It was a very good year (including Fufu Funk Fix No. 4 1/2)…

Hello, kiddies.

The first year of Fufu Stew is but a memory. The second year promises to be bigger and better as I soak up more knowledge and obtain more records. I’ve also found yet another niche when it comes to creating my recipes, so I’m definitely on a concept tip now which I will develop and perfect with each new post. Also, look for the freeform to come back strong as I dig deeper into the pantry and make an attempt to pull out stuff that I haven’t played in at least a decade or so. My inspiration? Reading the posts that can be found in the Mondo family of blogs. The team always seems to amaze me and in turn make me yearn for days gone by once in a while…

A month or so ago, a friend asked me to do a couple of recipes for an upcoming party that she’s having, which of course I was more than happy to oblige. I had to make it with the same vibe that I felt when I posted “Up In Heah” by Junior Wells at the beginning of the year. Unfortunately the post no longer exists, but if you so desire, I’ve reposted the track over at Fufu Snax along with another surprise. Now for this multimedia exercise as you will soon notice, each and every ingredient contains the word “Funky” within its title. Not that that’s any original or earth shattering revelation or anything, but the conquest of Funk music has been a relatively healthy obsession for so long now. I mean ever since the days of listening to the live 365 stream of Galactic Fractures. Well, a little time, a little money and just a little help from the mighty community makes it possible for me to share this special end of the year and anniversary edition of my latest Funk Fix. I hope that you will want to make it a small part of your New Years festivities.


01 Introspeak from Wattstax featuring The Bar Kays
02 I Like Funky Music-Freddie Henchi & The Soul Setters (Reprise)
03 Funky-ST-4 (Scepter)
04 Funky Thang-Soul Toronadoes (Burt)
05 Funky Mule-Ike Turner & The Kings Of Rhythm (Pompeii)
06 Funky Rufe Top-The DAB Express (CHA RU WA)
07 Funky Me Pt. 2-Troubled Soul
08 Funky Robot Pt. 1-Dave Baby Cortez (All Platinum)
09 Funky Hot Pants-8th Avenue Express (Soul Patrol)
10 Funky Walk Pt. 2-Dyke & The Blazers (Original Sound)
11 Funky Super Fly Pt 1-Bobby Williams & Band (MTVH)
12 The Funky Moon-Smokey Johnson (Intrepid)
13 Original Funky Bell Bottoms Ironing Board Sam (Styletone)
    Interspeak by George Clinton and The Undisputed Truth
14 Funky Music Sho Nuff Turns Me On-Edwin Starr (Gordy)
15 Funky Cat James Knight & The Butlers (Cat)
16 Funky Feet-Johnny Robinson (Epic)
17 Funky Soul (pts 1 & 2) David Batiste & The Gladiators (Instant)
18 Funky To The Bone-Freddie Henchie & The Soul Setters (Reprise)
19 Funky Worm-The Ohio Players (Westbound)
20 Funky Man-Kool & The Gang (De Lite)
21 I Found The Funky Man-Wee Willie & The Winners (Shotgun)
22 Funky Way-Calvin Arnold (Virtue)
    Interspeak by Bobby Byrd and James Brown
23 Funkey Key-The Dynamics (Black Gold)
24 Funky Doo-The Nite-Liters (RCA)
25 Funky L.A. Paul Humphrey & His Cool Aid Chemists (Lizard)
26 Funky Woman-Parliament (Invictus)
27 Funky Thing Pt. 2-The Unemployed (Cotillion)

“…we’re not done, we’re not done”. Here’s a bonus recipe!


01 Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky-O’donnel Levy
02 Funky Butt-The Delegates (Mainstream)
03 Funky In Here Willard Burton & The Funky 4 (Capitol)
04 Funky Jaws-Larry Jones (Funky Delicacies)
05 The Funky Elephant Pt. 2-Philly Four (Funkadelphia)
06 Funky Me-Timmy Thomas (Glades)
07 The Funky Judge-Bull & The Matadors (Toddlin’ Town)
08 Born Funky-Dave “Baby” Cortez (All Platinum)
09 A Funky Song-The Ripple (GRC)
10 How Funky Is Your Chicken The Jackson 5 (Motown)
11 Funky Miracle-Tne Meters (Josie)
12 Getting Funky Round Here-Black Nasty (Enterprise)
13 Funky Thithee-Shuggie Otis (Epic)
14 Funky In The Hole-The Blowflys (Alston)
15 Funky Broadway-The Supremes & the Temptations (Motown)
16 Ain’t It Funky Now (extract)-James Brown (King)
17 Funky Kingston-Toots And The Maytals
18 Make It Funky (Extract) James Brown (King)
19 Funky Yeah-Curley Moore & The Kool Ones (House Of The Fox)
20 The Funky Crawl-Detroit Sex Machines (Soul Fire Reissue)
21 Funky Street-Arthur Conley (Atco)
22 Funky 69-Alvin Cash (Toddlin’ Town)
23 Funky Fox-Bob Marshall & A.C.’s (Funkadelphia)
24 Funky Party-Clarence Reid (Alston)
25 Funky Nassau The Beginning Of The End (Alston)
26 Funky Booty-James Big Sambo Young & The Housewreckers (Jetstream)
27 Funky Bull Pt. 2-Dyke & The Blazers (Original Sound)
28 Funky Black Man Earnest Jackson (Stone)

Please download and enjoy Fufu Funk Fix No. 4 1/2, 73 MB. You’ll find the appropriate links below.
Here’s the link to the .mp3 file
Here’s the link to the .zip file

And dont forget the bonus fix, 72 MB…
Here’s the link for the .mp3 file
Here’s the link for the .zip file

Before I head off to crack open a bottle of bubbles, I need to send a couple of shouts:
Thank you first and always Larry for sharing that Willard Burton record last year. It is by far the best joint you’ve EVER posted!. I’m placing my order for a hard copy of it when I take my leave tonight.
To the many contributors and researchers at for providing me with ORIGINAL label information when I can’t afford to. As I’ve always said, I’d give my right arm to own the super rare joints…
To the team at My Favourite Sound, lots of love and many thanks for all the support and countless blessings.
To the team at Neopolitan Funk for those ultra rare 45 rpm blessings.
To Mr. Fine Wine and WFMU for the greatest radio show I’ve ever heard!
To PJ Gray and Galactic Fractures for giving me the kickstart into the world of cratedigging. I am forever grateful.
To the mighty Devil Dick and his Devil’s Music blog… welcome to the Fufu Army!

There you have it! I’m done for the year, and what a great year it was on so many levels. I can assure you that Twentyodd Eight will be more of the same and then some more. I’m waiting on the mailman as we speak, and I’m waiting on the fiber optic man to fix me up with an allegedly faster internet connection… in the meantime, I’ll be hard at work in the usual places searching for more of that funky goodness. Have a happy and SAFE New Year, kids!

Peace and blessings.

 I had to put a cheesy picture up for my 1st anniversary… Hell, it’s kinda cute, don’t you think? 😉

7 thoughts on “It was a very good year (including Fufu Funk Fix No. 4 1/2)…

  1. Vince Happy New Year – and here’s to another year. What a tip top way to book end 2007. Another stunning couple of sets packed full of sizzling tasty treats. Thanks for adding me to your blog roll earlier this year it was the first heavy hitter link I got.

    Thanks again and may the Funk be with you in 2008.

  2. Hi Vincent!
    First of all: best of wishes, health and goodluck for the next round of 12 months to come 🙂
    May the funky times continue, along with the good ones
    (but hey, those are the same, ofcourse)
    Enjoyed your monster mix of funky funky funky!
    Peace & Respect.

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