Fufu Stew On Tour week four (including my recap of the Asbury Park Sessions and other tasty concoctions)

A great big post with lots of colourful images for you today… enjoy.

Hello, kiddies.


Yes, Leslie, Bill and I are back from what was truly an uplifting experience. The world famous Asbury Lanes played host to me and my meager box of 45s, even the two that skipped (it happened to almost everyone who took the stand). Oh well, that’s what happens when you play live and off the cuff. Trust me, it was… Here’s what I played for the kids:

mymeagerbox1.jpg                        mymeagerbox2.jpg

Rick James – My Mama/ A & M
Bobby Williams – Soul Party Part 1./ Rew
Alvin Cash – Philly Freeze/ Marvlus
King Curtis – Changes Pt. 2/ ATCO
Soul Searchers – Blow Your Whistle/ Sussex
GT + 4 – Bingo/ Groovy
Johnny Robinson – Funky Feet/ Epic
Isley Brothers – Wild Little Tiger/ Atlantic
Willie Mitchell – That Driving Beat/ Hi
Ace Cannon – Soul For Sale/ Hi
Mod Squad – Charge/ Tangerine
Superlatives – I Don’t Know How/ Westbound
Parliament – The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg/ Revilot
Bobby Byrd – I Know You Got Soul/ King
Dynamic Tints – Rose Marie/ Twinight
Sandpebbles – Forget It/ Calla
Cliff Nobles & Co. – Switch It On/ Phil LA of Soul
Jimmy Castor – D-R-Y/ Smash
Alvin Cash – Alvin’s Bag/ Toddlin Town
Jimmy Smith – Cat in A Tree/ Verve
Jack McDuff – Let My People Go/ Cadet
Joe Zawinul – Soul of A Village/ Vortex

Thanks Pres for understanding my drunken chicken scratch. This is just one reason why I don’t drink like I used to, not to mention the huge head that goes along with it the next morning.
Check out Fufusnax and you can get fresh skip free mp3s of the guilty records…

Let’s recap what happened on this most auspicious occasion. First, I was blessed with finally meeting the faces behind my favourite blogs and their cohorts live and in the flesh at long last. Great human beings all.


Big Daddy Grogan. Yeah, I believe in hero worship…


The host with the most, The mighty DJ Prestige, all dapper and shit…


Former Fufu Stew Medal of Honour recipient DJ Bluewater, but here he’ll be kown as Lou the “Pusherman”.


Please don’t call the cops, it’s purely for medicinal purposes…

And as far as the rest of the usual suspects, the pleasure was all mine for sure.


M. Fasis. Yeah, he brought the childhood memories with him. I felt like a kid at christmastime once again.


Connie T. Empress. All hail! You sure sweetened up the joint with your soulful heaters.


Jack The Ripper who I’ll affectionately call “The Masked Terror”.


He wore the “Crimson Mask” before all was said and done, but remember, it only takes three seconds to win a match.


…and last, but certainly not least, Rhode Island’s number one son, Save 1, whose box was so good that I told him I’m meeting him out in the parking lot and jack him for his 45s. Just joking of course. He sure brought the heat no doubt, as did everyone!


I must also give it up for the master of ceremonies, radio legend and the Empress’s other half, brother Bob Shannon from WCBS radio in New York. He did his best to keep us all in line… Hey, I had a blast. I know I’ve said it before but it bears repeating when I say that the whole experience was absolutely fantastic. I truly hope to be able to return for the next one which surprisingly enough coincides with my birthday, a day early at any rate. Let’s see how the story unfolds over the next few weeks. Anyway, back to the business at hand.

Yes, I have come correct with another mouthwatering concoction, as if you didn’t guess… Soon the total count will reach FIFTY! Damn, who’d have thought that I’d get this far this fast. When I did the guest mix for Rich the Cratedigger a few weeks back, I had the wherewithal (and the inspiration that has come from so many sources – more on that at the end of the post) to get the third installment of my “Best Of” series prepped and ready for serving. Notice the image below…


Only three records were harmed when I took this photograph of Bill tossing some old 45s in the air some two months ago (don’t worry, they were either unplayable conditionwise or just bad sounding 45s anyway). The premise is to shake things up a bit here in the kitchen. As I learn and gain valuable practise in creating my many and varied mixes, I had decided that I was going to scrap a couple of the older ones in favour of new and much improved versions. The original ones may make their way to the second helpings page at some point. Speaking of which, I do plan to get that page up and running as early as next Friday or so, I hope. The box is getting pretty full, so I will need to delete some older titles to make room for newer ones. I’ll be sure to let you know when this takes place. Anyway, in scrapping the older titles, I found the need to get some of the better ingredients from said titles and add in some newer and better tasting flavours. The end result being Fufu Stew’s Greasiest Groovies in G. Notice the quick allusion to one of my all time fave funk 45s. I will own a copy one day, and it won’t cost me $75. either, I assure you. Here’s the list of ingredients.


