Another Jazz Fix…

Hello, kiddies.

Since it’s looking like everyone’s in a chill mode this week, I figured I’d jump on the bandwagon… I’ve been wanting to fix you all up with another Jazz set for weeks now, especially with the discovery of the Baby Grandpa and My Jazz World blogs. After careful consideration and a bit of trial and error, I’ve come up with another collection of tunes to provide a bit of a soundtrack for those late evenings when the glasses are empty and the ashtrays are full (I’ve been really enjoying the Djarum Originals that I bought when we drove through Newark last week, in moderation of course)… It’s also great for a lazy Sunday afternoon as well. That’s always been my favourite time to pull out the Jazz records. While I try to stay true to the traditions, the emphasis here is a little more on the soulful side of things, with a heaping dose of the almighty Hammond B3 (thanks, Larry). Let’s get down to it, shall we?


01 Introspeak by an unknown narrator (Diplomat Rocking Horse Series). By default, the main characters of this story are Tina and Jack.
02 Be Bop Boogie-Hilton Felton (Luv ‘n Haight Reissue). The first of two from the out of print comp “What It Is”. I just love the guitar chops on this one.
03 Baby I Love You-Reuben Wilson (Blue Note). This one seems to be popular these days, so I pulled out my recently acquired copy for this jazzy reading of the tune made famous by the Queen of Soul.
04 The Vibrator-Brother Jack McDuff (Blue Note).
I like the other side of the “Oblighetto” 45 I bought last week.
05 Peppermint Patty-Vince Guaraldi (Warner Bros.). Here’s one of my favourite Peanuts interpretations.
06 Bluesette-Les McCann & The Jazz Crusaders (World Pacific). The flip side of this one appeared on the first Jazz fix.
07 Red Top Pt. 2-Jimmy Smith (Blue Note)
08 Ray’s Blues (aka Guitar Blues)-Ray Charles (Premier)
. From the early days of the Genius during his Swing Time run.
09 All About My Girl-James Brown (Smash). One from the yet to be reissued “New Breed” LP. C’mon guys…
10 Spinning Wheel-Errol Garner (Mercury). Leslie’s father donated this one. Mr. Garner is making that piano laugh out loud with all that ivory “tickling”…
11 Watemelon Man-Gloria Lynne (Fontana). The tune that made Herbie Hancock a household name with a lyric that makes this a really sexy reading.
12 Sweet Lover-Lou Rawls & Les McCann, Ltd. (Capitol). From the timeless “Stormy Monday” collection. This one here is required listening for sure.
13 Bossa Nova Blues-The Brazilians (Diplomat). Here’s one for the Stepfather of Soul. It was this post that prompted me to dig out this sleeveless treasure that’s been lurking about for some twenty years. Unfortunately, I passed it off as a budget label too until I played it for the first time… Was I ever surprised, and I always go for those guitar chops
14 I’m Going To Move To The Outskirts Of Town-Louis Jordan (Wing). Again, the one and only TRUE architect shows us how its done…
15 Selim-Johnny Lytle (Luv ‘n Haight Reissue)
16 Unknown Title-Dizzy Gillespie (Nonesuch).
This track was transferred from an old cassette that I uncovered a few years ago, just one of the many gems I discovered back in the days when borrowing albums from the public library was all the rage. It was nothing for me to come home with a crate full of Jazz and Classical records twice a month. All I can remember about it is that it was a live performance circa 1958, but what a smoking performance it was. Nobody beats the Diz.
17 Walk On The Wild Side Pt. 2-Jimmy Smith (Verve). Remember, I will ALWAYS buy Jimmy Smith records…
18 Can’t Find The Keyhole Blues-Brother Jack McDuff (Atlantic). Heres another tune from the album I once featured in a post back in the spring.
19 Lord Lord Lord-Joe Zawinul (Vortex)

Please download and enjoy Fufu Jazz Fix No. 2, an .mp3 file, 68 MB. I want to send this one out to Kevin (of course from Got The Fever) and Kathleen (formerly from Diary Of A Heretic), along with all of you who dug the last Jazz fix. There’s more to come, I assure you…

and now for the closing comments…

As is fast becoming a custom around here, if you head next door, there’s a new post with a few tunes that sadly didn’t make the cut. Not that they aren’t good, don’t get me wrong, but I can’t use ’em all y’know… At any rate, there you have it. I hope it serves you well and helps to ease the burden of another week. Personally, I am back to the seven day stretch. After the extended vacation, complete with the splendid outcome of last week’s outing in New Jersey, it’s time to get my nose back to the ol’ grindstone once again. Don’t worry, there’s still plenty more goodies to be had so until the next time we meet, be good and most important, be safe.

Peace and blessings.

7 thoughts on “Another Jazz Fix…

  1. Soul Chef,
    Sunday afternoon is definitely a jazz day for me as well.
    I will check this one out later. Be careful with those Djarums– they are clove cigs, non?

  2. It is rainy looking today, Your jazz mix made the morning workday much more interesting. I dug the Hamond track and the funky track towards the beginning with the breaks…

  3. Yeah, they are clove cigs, but I only got them because you can’t get them here in MD (not that that’s a good excuse). I probably won’t buy any more for a couple of years at best, and the two packs I bought will probably last about that long… They taste so good though.

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