Records are like chocolate part eight (including Taste Test)

Hello, kiddies.

Time for a another look here, something to brighten up the place a bit…

Well here we are. Another year begins showing lots of promise. I’m getting off to a slow start but there’s lots to look forward to…
I must say that even a soon to be fortysomething like me STILL believes in Santa Claus once in a while. All I wanted for Christmas was 45s, and damn if he didn’t deliver… First there was mail call two weeks ago, a very gratifying week trading emails with DJ Blueprint and then another opportunity to sit with the Guru. Before I go any further, I have to say that this post is sponsored in part by Own Guru Records (Alan says Hey Larry)… because I really did find some things that should have been scarfed up by more seasoned cratediggers a long time ago. Thanks for the countless blessings.

In an attempt to prepare for Bessie’s semi annual cleansing, I assembled this little ditty for all of you. Another batch of 45s both common and rare containing a little something for everybody. There’s even a couple here that I haven’t played in over 30 years! To quote Jimi Hendrix, “Dig the sound, it’s all freedom.”


lots of thumbnails for you all to click too…



01 (Look Out, Here We Go to)… Countdown-Dave Baby Cortez (Roulette)
02 Breaking Down The Walls Of Heartache-The Bandwagon (Epic).
Here’s one that I had laying dormant in the crates for about three years. I picked it up to see why Dexys Midnight Runners enjoyed it enough to cover it back in 1981.
03 Skate Now-Lou Courtney (Riverside). The quality here is a little sketchy, but after all, Lou is my hero!
04 Sally Go Round The Roses-The Jaynetts (Tuff). I am still searching for Grace Slick’s cover of this one from her Great Society days, but hearing the original for the first time last week was really refreshing…
05 I Gotta Thing For You-Smokey & The Miracles (Tamla). Here’s another one from my mother’s old stash. I always played the A side of this one (Who’s Gonna Take The Blame), but here for the very first time, I auditioned the B side. Why did I wait so long…
06 Just Plain Funk-James Brown (King). Enough said… this is one brutal Hammond workout
07 The Charge-Alvin Cash (Mar V Lus). “This here is another one of them talkin’ records…”


08 The Pot’s Hot-Sherlock Holmes Organization (CRS). While doing my loose research on this one, I was directed to one of Larry’s early posts from his Blogger days. As always, his writeup does this rarity justice, and makes me glad to have found a copy…
09 I Got You Babe-Etta James (Cadet)
10 Pullin’-Aretha Franklin (Atlantic). I played this once before, but it was so nice that I had to play it twice.
11 Baby Don’t Leave Me-Jerry Washington (Excello). Here’s a bonus 45 from the infamous Nazty Soundz Tribe set…

back.jpg getit.jpgthink.jpg


12 Back Street-Edwin Starr (Ric Tic)
13 The Jam Pts. 1&2-Bobby Gregg & His Friends (Cotton). Here’s a nice rocking number I scored on an early dig.
14 Baby Get It (And Don’t Quit It)-Jackie Wilson (Brunswick). I can only assume here that Mr. Excitement started the trend with this little catch phrase which became commonplace on most funk 45s.
15 Think-The Soul Searchers (Sussex). Another great cover of this timeless funk classic that I’m glad I didn’t have to give up my right arm to own…
16 For Wes-The Soul Merchants (Weis). The guitar chops on this one are sweeeeet!
17 Mandingo Woman-Soul Generation (Ebony Sound). Three copies later, I finally found one that sounded good enough to include here. Pretty hard to find, but not too terribly expensive…
18 You-Marvin Gaye (Tamla)
19 Son Of Ice Bag-Hugh Masakela (UNI). An excellent horn workout on this one.



20 Get Into Funky Music-Funkhouse Express (Disko). Here’s a nice mellow slice of mid 70s funk. Normally I’d turn stuff like this down in favour of a more gritty sound, but the breakdown on this one kept my ear glued to the speakers.
21 South African Man Pt. 1-Hamilton Bohannon (Dakar)
22 The Large Charge-The Chargers (B.E.A.T.)
23 You Can’t Miss Nothing That You Never Had-Ike & Tina Turner (Sonja). Keeping Ike’s legacy alive, here’s a not-so common one… I think
24 Soulful Dress-Sugar Pie DeSanto (Checker)
25 Too Many Fish In The Sea-The Marvelettes (Tamla). I’m amazed at the staggering amount of typos that came from the Hitsville, USA assembly line as the label scan demonstrates. At any rate, here’s a timeless treasure from the Hitsville library.
26 Do Do Do Bah Ah-Bert Keyes (Clock). I believe that this should be the template for what would be later described as Northern Soul, and a fitting close… I’d like to send this one out to the team over at On The Outside Looking In. I really appreciate the invite.

Please download and enjoy Tate Test, 70 MB.

here’s the link to the .mp3 file
here’s the link to the .zip file

And now for the closing commentary…

I’ve gotta say hello to the newest members of the Fufu Army.
Funk Deli
Fusion 45
Eclectic Grooves
Thanks a lot for the linkage…

Thanks to Colin and Rich for the continued support…

…I’ve also gotta congratulate Red Kelly and The Stepfather of Soul for being featured in the Guardian last week. Drop by theirspots for a link to the article. Great job, gentlemen!

Also, hello to The Merkin Man. It’s always a pleasure to have you drop by for a plate.

…and last but certainly not least, big shouts and props to Pretoria as he is now jumping on the mixtape bandwagon. Visit Funky Disposition and check out the quickly growing collection with new titles added all the time.

Well, the freakishly warm weather we had here in Baltimore is coming to a very quick close, so I think the next time we meet I’ll serve up something that is guaranteed to stick to your ribs… This blogger’s work is never done, but that my friends is definitely a good thing for all of us! Everyone enjoy your weekend and as always, be safe.

Peace and blessings.

P.S. Alan, I’ll be dropping by next Friday for sure…

9 thoughts on “Records are like chocolate part eight (including Taste Test)

  1. Hi Vincent,
    you sure brightened up your place, it looks completely new & fresh! 2008 started out well 🙂
    Love your “chocolate” bitsies too…
    thanks for the tasty sweeties and I’ll be checking you soon again.
    kind regards, E-mile

  2. Vincent,

    Thanks for the shout! I appreciate all the great mixes I’ve collected since I’ve become aware of your amazing blog. Love the latest funk mixes on here!

    Peace, Kevin

    P.S. Can you add Eclectic Grooves to your links on the right as well?

  3. hi vincent. what a change. from the darkness came light. another great mix as always! thanks to you my wants list get’s longer and longer. keep up the good work. mike
    ps: i will send over some links in a few days!

  4. Hi Vincent,
    I have a little request for you:
    could you someway send or upload or anything the song Summertime-Clea Bradford (Cadet)?
    I found it on one of your older posts (in a mix).
    Though I’m collecting as many versions of the song Summertime as possible for some time now, (yes also the cheesy ones : – ) this one is new to me! AND probably very good??
    Please let me know.
    I’m planning to do a post of Summertime versions (part 1, 2, 3 etc etc) and your Clea Bradford would be nice in the mix, I think!
    kind regards, E-mile

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