01 Green Onions-King Curtis (Atco)
02 River Rouge-Dennis Coffey & The Lyman Woodward Trio (Maverick)
03 Let My People Go-Brother Jack McDuff (Cadet)
04 The Rabbit Got The Gun-The JBs (People)
05 Booty Bumpin-Oliver Sain (Abet)
06 Hoochie Koochie Man-Skip Easterling (Instant)
07 Hook It To The Mule Instr. and Vocal-Fred Towles & The Jacksonians (Way Out)
08 Pata Pata-Senor Soul (Double Shot)
09 Scramble-Billy Stewart (Chess)
10 Good Enough For Me-Spider Turner (MGM)
11 Ham Hocks Espanol-Jimmy Castor (Smash)
12 Pay To The Piper-Chairmen Of The Board (Invictus)
13 Girdle Up Instr.-Andre Williams (Checker)
14 Tails Out-Willie Mitchell (Hi)
15 Country John-Allen Toussaint (Reprise)
16 I Want To Dance Dance Dance-Freddie/Henchi & The Soul Setters (Reprise)
17 Green Power-Little Richard (Reprise)
18 Hang Loose-Mandrill (Polydor)
19 Rose Marie-The Dynamic Tints (Twinight)
20 You’re The One-Three Degrees (Roulette)
21 Showtime-Detroit Emeralds (Ric Tic)
22 The Whatchama Call It-The Burning Emotions (Bang)
23 The Dribble-Mar Keys (Stax)
24 Treat Her Right-Roy Head & The Traits (Back Beat)
25 Tizzy-Jon Thomas (Junior)
26 1234-Lucky Peterson Blues Band (Today)

Please download and enjoy Fufu Stew’s Greasiest Groovies in G, an .mp3 file, 70 MB

And now for the closing commentary…

Where do we begin. Oh yeah. First off, I want to welcome Baby Grandpa and My Jazz World to the Fufu family. I was most fortunate to have some interesting conversation with BG last week regarding a couple of the many ultra rare Jazz LPs that you can find not only there but also at MJW. You’ve just gotta go check ’em out. This is just one of the many inspirations that I have been blessed with over the past week or so which proves once again that what I am doing here is very much a worthwile affair for all of us, not to mention the fact that it raises the bar that much higher. It gives me a lot more freedom of choice when it comes to serving these delicious goods to all of you. It only gets better kids.

Next, to all of the folks who worked their collective asses off at the Asbury Park Lanes, from the lovely Mrs. Prestige who held it down at center control, to Amy and Joe who kept us fed and to the team of bartenders who kept us drunk (sorry, I want to give you the proper shoutouts by name, but the Remy Martin took over so my memory was jaded by night’s end). Kudos to all of you for a spectacular job! I want to also give it up for Jason and Courtney at JamNow.com for their hard work on the simulcast and promotion. The archives are now up and ready for streaming so log on and relive a piece of history…


Good news: Kevin has come out of retirement! Got The Fever is once again up and running with fresh goodies for your aural consumption. Keep on showing your love kids. The party continues to get livelier each and every week.

Stay tuned to Fufu Stew for news on not one but two extra special holiday posts. I am hard at work assembling a stellar cast of characters for what promises to be a real swinging affair. Coming in November-A Fufu Stew Thanksgiving! This post will contain contributions from the following bloggers who you all know so well. Have a look see at who I’ve got on tap:

Rich The Cratedigger
DJ Blueprint
Uchenna of Comb and Razor fame
The mighty Scholar
The Stepfather Of Soul
JA Bartlett, who has the hits that just keep on comin’
Colin Dilnot
Sister Lily Kane, the Soul Psycho
The HeavySoulBrutha
DJ Prestige
Larry Grogan
(that one was pulled off by my beloved Leslie…)

There’s room at the table here for you too. If you want to join in, just drop a comment and I’ll email you with the particulars. Now December is another story, because I held a summit of sorts last night. The coup that I pulled off is going to make this the best christmas I’ve had since 1972. More details on that one later. I’m sure I missed something, but the ol’ body is ready for a bit of breakfast, plus I will spend a bit of quality time with my beloved mother and share the simulcast with her. She’s really more of a lover of the Gospel genre, but after all those years of dealing with my cratedigging obsession, she can truly appreciate all of my hard work and dedication. For that, as well as a host of other reasons, I love her with all of my heart. I’ll see you all next time.

Peace and blessings.

Some of the images you see are from Larry and Prestige’s collections. Needless to say theirs looked better than the ones that we shot. One day I’ll invest in a better camera, but for now… it’s all about the 45s.

12 thoughts on “Fufu Stew On Tour week four (including my recap of the Asbury Park Sessions and other tasty concoctions)

  1. hi there… just listened to all the dj sets on jam now… what a great night it must have been… it’s a bit far away from my hometown of luxembourg, but maybe i can join you guys one day… keep up the good work… mike

  2. …after a big healthy dose of napping, I also would jump at the chance to meet you Mike.

    I’ll be sending out another mass email midweek regarding the T’giving thing. The fact that Connie’s on board is just too marvelous for words…

  3. hi there… thanks very much for the invite… i was in new york a few times, so maybe next time… the same goes out to all of you guys… if you’re ever in europe, just let me know… luxembourg is really in the heart of old europe…
    keep up the good work… mike

  4. From a SoulBrutha who’s crates ain’t that deep, it’s a real pleasure to stop by each week and get a sample of your crazy recipes. It seems like the flavors are endless and they hit each part of the palate. Super tasty mix!!

    Asbury looks like it was a blast. That’s a special thing going on up there in Jersey and I’m glad B-More had REAL representation. Stay Groovy!!

    Peace and SOUL,

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