Time To Eat (including Fufu Stew’s Delectable Delights In D)

Hello, kiddies.

After a bit of a brush with reality (most of my blogging colleagues can certainly attest to that fact once in a while), I have finally come correct with another batch of goodies. As is custom, I must begin by saying hello to a bunch of folks who were kind enough to drop by the kitchen and check out the happenings.
First, there’s the mighty Licorice Pizza and its brand of uber rare foot long delicacies (some folks call them “albums”)…
Next, there’s Jazz-Nekko, who I neglected to give a shoutout to last time, so I want to make sure that you kids are well aware of his excellent blog simply called the Devil’s Jazz Pit. His high quality selection of Jazz classics and rarities are quite tasty to say the least, and definitely worth investigating…
From the halls of Pepperdine University, we have another exercise in freeform known as Gather Round Children. These cats did an interesting all original piece a couple of weeks back that got a lot of positive feedback, so I thought I’d run the info by you. Remember, if I find ’em, I’ll be sure to clue you in on ’em…
Now on to a name who most of you might be familiar with thanks to the mighty Scholar. Satchmo pulls no punches with his brand of freeform and somewhat stinging commentary at inspectadeck.blogspot.com
Next is 4 Brothers Beats, keeping you kids educated on the subject of the duty free sample…
I’m sending a special shoutout to The Guru Of The Groove for posting this elusive gem a couple of weeks back. A big round of thanks to all of you for the blessings…

Now I have to let you all know about a couple of familiar faces doing great things in new places…
First there’s Jeff, he is really going the extra mile in preserving freeform for posterity with his new venture which he calls The Midnight Tracker Some of you may recall back in the day when radio stations would actually play a whole album side. In my neighbourhood, it was WIYY’s Six Sides at 6 or WWDC’s Sunday Night Six Pack. Well, Jeff is bringing back this tradition, just to keep it fresh in your minds how it used to be done. Great job, Jeff!
And last, but certainly not least, from the maker of On The One, a new blog dedicated to random thoughts and images. Joe says that it’s “Just Some Shit I’m Feeling”. I’ve had those moments once or twice myself. In fact, I may just have to share some of those with you kids some day soon. He also mentioned to me in an email that he will be reposting some of the old 45s at On The One. I can’t wait for him to do this one again…

I know I’m missing somebody as the list of new patrons grows daily. That brings me to the focus of todays recipe, which may answer the prayers of some of you who were disappointed by the lack of links in some of the earlier posts. As I said before, never fear because the tunes will slowly but surely make their way back to this space in a newer and much improved format. Trial and error makes for better eating for all of us. Here’s where I say thanks to Smooth and DJ Prestige for their timely advice and hipping me to some new “cooking utensils” which I hope you’ll find to make the food taste so much better. Allow me to pass the good fortune along to those of you who are into the same bag as I am. Audacity and Click Repair come highly recommended, and I for one must agree. Anyway, on to the goodies because time’s a wasting.

Here’s the fourth installment in the series that focuses on the keys of the scale on a standard piano. As always, I thank my dear mommy for her knowledge on such matters so that I don’t come to you with incorrect information. I originally thought that I was going to be using the key of E this time, but thanks to the mighty Audacity program, such is not the case. Turns out that in attempting to alter the pitch on some of the tunes I used (one of the many and varied features found on this program), the popup window indicated that I was in the key of D flat. Imagine my surprise… At any rate, I decided to run with the ball that was thrown and what resulted was this, the latest recipe that you are about to hopefully download to your device of choice to enjoy over and over. Once again, it’s an all 45 rpm exercise containing some old tunes as well as some that are here for the first time. This time, I send shoutouts to Darcy at Feel It, and as always, lots of love to DJ Blueprint and DJ Bluewater for their many blessings. With all of that said, let’s get down to the list of ingredients…


Introspeak by Jim Morrison (Here’s a trick that I learned from watching DJ Prestige…)

soulexpress.jpgshucks.jpg bess.jpg

01 Soul Express Pt. 1-The Ramrods (Rampage)
02 Aw Shucks-Willie Mitchell (Hi)
03 One For Bess-Gene Dozier & The Brotherhood (Minit)
04 (Dance) Any Way You Wanta-Harvey Fuqua (Tri-Phi)

05 Don’t Want To Sit Down-O.V. Wright (Back Beat)
06 Night Owl-Howard Tate (Verve)
07 The Camel-Cliff Nobles & Co. (Phil L.A. Of Soul)
08 Looking For My Pig-Joe Tex (Dial)


