A Fifth Of FufuBlues

Hello, kiddies.

Here I am, back once more to feed your hungry souls. Before I begin, I must give a couple of important shoutouts.
First, to our brothers and sisters in southern California who were forced to evacuate their homes with only minutes to escape tragedy. I’m praying for you all…
Second, to all of the many firefighters and scores of volunteers who are risking their lives during this trying time…
Finally to FEMA, hoping that they have learned from previous mistakes (I will NOT go into details) and that they insure the safety and security of all of those displaced by the recent rash of fires in southern California.
In watching the news this week, I am again reminded that whenever I have a complaint about the way my life is going, I should be thankful because there are so many other people in this world who are enduring situations that are far worse than my simple gripes.

On to the business at hand.

I mentioned last time that I had a new Blues fix on tap in keeping with my pledge to preserve freeform for posterity. During the last marathon prep session, I managed to find some choice ingredients in the pantry, some of which I havent heard in a very long time. After some careful consideration, and a yearning for some hard fried and crispy guitar chops (which I do intend to elaborate on later), I present my latest recipe which I chose to call A Fifth Of FufuBlues.

As the weather gets a little cooler (I thought the day would never come), the time comes to enjoy yet another one of my favourite guilty pleasures. A good warm glass of cognac after a hard day’s work at the salt mines is the perfect remedy for relieving my basic stresses. While the juicy nectar was working it’s magic, I proceeded to fill the timeline with a wide assortment of funky rockers and straightforward numbers which gave me a good feeling inside as a good blues song usually does. This is another multimedia exercise which I am sending out to my friend Mike who will be celebrating another birthday this week, to KT because Leslie and I love her and miss her to pieces (we can’t wait ’til christmas), and of course to Larry, because he dug the first two fixes so much. I hope this one is just as good… anyway without further ado, here’s the list of ingredients.

01 Introspeak by Cheech & Chong (Ode)
02 Sunnyland-Elmore James (Columbia)
03 Back Door Man-The Blues Project (Capitol)
04 Stevie’s Blues-Spencer Davis Group (United Artists)
05 You Shook Me-Jeff Beck Group (Epic)
06 Shake For Me-John Hammond (Atlantic)
07 Country Girl-The Johnny Otis Show (Lotus import)
08 Tramp-Lowell Fulson (Modern)
09 Gonna Send You Back To Georgia-Johnnie Mae Matthews (Total Energy)
10 At The Woodchoppers Ball-Ten Years After (Deram)
11 The Road Of Love-Clarence Carter (Atlantic)
12 I’d Rather Suck My Thumb-Mel Brown (Impulse)
13 Built For Comfort-Howlin’ Wolf (Cadet Concept)
Interspeak by Cheech & Chong (Ode)
14 Energy Crisis-King Solomon (Celestial)
15 I Don’t Want You To Cut Off Your Hair-B.B. King (BluesWay)
16 Moonshine Blues-Little Walter with Baby Face Leroy and Muddy Waters (J.O.B.)
17 Cold Feet-Albert King (Stax)
18 I Was Robbed Last Night-The Electric Flag (Classic World)
19 Stormy Monday Blues-Watts 103d Street Rhythm Band (Warner Bros.)
Interspeak by Cheech & Chong (Ode)
20 Bloody Murder-Otis Spann (Columbia)
21 Travelling Blues-The Santana Band (Purple Pyramid)

Please download and enjoy A Fifth of FufuBlues, 73 MB

Here’s the link to the .mp3 file
Here’s the link to the .zip file

…and now for the closing commentary

First, I want to say thanks to all of you bloggers who have agreed to participate in the Thanksgiving Day post. There’s lots of musical food stored in the fridge waiting to be cooked up, but there’s room for plenty more so if you want to join us, be sure to leave a comment and I’ll email you with the particulars. With a little luck, the post will be ready to serve around the 15th November…

I’ve got to send a special shoutout to the mighty DJ Blueprint who has just been making my day with the wealth of high quality mixes that he and his many guests have been serving up over the past few weeks. Be sure to visit and support This Is Tomorrow, and check out the experience for yourself…

I’d also like to send a warm hello and welcome to Semantik, owner and operator of Crate Kings. It’s always great to see the REAL hip hop being properly represented. The website is jam packed with everything from great mixes, tons of beats and samples and so much more for the armchair DJ to the seasoned pro.

For those of you who are gearing up for the Halloween festivities next week, have fun, be safe, save me the peanut butter cups and
save the eggs for breakfast… I’ve got all kinds of goods in store for November, including another very special edition of AntiDivas, just in time for someone’s birthday, in fact, there are lots of birthdays coming up around here in the next few weeks, including Haha Music who just celebrated one year of great freeform preservation here in the land of blog today. Congratulations on the milestone, Adam. Keep on fighting the good fight, ‘k?

With all that said, I’m going back into the kitchen because there’s lots to do. Until next time,

Peace and blessings.

P.S. I finally updated the Second Helpings page by reposting the first Fufu Blues fix. You can check it out by clicking here. Also, if you want to hear some ultra rare stuff from the Queen Of Soul, head on over to Fufu Snax…

9 thoughts on “A Fifth Of FufuBlues

  1. Thanks guys…

    Larry, yes that is Mr. Dixon, complete with a half empty bottle of Johnnie Walker Red. The concept would have been spot on had the bottle contained Remy Martin VSOP, but you can’t win ’em all.

    Dave, the book is clearly an ongoing work in progress, complete with tattered pages and shoddy photocopies. One day I really will have to organise it.

  2. hi there vincent… thanks for the props and the shoutout… i don’t have to say this because you do it all the time but anyway, keep up the good work… mike

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