours that the shopper can sample and subsequently take home to fill their pantry, uh, hard drive. I say this because in just two short years, I’ve managed to fill my pantry to capacity, especially if you figure in the numerous cratedigging experiences and such. I have yet to organise the contents, Lord knows I’ve been trying for what seems like an eternity. With every vendor having lots of advertising for other vendors and so on and so on and so on… you get the picture. I hope to spend the next few weeks getting it all cleaned up, and with that, you can only imagine what will come out of the Fufu Stew kitchen in the process. With the blessing of all the other vendors, it would please me to no end to share the finished concoctions with all of you. As most of you know, I’ve done something similar to that here and there with overwhelming results. Now it’s time to raise the bar just a bit higher. After all, that’s why Fufu Stew was created some eight years ago. Great minds continue to educate and enlighten me. I apply that knowledge to my own cratedigging experiences and then create those mouthwatering recipes that you all just devour. It does my heart good to see that, as any chef can attest to. I’ve heard that in some countries chefs tend to get upset if you don’t let out a huge belch after having eaten one of their meals. In the coming weeks leading up to this little ol’ blog’s first birthday, I’ll be making a few of those mouthwatering concoctions that will not only get the maximum rotation in the lil’ truck, but will be spread throughout the blogisphere on general principle, because I am always willing to share what I have with all of you. That’s the way I was raised from a little kid… In no way will this end the need to keep digging for those 45 and 33 1/3 rpm heaters, because I am looking forward to spending some time with the mighty DJ Prestige and company for one of those famous trips to the fleamarket during my stay in New Jersey (More on that at the end of this post), as well as another visit to see Record Ray and the Vaccarinos at the fire hall immediately thereafter. What this will accomplish is to continue to broaden the range of recipes that come out of the Fufu Stew kitchen, because remember, so many records, so little time… I know that there are an infinite number of choices out there. Since this one seems to be relatively popular (especially with the recent influx of patrons from My Favourite Sound), I will continue to do my best to keep you all happy with my weekly offerings.

Now that I have put my heart on my sleeve, let me get back to the business at hand because as promised, I am ready to serve up the sixth installment of AntiDivas, which I’ll send out to the Soulkombinat Team and my friend the Soul Psycho… Yes, I know. I skipped number five on purpose. you’ll see why in a few weeks…
To alleviate the need to strain your eyeballs any further, let’s get right to the list of ingredients, shall we?


AntiDivas No. 6: It Wouldn’t Be Nothing…
because as James Brown once said, “…it wouldn’t be nothing without a woman or a girl.”

01 Any Way You Like It-Thelma Houston (Tamla). From the album that brought you that timeless rendition of “Don’t Leave Me This Way”, here’s a solid opener.
02 What Can I Do For You-Labelle (Epic). This one comes from the classic 1974 effort, “Nightbirds”. I only discovered today that the lion’s share of the instruments on this Allen Toussaint produced gem are provided by none other than The Meters. Guess I should pay more attention to the liner notes, considering I’ve owned this record for at least three decades, huh?
03 What A Good Man He Is-Tammi Terrell (Motown). Here’s one that’s popular among all of us Soul junkies as it’s made the rounds all over the blogisphere, I first heard it over at Larry’s place last year.
04 Name The Missing Word-The Staple Singers (Stax). I pulled out this deep album cut after having watched the latest Stax documentary again during my vacation. Mavis’s voice just blows me away every time…
05 Do It Yourself-Gloria Gaynor (MGM). Here’s one I stole from my uncle many years ago. I’ve always loved this tune.
06 Light My Fire-Rhetta Hughes (Tetragrammaton). I finally picked this one up from El Supremo last month. I had to use an mp3 for the mix though because I got the record home and it was pretty well beat up. The price was right since it cost me nothing, but I sure need to find another…
07 Blind Alley-The Emotions (Stax). A timeless breakbeat, enough said…
08 Can I See You in the Morning-Chris Clark (Weed). This one comes from the undisputed king of Motown blogs, the mighty Fullundie. Big shouts!
09 How About You-Diana Ross (Motown). Another childhood memory, somewhat restored to its original brilliance. At least it sounds better than the one I had as a kid…
10 Make Me Believe In You-Patti Jo (Wand)
11 I’m Too Tough For Mr. Big Stuff-Vicky Anderson (King).
Thanks large to My Favourite Sound for blessing us with this one.
12 Unhooked Generation-Freda Payne (Invictus)
13 Soul Child-Fanny (Reprise).
I’ve had this one floating around in the crates for quite some time. These ladies predate the Runaways by a couple of years with a funky rock infused sound, made all the better with those Hammond chops. Check out The Snack Bar for another one from this hard to find LP.
14 Gotta Find My Man-Linda Mackey (VJ International). This one had to make the cut on general principle…
15 All Your Kissin’ Sho’ Don’t Make True Lovin’-Betty Wright (Alston). Thanks to Darcy for hipping me to this one…
16 90% of Me Is You-Gwen McCrae (Cat). Another timeless breakbeat that Boss liked to play…
17 What Have You Done For Me Lately Pts. 1&2-Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings (Daptone). The first time I heard this one it just knocked me on my ass. I won’t say this is the first time, but I don’t think you can find a seamless cut and paste of this white hot two parter in too many places, unless you make one yourself…
18 Forget It-Sandpebbles (Calla). Another soulful heater that first grabbed my ears thanks to Mr. Soul Satisfaction.
19 Whole Thing-Veedette Williams (label unknown). I found this one on a superb mixtape over at Konzeptlos about a year or so ago. The mix is still available so head on over and grab a plateful. I can only assume that the 45 has to be ultra rare since I couldn’t find the label info anywhere.
20 Born to Live With Heartache-Mary Love (Elco). If I only had a grand to spare… Oh well, I’ll give it up for Ubiquity once again for their continuous hard work in making the uber rare ones a little easier to obtain.
21 Walk On By-The Undisputed Truth (Gordy). It sounds like Joe is sitting out on this one, letting the ladies take over… This is a nice blend of elements from Isaac Hayes and Dionne Warwick’s readings of this classic.
22 What’s It Going To Be-Dusty Springfield (Philips). It wouldn’t be nothing without one from the late great Dusty Springfield. Damn, this sister had soul!
23 Things Got To Get Better-Lyn Collins (People). A fitting close. Not too much difference between this and Marva Whitney’s version though, but great just the same…

