Time to reflect part two (including another guest mix for This Is Tomorrow)

Hello, kiddies.

First off, let me say that it has been a real gass doing this blog for the past year. It’s hard to believe that it’s actually been that long, funny how time flies when you’re having fun and all that…
As I prepare to close the book on this year, I really want to do my best to thank each and every one of you who “…dared to click the link”. Some 60,000 hits later, it seems as though I saw my duty and done it simply by doing something that I have always loved to do all along. All those years of education have certainly paid off in more ways than one, and for that I am forever grateful. I must also do my best to once again thank all of the many bloggers out there that saw fit to add me to their blogrolls and give me a chance to turn this little hobby into a full blown obsession.


In particular, I must say thanks to the mighty DJ Blueprint who has once again invited me to do another mix for This Is Tomorrow. I’ve been a fan of his outstanding blog since the beginning, so doing these guest mixes is really a privilege for me. This time, I pulled out the new school Funk and Soul joints. Some common and some rare, but all funky. Be sure to drop by and grab some for yourself. And while you’re there, you simply must check out his extensive archive which is chock full of great mixes, especially his 30 minute Funk Workouts, as well as some choice 45s that I would almost give my right arm to own. I shamelessy admit that I don’t mind blowing his horn. He’s been a contant source of information and a huge supporter.

Allow me to show my support now and send a couple of quick shoutouts to the newest members of the Fufu army, E-Mile Says Songs Do The Matter (thanx for the plug) and Echoes In The Wind. I also want to plug the mighty Asbury Lanes once again as DJ Prestige will be hosting the Budos Band this weekend for the inaugural 4th And Kingsley Soul Club. If you’re near New Jersey on Friday, drop by and show your love. Mr. Grogan will also be in attendance providing the vinyl goodness along with Pres. Good times will be had by all, I’m sure…

I’m nursing a headache now so I must take my leave. I’ve got your christmas gifts just about wrapped up. I hope to be back by Friday so until then, be good and be safe.

Peace and blessings.

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