Here’s the latest theme…

Hello, kiddies.

I like this new Black Letterhead theme, so therefore that’s what you will see from now on. Bear with me while I fix all the exisiting photos and images so they fit properly. I hope you like the new look. While I have you here, scroll down a bit and get a plate full of my latest recipe, ‘k? See you there…

8 thoughts on “Here’s the latest theme…

  1. i like it too vince. one suggestion, use a thicker font so your tag line “So many records, so little time…” doesn’t get lost. or you could move it to the bottom of the header. i’m not scolding, merely adding some constructive criticism. i think this new theme suits you for sure. cheers-

  2. hi there soul chef… thanks for your kind words… glad you like the mix, i got asked a lot of questions about that mix… i have to make a tracklist, so people can look for the tracks and artists… mike

  3. Hi Vincent, congratulations of your 40,000 mark!

    I love the new look – how do you get it so sleek?

    What is this Thanksgiving Day special you are organising? Anything I can do to help (make cranberry sauce?)?

    Rob Whatman

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