Come and get it… Fufu Stew No. 9

Hello, kiddies.

Let the monster loose…

At long last, another installment of Fufu Stew is hot and ready to serve. Everybody knows how I feel about the education that I recieve week after week from all of my colleagues, and with this recipe I would like to show all of you just a small sample of the things I’ve learned. This is a multimedia exercise of common and somewhat rare ingredients that I’d like to send out to all you Garage and Psych fans, and for a little extra flavour, I decided to toss in a little “bag of sunshine” to paraphrase a line from one of my favourite AntiDivas, Natalie Cole. I really hope that you all like the intorspeak this time. I have been looking far and wide for a way to put the indelible stamp on it, and after lots of trial and error, I think I found the solution. And just for the record, I pulled out the Schoolhouse Rock DVD for kicks and giggles.


Have a look at the menu…

Introspeak by King Curtis, The Hi-Tones and Grady Tate
01 Take It From The Slice, Boys-Sweetwater (Reprise).
Here’s an uplifitng opener from the kings and queen of the late 60s festival bands. Another fine example of give everybody some, and even some cello riffs.
02 Fire-Five By Five (Paula). You’ve seen this one before.
03 The Woods-The Nickel Bag (Rembrandt). This is without a doubt one of my favourite Garage jams for so many reasons. I added a couple more tracks from this comp to the pot as well. Please read on…
frijid.jpg04 Bye Bye Blues-Frijid Pink (Parrot). For years and years, I’ve always seen this band on inner sleeve of my copy of “Days Of Future Passed”, which incidentally is a masterpiece of huge porportions. I found this 45 while sifting through dollar bins a couple of years back…
05 Stragglin’ Behind-The Lemon Pipers (Buddah)
06 From Home-The Troggs (Fontana).
Here’s the flip side of the Wild Thing 45, and after just one listen, the A side doesn’t seem nearly as wild anymore…
free.jpg07 Free Lovin’-Max Frost & The Troopers (Tower). I’m really on the hunt for a cleaner copy of “Fifty Two Per Cent”, but hearing this one in the interim makes me yearn to see “Wild In The Streets” again.
08 Get Out Of My Life Woman-The Leaves (Mirwood)
09 Thirteen O’Clock Flight To Psychedelphia-Plato & The Philosophers (Cicadelic).
Here’s another good one that I’ve had for quite a while now…
10 They’re Gonna Get You-Count Five (Double Shot). Here’s the flip side of the Psychotic Reaction 45…
44street.jpg11 Runaway Child Runnin’ Wild-The 44th Street Electric Flower Factory (Scholastic). Yes, I discovered the legend that is Robert Dorough and yes, I did dig out my Spanky & Our Gang records. God I love them… you’ll see.
12 Trippin’ Out-Something Wild (Cicadelic)
hollies.jpg13 Lucille-The Hollies (Imperial)
14 No Reservations Necessary-The Circus (Cicadelic)
blackwell.jpg15 Dirty Story-Blackwell (Astro).
You’ve seen this one before too.
16 Smokes-? And The Mysterians (Cameo). Here’s the flip side of one that Larry posted over at Iron Leg a while back. As always, thanks large for the tip…
17 Let It All Hang Out-The Hombres (Verve Forecast)
18 Are You Happy-Iron Butterfly (Atco).
I don’t know about any of you, but I really prefer the A side of this classic.
19 Stoned Woman-Ten Years After (Deram). This British Blues just rips!
20 I Couldn’t Believe What Happened Last Night-Rare Earth (Rare Earth). This here’s for the HeavySoulBrutha… It wouldn’t be Fufu Stew without another lost gem from my all time favourite jam band. This one comes from the yet to be reished “Willie Remembers” of 1972.
21 Technicolour Dreams-The Status Quo (Cadet Concept). This is the other side of that 45 with the Koko Taylor jam which for the longest time I thought was actually Etta James (thanks to someone being asleep at the wheel in the pressing plant). Thanks to W for pointing that out to me.
morris.jpg22 The Real Thing-Pt. 1-Russell Morris (Diamond). I’ve been holding on to this one for a couple of years… I can almost liken this to Donvan Leitch, not to mention my severe love for flange effects. Because of that, I also added the second side.
23 The Real Thing-Pt. 2-Russell Morris (Diamond)
Exitus by Grady Tate

Please download and enjoy Fufu Stew No. 9, 73 MB.
here’s the link to the .mp3 file
here’s the link to the .zip file

In other news, I have to give a shoutout to the Fullundie team for a great job on some recent posts featuring selections from the long lost Jazz subsidiary of Motown, Workshop. Drop by and check it out. It’s truly an overlooked piece of history that truly deserves proper recognition…

…and now for the closing commentary.

On a good note, I’ve finally started the leg work to get all the old links back up and operative, including the very first AntiDivas post. If time permits I’ll add zip files, but for now, I just want to get ’em all restored. I always notice what’s going on with the stats, and by the way, more record breaking going on here. Thanks a lot to all of you who make this a regular place to grab a bite. For those of you who are new to the experience, I’m glad you could join us and I hope you’ll want to come back for more.

I’m going to try to get a few more in the can for you before ol’ Bessie goes for her cleansing. Have a good week everyone, and as always, be safe.

Peace and blessings.

P.S. I finally reposted Fufu Stew No. 4 too. This one hasn’t been up in at least six months so if you didn’t get it the first time around, click here and help yourself…

6 thoughts on “Come and get it… Fufu Stew No. 9

  1. I can’t wait to download this one Vincent! I recently found the second EP by the 44th Street Flower Factory. I’ll have to get some of it up at Iron Leg in the future.
    BTW I’m a longtime fan of that Russell Morris 45. Props for posting the whole trippy thing!

  2. As a long time lover of all things garage, I am going to fully enjoy this this electronic debauchery!

    Major props for being the brave and wise one to put this out!

  3. Thanks for Russell Morris!!! We played the crap out of this song in Binghamton, NY back in 69 (?) and it sold well. I never thought I would hear it again. That makes 2 rare ones I found on line today… The other was (Say I Love You) Doo Bee Dum by the Four-Evers (Smash)… I never realized that “Favorites” only saved an old page and I n eeded to click on your logo to get to current page. Ya learn sumptin’ new everyday.

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