Please download and enjoy AntiDivas No. 6, an .mp3 file, 71 MB. Lots of tunes sadly didn’t make the cut on this one, so I’ve posted some of the leftovers at the Snack Bar for you to dig on…

And now for the closing comments…

First, I’d like to give a few shoutouts to the proprietors of the restaurants that Leslie and I visit whenever we’re in Deleware. If you ever make it to this corner of the earth, I highly recommend you give these places a try.

 Dogfish Head Brewings and Eats. This is one of the best spots in Rehobeth Beach for a great wood grilled meal and an even better craft brewed pint of beer.

The Fat Tuna. The name says it all. This place is relatively new, within the past five years, but again the menu is fantastic! Their green lip mussels are the best I’ve ever had, hands down…

Now since I am a die hard Marylander, I will freely admit that I am a sucker for a good steamed crab. If you’ve never experienced this delicacy, then your first stop has to be Lazy Susan’s Seafood Deli, located right on the main drag in Rehobeth. When they say hot fat crabs, they ain’t kidding. Every time, all the time. This one is highly recommended. It’s a Midatlantic thing…


Big Plug: The Asbury Park 45 Sessions are back once again. I can’t wait to meet the famous team at long last, and the fact that they invited me to join the huge bill is just music to my ears. Now if you can’t make it to Jersey for the affair, then by all means visit and check out the simulcast. To quote Don Cornelius: “You can bet your last money, it’s all gonna be a stone gass, honey”. Be sure to stop by Fleamarket Funk for all the particulars.

I want to give a special thank you to the folks at My Favourite Sound for the kind words they wrote about me this week. Although my Portugese isn’t up to snuff, it’s a pleasure to have you and your readers join us. I’ll be back in a couple of weeks with another mouthwatering concoction for your aural consumption. As I slowly restore some semblance of order to the pantry, and since my reputation for going against the grain has been solidified, let the soul keep a rolling because from here on out, I promise to take you all on a very wild ride.

Peace and blessings.

4 thoughts on “The Best Farmer’s Market Ever (including AntiDivas No. 6)…

  1. To Vincent: I have no problem with you using one of the tracks from my posts.

    The only drum I’ve been beating over and over again is that you give credit for it.

    Since your intention IS to give credit (in the sense that you link your visitors to the blog where you got the music from), I’d be more than honored to find my blog name somewhere in the track list of your mix tapes!

    The reason why I’m so sensitive to the issue of GIVING CREDIT, is that it takes a hell of a lot of time to properly rip a vinyl album. So if someone reposts it as if he was the one that found this hard to find collector’s item and ripped it, I’m pissed. Try to sit down and rip a vinyl record to mp3 PROPERLY. You’d be amazed about the amount of time you’re investing!

    Last but not least: the music also means a lot to me. And I post it with a reason, so every album is placed in a certain context. If one just ‘steals’ my post and hard work and reposts it somewhere else, the whole context in which I posted it is gone and the record itself turns into a curiosity rather than a beautiful album that makes my heart beat faster.

    So again: use the music you find on my blog, since I know you will give credit for it!

    Peace, 8)


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