FufuVision to the rescue part two (including 1969)

Hello, kiddies.

There will be a brand new action packed episode of Fufu Stew coming your way real soon. I wanted to add a bit more garnish before I serve it up. In the meantime, here’s another installment of FufuVision to tide you over.


This one is pretty straightforward. Some of you may recall the video for Tommy James & The Shondells classic “Crystal Blue Persuasion” that VH-1 used to play back in the day. Well I replaced the soundtrack with one of my all time favourite Punk hits to give the footage a totally different spin.


Please download and enjoy 1969. It’s an mpeg file, 97 MB.

Let me give a quick shoutout here to the ladies of Mama Feel Good! for blessing us with some mixes containing a few of their 45 rpm treasures. You can check out the links at their all new site http://mamafeelgoodmusic.co.uk



Have a good weekend everybody, and as always, be safe. I hope to be back around by Sunday.

Peace and blessings.

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