A guest post revisited (including Fufu Stew Gets A Bigger Fever)

Hello, kiddies.

Here’s another multi-purpose post, specifically designed to heat up these long winter nights… It’s a wee bit nipply here in the Fufu Stew kitchen (ah, the perils of surrounding myself with lots of old yet sensitive equipment). I’ve been wanting the upgrade for a long time now, but many things must take precedent. I can assure you that it’s all worth the little bits of adversity that I have to endure. Unlike the summer, it’s much easier to get warmer than it is to stay cool. A nice hot bowl of my favourite comfort food to fuel the body followed by a few hot toddies and I’m ready for anything.

I want to send this out first of all to Kevin of Got The Fever fame. I had been given the opportunity to do a guest post for his blog back in July which I thoroughly enjoyed, in fact, it fast became one of my favourite mixes that stayed in max rotation on the ol’ iPod for weeks. I was given 45 minutes to start a party by playing a few choice tunes. The post went very well, but I could have went just a little further. With this recipe, I did just that by adding ten more tunes in just the right places… The original theme was centered around a pool party, but now that the sun’s gone down in a manner of speaking, it’s time for everyone to come inside and gather round the fireplace… It takes me back to when I was a teenager, hanging out at Bill’s house with a bunch of my friends. His childhood home had the coolest basement. We’d all gather round the fireplace and chill with the music blasting, doing all the things that would clearly get us into big trouble (not too much imagination needed there). I can certainly see this mix being part of the soundtrack. You’re all invited to warm up with this eclectic mix of hot Jazz, hotter Funk and maybe even a few of those hot toddies if you’re so inclined.


bloe.jpg01 Groovin’ With Mr. Bloe-Cool Heat (Forward)
02 Cloud Nine-Mongo Santamaria (Columbia)
cash.jpg03 Feels So Good-Alvin Cash & The Registers (Mar V Lus)
04 Thinking Black-Ike Turner & The Kings Of Rhythm (Pompeii)
05 Broasted Or Fried-Willie Bobo (Now-Again)
hipper.jpg06 Gittin’ A Little Hipper Pt. 2-James Brown (King)
07 Wade In The Water-Willie Mitchell (Hi)
monkey.jpg08 Monkey Talk-Little Stevie Wonder (Tamla)
09 Mama Soul-Harold Alexander (Bluebird)
10 Nickol Nickol-Brothers Of Hope (Funkadelphia)
11 Boogaloo Mardi Gras (Pts 1&2)-Bobby Williams Group (Capitol)*
12 Do It Good-Bill Withers (Sussex)
13 Get Ready-Watts 103rd St. Rhythm Band (Warner)
14 Hector-The Village Callers (Luv N Haight reissue)
15 Babylonia-Ricardo Barrero (Luv N Haight reissue)
leroy.jpg16 Hey Leroy, Your Mama Is Calling You-Jimmy Castor (Smash)
17 Burning Spear-S.O.U.L. (Metro import)
18 Belly Rub Pt. 2-Dave Baby Cortez (Roulette)
soultheme.jpg19 Soul Theme-King Curtis (Atco)
20 Country Slicker Joe-Young Holt Unlimited (Brunswick)
ooga.jpg21 Ooga Boo ga loo-Jazz Crusaders (World Pacific)
22 Cat In A Tree Pt. 2-Jimmy Smith (Blue Note)
loose.jpg23 Keep Loose-Jimmy McGriff (Solid State)
24 Hotcha-Jack McDuff (Atlantic)
miriam.jpg25 Emavungwini-Miriam Makeba (Reprise)

Please download and enjoy Fufu Stew Gets A Bigger Fever, 72 MB, either mixed or zipped

*Thanks, Larry for the Bobby Williams joint… it fits like a glove! I hope the cut and paste sounds okay.

And now for the closing commentary…

The time draws near for ol’ Bessie to be cleansed. They say that they are coming to install my new internet connection later this week so I want to be as ready as I can. I’ll be back a little stronger in two weeks, or at least I hope to be a little stronger at any rate. That all depends on the internet people. We’ll see. In the meantime, let me welcome The Hook and Sling to the army. Have a look around, there’s plenty of those “right arm” records and even more mixes to see and hear. Again, thanks for allowing me the indulgence and such. Have a good one and as always, be safe.

Peace and blessings.

8 thoughts on “A guest post revisited (including Fufu Stew Gets A Bigger Fever)

  1. What perfect timing – I heard grooving with Mr Bloe on the radio this morning and having buzzing for this track all day. There should be more harmonicas on soul stompers.

    PS – been filling my boots with Johnny Allen, have you checked him out ? What a voice!!

  2. Let me tell all who read this: you absolutely must have this musical post. When Vincent graciously guested this post for me it was the fasted downloaded track that had been on my blof to that point – and for good reason!

    How he improved on it is just magical. Again, you must have this.

    Thank you Vincent!

  3. Thanks for the props !!

    Keep up the good work and we’re looking forward to you doing a guest mix over on our site!
    Send it over once that squeaky new internet connection arrives!

    All the best

  4. another solid entry!
    Vincent, I am continually amazed at how you keep the heat going.
    I know that the crates are deep chez Soul Chef, but come on. How do you do it?
    back to the crates,

  5. Kevin, I’m glad you approve of the additions…

    DD and RB, I don’t want to say that I am a slave to my PC, but I love my 45s (and albums, CDs, minidiscs, etc.) too much. I can’t stop making these mixes because I just love it too much.

    To the Hook And Sling team, I would indeed love to spin a few heaters for your fine site. Thanks for the invite!

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