09 The Mule-The James Boys (Phil L.A. Of Soul)
10 Let’s Do Some Good Timing-Alvin Cash & The Registers (Mar V Lus)
11 Funk To The Folks-The Soul Searchers (Sussex)
12 Stanga-Little Sister (Stone Flower)
13 Lil’ Red Riding Hood-The Undisputed Truth (Gordy)
14 Ack A Fool-The Sister & Brothers Featuring Sister Geri (Calla)


15 Sookie Sookie-Don Covay & The Jefferson Lemon Blues Band (Atlantic)
16 The Funky Bull Pt. 1-Dyke & The Blazers (Original Sound)
17 (Let A Man Come In And Do The Popcorn) Pt. 2-James Brown (King)
18 Engine No. 9 Pt.1-Wilson Pickett (Atlantic)
19 Groovy Lady-The Meters (Josie)
20 Baby Don’t Cry-Third Guitar


21 Soul Express Pt. 2-The Ramrods (Rampage)
22 One Room Paradise-The Raelets (Tangerine)
23 Drunk-Ace Cannon (Hi)
24 Hey Ruby, Shut Your Mouth-Ruby & The Party Gang (Law-Ton)
25 Sidewinder-The Ray Charles Orchestra (Tangerine)
Exitus by Jim Morrison
(You can only imagine what this sounded like before I used Click Repair… thank you Smooth. )

Please download and enjoy Fufu Stew’s Delectable Delights In D, 63 MB.

Here’s the link to the .mp3 file
Here’s the link to the .zip file

Now that your bellies are full, it’s time once again for the closing commentary…

I don’t know how most of you feel about it, but it’s this time of year where I get lots of mixed feelings. Yes, I am referring to what I call the “holidaze”, with daze being the operative term. Imagine my surprise when I was shopping for presents for my beloved Leslie’s birthday a couple of weeks ago, only to be bombarded by the sights, sounds and smells of Christmas. Keep in mind that Halloween hadn’t happened yet. I tell you, retailers are making damned sure that we the already broke consumer won’t forget that we have to probably put ourselves further into debt making sure that all of our friends and loved ones get just what they want this holiday season… Well, around here I will make certain that all of you, my dear patrons, get something extra special. I’m starting next week with the long awaited release of A Fufu Stew Thanksgiving. I managed to get about a dozen bloggers to bring “covered dishes” for the occasion, which I carefully stored in the “fridge” until just the right moment. The event will take place next week, so hopefully nothing will get in the way… And for your holiday delights, the month of December will be devoted to all that’s FUNKY, including old funk, new funk, and a special ALL FUNK edition of AntiDivas. I will also have an extra special holiday gift for all of you, but I won’t reveal that surprise just yet. Remember, patience is a virtue.

Well, the time comes once again where I take my leave, but don’t worry, healthwise, I am finally back up to par so I will be playing a bit of catch-up and get some much needed digging in. There’s also another installment of the Asbury Park 45 Sessions coming up real soon. I’m gonna be there, armed with a bowling ball and a box of 45s that I hope to get to spin for the kids. Be sure to check the new and improved Fleamarket Funk for all the particulars, ‘k? Enjoy your weekend and as always, be safe.

Peace and blessings.

10 thoughts on “Time To Eat (including Fufu Stew’s Delectable Delights In D)

  1. whoa… so many music blogs popping up, i can barely keep up with them all! (i’m especially digging Licorice Pizza, so thanks for turning me on to that!)

    the mix is tops too! (but ain’t it always?)

  2. hi there soul chef… just downloaded the mix, can’t wait to hear it… looks like another top mix, 25 tracks of sweet soul… thanks for the shout… keep up the good work… mike
    i’m really looking forward to the thanksgiving special… i really would like to know who’s/what’s on there…

  3. Chef…As I sit down for another helping of the stew, I always think I should push myself from the table. How can I consume any more? But you just keep filling my plate and tastes are so pleasing. What can I say? You’re a true star and this mix KILLS!! Thanks so much!!

    Peace and SOUL,

  4. sorta new to the fufu gang…i’ve been a regular visitor to funky 16 and flea mkt funk for some time now. this mix looks tite – thanks for posting.

  5. Wow – been hammering this thumping comp all week –
    It’s a magic mix – and The Camel, The Mule and Drunk have had me strutting like Freewheeling Franklin all week.

    Top Work Vince – hats off to the number one funk monger

    I’ve loaded up Maggie’s Farm – Wilson Pickett
    and Born To Be Wild – Solomon Burke over on Planet Mondo if your fancy a funky cover

  6. Hello My parents have a treasure trove of LP’s from the early 30-s through the 80’s. Lot’s of blues, jazz, big bands, classical etc. They live in Boston. You know anyone interested in taking the lot?

    They are true collectors items!

    My Dad is 89 and wants to see someone get joy and use out pf his collection, which he hasn’t touched in 20 years.

    Thanks guys,

    “Their daughter in Vancouver, BC

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