Happy Winter (including Talkin’ Loud And Sayin’ Nothin’)

Hello, kiddies.

For the lack of vibrant colour in this post, I apologise. It’s shaping up to be a really hectic month with the new developments that just took place no more than ten minutes ago. Besides, I made you kids wait long enough for something new so without further ado, let’s get down to it…

Another birthday has come and gone… I certainly don’t feel any older (at least in my mind at any rate, my body tells a different story). It was really just another day here at the Fufu Stew kitchen, prepping lots of goodies and such. My mom took me to my favourite sushi bar and I also got my favourite dessert… LAVA CAKES! If you’ve never had one (and if you’re a chocolate freak like me), you’ve gotta try one. Pure decadent sin at its finest. Speaking of birthdays, lots of my family and friends are also celebrating birthdays this month. It’s gonna be a real busy one, but I plan to make every moment count which means good times and funky music for one and all.

Winter has finally arrived here in Baltimore! The snow is falling pretty hard outside, and as is always the custom, the state of Maryland is suddenly in a state of panic. I must admit that this is my second favourite time of year, the first being Spring. In my opinion there’s nothing like curling up with a steaming hot toddy (made with cognac of course) and some good tunes. That’s kind of important these days because as most of you are well aware, the “holidaze” are in full swing which means fighting in the trenches to find those special gifts for friends and loved ones. I still can’t get over the fact that most retail stores started this nonsense back in October! How absurd is that… Oh well, I’ve got the solution: SECURE ONLINE ORDERING! You won’t catch me in the malls this year. Besides, the bulk of my Christmas shopping experience will be spent making exclusive mix CDs and giving donations to various charitable organisations such as AMFAR and the Bea Gaddy Family Center. I do have to go to one store for one gift though, but that is a very easy fix (at least I hope it is)…

Well, as promised, it’s time to get the funky ball a rollin’. To start things off, here’s a brand new multimedia exercise I made on the fly. This time around, I really don’t have much to say about the ingredients I chose. For that matter, neither do the artists. That’s right kids, an all instrumental one this time, with the exception of a few sparse phrases… To take a quote from one of my fave JB tunes, I call this one

Talkin’ Loud And Sayin’ Nothin’.

01 Welcome Brothers and Sisters-Eugene Blacknell
02 Not So Sad And Lonely-Ohio Players (Westbound)
03 Nanzee-Donald Austin (Eastbound)
04 Doo Doo-David T. Walker (Zea)
05 Soul Clap’69-Booker T & The MGs (Stax)
06 House Of The Rising Funk-Afrique (Mainstream)
07 Love Got A Piece Of Your Mind Pt. 2-Five Ounces Of Soul (Cu Wu)
08 Time Study-Slinky Street Band (Electrostatic CD track)
09 Beat Me Till I’m Blue-The Mohawks (Pama)
10 Hair & Grits-Dennis Coffey & The Lyman Woodard Trio (Maverick)
11 When She Made Me Promise-The Beginning Of The End (Alston)
12 Wah Wah Funk-Eugene Blacknell (Luv N Haight)
13 Soul Power Pt. 2-Busey´s Soulblenders (Busey’s)
14 No No No Momerto-Rick & The Entire World (Foremost)
15 Latin Strut-Joe Bataan (Mericana)
16 Give The Bass A Taste-Bad Bascomb (Paramount)
17 Don’t Do That-The Bar-Kays (Volt)
18 Ain’t No Justice-Shorty Long (Soul)
19 Cleo’s Back-Jr. Walker & The All Stars (Soul)
20 Changes Pt. 1-King Curtis & The Kingpins (Atco)
21 Changes Pt. 2-King Curtis & The Kingpins (Atco)
22 Razor Blade-Little Royal & The Swingmasters (Trius)
23 Twitchie Feet-Soul Machine (Pzazz)
24 Snap Out-The Interpretations (Bell)
25 Don’t Give A Damn-King Cain/Silvertone Band (Big Star)
26 Sissy Walk-Billy Ball & The Upsetters (Apollo)
27 Vibrations-Hidden Cost (Marmaduke)

Please download and enjoy Talkin’ Loud And Sayin’ Nothin’, 71 MB

here’s the link for the .mp3 file
here’s the link for the .zip file

I want to send a warm hello to some folks that I met over the past couple of weeks and hip you all to their spots. The army gets stronger and stronger…

A Pyrex Scholar
Miss T’s Only One Step To Soul Steppin’
The Beat Collector
Soul Cocina
Funky Disposition

Not too much else going on, except putting some new tunes on the ol’ ipod and in lil’ truck. Suffice it to say, once I make ’em, I’ll be sure to pass them along to all of you. I’ll try to be back with another one this weekend, and I will probably dress the place up for the holidaze. Actually, I’m not too big on Christmas and all, but I can’t and won’t spoil the joy for all of you. Before I go, I must give mad props to the team at My Favourite Sound for helping me to break yet another statistics record this week. Thank you Jazzypier and Celoduro.

Peace and blessings.

12 thoughts on “Happy Winter (including Talkin’ Loud And Sayin’ Nothin’)

  1. hi “Fufu”
    what can I say…I discovered this blog today and will be spending MUCHO
    time here reading it…whilst listening to all your great posts!!
    Part of the music you present here I already know or own, part (big parts)
    I have never heard of before! And that’s sooooo sweet…
    Big respect for the WORK you put in this, I can (only begin to) imagine how much effort this must take on your side. I started a little ‘babyblog’ myself couple of weeks ago and want to ask you if it’s OK by you if I’d link you in my blog. I always ask people first, think it’s the right way to go.
    Pleas let me know and (once again) THANK YOU!

    kind regards, E-mile

  2. Thanks to one and all…

    E-Mile, welcome aboard. everybody be sure to check out
    http://e-milesaysongsdothematter.blogspot.com/ for more freeform goodies…

    Larry, thank you for the birthday wishes. I’m really not into celebrating birthdays too much, but it was a good day overall.

    Whiteray, I aim to please, and I agree totally as there were a few tunes in this one that I heard for the first time… thanks to the increasing army of blogging colleagues.

    Bruno, I’ll be doing some cover art on the next one for sure.

  3. Thanks for the mention. Between work, school, and hitting on my son’s 20-something female friends, I’ve been very busy.

    I do have a Christmas podcast posted and even included a link to Christmas 2006. Enjoy!

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