Full Service – the 50th recipe!

Hello, kiddies.

Before I begin, I must send a big round of thanks to each and every one of you for your constant support as Fufu Stew has recently reached the 40,000 mark. Trust me, the fun has just begun.

After a brutal two weeks of suffering from blinding headaches due to sinius problems brought on by abnormal weather patterns, I’m back in the kitchen cooking my little ol’ heart out… I ain’t gonna lie, there was also a bit of a mental block as far as the creativity is concerned. As records continue to accumulate in the pantry, it remains difficult to keep track of it all. I really need to stop procrastinating and get the detail cleaning done, but working seven days a week again is really taking its toll. I shouldn’t complain because the days are short, but I find myself taking unnecessary naps in the afternoon which kind of puts the kaibosh on that day’s plans. Drinkng excessive amounts of coffee isn’t doing the job as well as it used to, so I have to take each opportunity however I can get them until times get better. Enough with the small talk, because now it’s time to get the party started and present recipe number fifty which I’d like to call “Full Service”…


And what a party it turned out to be as I filled the timeline. Here’s another multimedia exercise filled with lots of common and rare joints for your partying pleasure, with big shouts going out to Jason at Shindiggit, Jeff at AM then FM and Joe from On The One. Here’s hoping you guys are doing well and keeping those fingers dusty. There’s more props and plugs to come at the end of my rambling so stay tuned, but for now here’s the list of ingredients.

01 Let’s Dance-The Hit Pack (Motown). Jason posted this hard to find piece last year. Apparently it was not released in the US, and is probably not available on any of the complete boxsets. Thanks large for the share…
02 Super Party-The Soul Hustlers (Soul Patrol import)
03 Good Times-Kool & The Gang (De-Lite). I found another one that Cypress Hill liked to play back in the day…


04 Bo Did It-Hidden Cost (Funkadelphia).
05 Panama Red-The Royal Showband (Trius)

06 Please Don’t You Try (To Take Me Away To The Sky)-The Masqueraders (Hot Buttered Soul). Here’s another one from my mother’s old stash. It’s taken from the hard to find 1976 LP produced by Isaac Hayes and released on his short lived Hot Buttered Soul imprint, which also contains the quiet storm classic “(Call Me) The Travelling Man”.
07 Hard To Handle-Tom Jones (Parrot).
Yes Jeff, great minds do indeed think alike. Whoever is playing the wicked wah wah pedal on this one scores HUGE points indeed…
08 Don’t Come Back (Take Me Through The Changes)-Leroy Horne (Pompeii)


09 Dig Yourself-Les Cooper & The Soul Rockers (Everlast)
10 Testify Pt. 1-Isley Brothers & Jimi Hendrix (T Neck).
This is probably the most sought after 45 on my wish list to date. One day…
11 Heaven Is Here To Guide Us-The Glass House (Invictus). I also dig The 8th Day’s version of this one. Check it out at Fufu Snax.
12 Kicking The Habit-Jesse Johnson’s Revue (Turf)
13 It’s Your Thing-
Senor Soul (Double Shot)
14 Pull My Coat-The Eddy Jacobs Exchange (Columbia)
15 Fine As Frog Hair-Peggy Scott & Jojo Benson (SSS)
16 Here Come The Girls-
Ernie K. Doe (Soul Jazz import)
17 Foxy Girls In Oakland-
Rodger Collins (Galaxy)


18 Contact High-Ike & Tina Turner (Liberty)
19 Blow Your Mind-Sound Experience (Philly Soulville)
20 Done Got Good To Me Pt. 2-Bobby Rush (Sedgerick).
Much respect to Celudoro, another member of the My Favourite Sound team. Thanks for the share…
21 The Truth Shall Make You Free-King Hannibal (Aware)
22 Halfway Loving-
Buddy Conner (Early Bird)
23 JB’s Latin-Spitting Image (Masai).
This is one fantastic piece that I’ve been grooving for the past three or so years. I’d love to own the 45, but again, anybody got a spare grand?!?
24 Mexico ’70-Perez Prado (Orfeon). This one comes from an old Downtown Soulville episode, originally broadcast back in April of 2005. It’s where my new found love for Latin soul was born
25 Happy Soul With A Hook-Dave Cortez & The Moon People (Speed). I added a surprise in the middle of this one.
26 Shake What You Brought With You Pt. 2-Mr. Jamo (SSS)

Please download and enjoy Full Service, 70 MB
Here’s the link for the .mp3 file
Here’s the link for the .zip file

And now for the closing comments, which I will make short but sweet so that you all can dig into your plates.

For those bloggers who still wish to participate in the Fufu Stew Thanksgiving Special, please respond soon. The preperations will begin very soon, and all of you will be able to partake in the celebration in about four weeks’ time…

Now comes the time to plug just a few of the latest and hottest jams that have been in maximum rotation here at the Fufu Stew kitchen, not that I am the first to blow their horns, but just one of the many…

The second SoulSistas mix from the HeavySoulBrutha, Analog Girl
Funky16Corners Radio V. 36Philly Soul Vol. 2: On The Northern Side
In Dangerous Rhythm’s Time And Place Mix , and a bonus piece submitted by an anonymous individual. Thanks for the share, fellas. Stop on by and grab yourself a plate before it’s all gone…

And of course I was turned on when I tuned in on these, so I must drop out the knowledge.


Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings – 100 Days 100 Nights

Fania Live 01 From The Meat Market With DJ Rumor

Gilles Peterson Digs America 2

For those of you who don’t think that capitalism is all that weird, click the links, or drop by your favourite mom and pop or online shop and pick these fantastic albums up for yourself. You’ll be glad you did…

Have a great weekend and as always, be safe.

Peace and blessings.

P.S. I will be back real quick like with a brand new blues piece. It’s been a while since I did one, so this one I’ll consider to pretty special…

9 thoughts on “Full Service – the 50th recipe!

  1. Along with Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, you should look into the Budos Band. Same label (Daptone), but a wonderfully funky instrumental group. I even talked to the Sears dishwasher repair man about them!

  2. hi there vincent… the soul chef cooking up another great recipe… your new design/layout is really nice… by the way sharon jones & the dap kings are in europe at the moment… my friend roger dj’ed before/after their show in barcelona just two days ago… a shame their not in my area of europe… i’m really looking forward to your thanksgiving special… can’t wait to hear what’s on/in there… keep up the good work… mike

  3. Man Alive – Vince this mix is sizzling, and each track is a full on banker – the hammond and bass interaction of Panama is a real troos and shoes shaker, Kool and the Gang is a gem and new to me, Eddy Jacobs grinds and grooves like a racing snake and Senor Soul out funks the Isley’s there’s one for Ripley’s Believe or not

    This a masterclass in mixmagic

    Keep these winners coming

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