Records Are Like Chocolate Part Seven (Including Recipe No. 49)

Hello, kiddies.

What a week. I managed to survive and get lots of recording done in the process, thanks to another successful pow wow with the Guru and a trip to El Suprimo last Saturday. I spelled it right this time. Sorry about that Jack, and congratulations on your recent marriage too…
First off, I want to say hello and give a warm welcome to the newest members of the ever growing Fufu Family. Lots of variety for your hungry souls here, so please visit and support these fine blogs.

A Bigger Splash
Nitro Retro
Plain Or Pan? Outdated Music For Outdated People
Planet Mondo
Suspect. Me. UK

And speaking of blogrolls, I’ve finally figured out how to streamline it so that it ain’t so bloody long. Please take a moment to check out the new format, devoid of all those duplicates… WordPress has gone to great lengths to make it easier for me to categorise all my faves, and for those of you that I haven’t visited in a while, I will be dropping by in the coming week to say hello. So little time and so many things going on, I know you all feel me on that one.
Before I get to todays offering, I must preface by saying that this will be your last chance to scarf up on any old links. That detail cleaning that I’ve been speaking about for months will finally come to pass because I really need to make room for new stuff. After listening to some of the older soul recipes (which don’t sound so good to me anymore), I think it’s about time. Don’t worry because if you recall, I showed this picture a few weeks ago signaling a bit of a shakeup which means that more than likely most of the songs will see new life in newer and better recipes. Things may look a little skewed at first as I search for the right look, and some older posts without links will disappear altogether but when it’s done, I think it will look fantastic. I don’t know about you, but I feel that it’s time for a change of scenery around here. I’m also working on creating a new header with the help of some software that was donated by my best friend’s mother (thanks, nice lady)… Anyway, on with the show.


Here is recipe number 49, another multimedia exercise chock full of newly acquired joints, a few pieces that were lying around just waiting to make the cut and of course the occasional track that I’d give my right arm to own a hard copy. Big ups to Mr. Fine Wine, Funky 16 Corners, Galactic Fractures and Konzeptlos for your continued help. I will find those sought after gems in the field one day as long as it doesn’t put me too deep in the poor house. All in all I’m going out with a bang so let’s get started…

Introspeak by Betty Rubble (I was watching my Flintstones DVDs again…)
01 Makin’ Hey-King Curtis & The Kingpins (Atco)
02 Do Your Thing-Delights Orchestra (Atco)
03 02 Alvin’s Boogaloo-Alvin Cash (Mar V Lus)
04 Let’s Boogaloo-The Magics (RFA)
05 Ode To Soul Man-Syl Johnson (Twinight)
06 The Court Room-Clarence Carter (Atlantic)
07 Shing A Ling Baby Pt. 2-King George & The Mischief Lads (Rev)
08 Rubber Neckin (Chick Check’n)-Lou Courtney (Verve)
09 Got What You Need-The Fantastic Johnny C (Phil LA Of Soul)
10-Interspeak by Fred Flintstone and Hot Lips Hannigan
11 Stop-Howard Tate (Verve)
12 Don’t Lose Your Groove-Lavell Hardy (Rojac)
13 Money Won’t Change You Pt. 2-James Brown (King)
14 Searchin’ For A Girl-The Contours (Gordy)
15 Get Down-Harvey Scales & The 7 Sounds (Magic Touch)
16 We Got More Soul-Dyke & The Blazers (Original Sound)
17 Chain Of Fools-The Project (Pompeii)
Interspeak by Fred Flintstone and “Left Foot” Charlie
18 I Wonder What It Takes-The Icemen (Samar)
19 That’s The Way Love Is-The Isley Bros (Tamla)
20 If You Love Her-Bobby Taylor & The Vancouvers (Gordy)
21 You Can’t Take Love-Cash McCall (Thomas)
22 Sad Feeling-Bobby Bland (Duke)
23 99 44/100 Pure Love-Al Reed (Axe)
24 If You Didin’t Hear Me The First Time-The Sandpebbles (Calla)
25 Come On And Get It-Joe Simon (Sound Stage 7)
26 Soul On Ice-Bobby Watkins & Fire (Bay Town)
27 Go Head On-The Packers (Pure Soul)
28 O Wow-Panic Buttons (Gamble)
Exitus by Hot Lips Hannigan

Please download and enjoy Recipe No. 49, an .mp3 file, 66 MB. Now you have a choice…

You can download it the regular way, or you can download it as a .zip file with track breaks and all.
This feature will now be a permanent part of the Fufu Stew experience. While the first one is being handled by the Box, temporarily at any rate, I have yet to decide which server I’m going to use for the zip files. I want to make it as painless and easy as I can for all of you so let me know which one you prefer. I will not use zShare or RapidShare, that I can say for sure.

And now for the closing commentary…

I’m pleased to announce that the first instalment of HeavySoulBrutha’s Soul Sistas series is up and FANTASTIC! That is largely due to the fact that he included “Light My Fire” from Erma Franklin which is one of my all time favourite tunes. Hey Lou, there’s the first one for my wish list. There will be a lot more that I plan to incorporate into a future mix so keep on the lookout… and I hope you liked that Sandpebbles tune as much as the other one.

Well, that’s all for today. I’m still in the midst of a marathon prep session which will definitely yield tremendous results. Be sure to stop by FufuSnax on your way out as there are lots of freshly prepared goodies for you all to enjoy. Thanks for your time and I’ll see you all soon with the all important 50th mix. Have a good weekend and as always, be safe.

Peace and blessings.

11 thoughts on “Records Are Like Chocolate Part Seven (Including Recipe No. 49)

  1. vincent,

    been a long-time shadow-lurker and fan of your cooking – keep up the good work!

    perhaps you might consider checking out what i have in the pot over in “The Pit”?



  2. Thanks for the linkorama Vince – will be shaking and stomping to this mix over the weekend.

    If you get the chance have a peep over on Planet Mondo, got a couple of great guitar a go go clips featuring Mr Freddie King + Horn Section.

    Dunno who the fella doing the intro is tho? but great voice

  3. thanks for the comment, Vincent.
    I will spend some time in the cratedigger lab tonite. Post dinner, I will commence the cleaning of some 45s…

    Need to check your mix out, too.
    stay cool

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