Pop Quiz… my first Hip Hop fix

Hello, kiddies.

Here’s a new recipe that I’ve been wanting to share for weeks now. After several taste tests, I feel like it’s ready to be served. It’s been quite a while since I pulled some Hip Hop out of the pantry, so if you will all allow me a little more indulgence, let’s get the party started…
It’s a relatively known fact that I really dig the Old School joints from what I like to call the “glory years”. Here’s just a small sample of some of my all time favourites. Just about every style is represented. Not much in the way of a back story here, just some really funky beats and some fairly well known samples. Try to pick out as many as you can as I’m sure you will all ace this little “Pop Quiz”. Hell, I’ll even give you a few answers along the way just because. I want to say thanks to the almighty Scholar for his assistance (and for his stamp of approval) this time around. Also BIG shouts to all of my blogging colleagues preserving the culture.
Once again I hope you all dig the introspeak… and I even threw in a couple of visual aids this time.


01 Introspeak by Garrett Morris and KRS One
02 Soul Food (12″ Remix)-Goodie Mob Feat. 8 Ball and MJG. Out of all the acts to come out of the south, this one stands head and shoulders above the rest. Now that’s only one man’s opinion, but I challenge you to dig out your copy of the Mob’s debut record… I’m sure you’ll agree with me.
03 Nicky Barnes A.K.A. It’s Alright (Feat. Jungle Brown)-Camp Lo. Here’s another great act which made great use of the Ernie Barnes motif on their debut offering. The sample also just yells Blaxploitation Pride… more on that at the end of the post.
04 Oh My God (Remix)-A Tribe Called Quest. I always dug the near gothic quality of the beats from these legends, especially on their later efforts.
05 Respect The Architect (Remix)-Guru featuring Bahamadia. Even in the world of Hip Hop there’s a vast army of AntiDivas, and IMHO, Bahamadia ranks right up there with the best of them in her delivery as well as her uncanny ability to side with one of the best “superproducers” in the game.
06 9th Wonder (Blacktolism)-Digable Planets. Who remembers this video… I for one found it to be unforgettable.

07 In The Flesh-Jurassic Five. Late to the party again, but thankfully I did get an opportunity to check these guys out.
08 Clap Your Hands-Black Eyed Peas. Here’s a no nonsense fun type of tune from the eponymous debut (and certainly before the commercialism). I sure hope the Meters are getting mad residuals from this one…
09 Funky Child-Lords Of The Underground. Talk about takin’ ’em waaaaaayyyyyy back, huh?
10 Crocodile Dundee-YZ. I always did like this guy, especially his landmark sophomore release. I highly recommend it.
11 I Am The Lyte-MC Lyte. What’s the “glue” that holds this and the next joint together?…
12 Best Kept Secret-Diamond D & The Psychotic Neurotics. Correct!
13 Rough House-Rough House Survivors. I first heard this one on BET back when I used to run home from work so I could catch Rap City. There was a time when they would play anybody’s video, even the now rarely seen version of Method Man which finds Meth walking through a crop of Mother Nature’s finest. God I wish I hadn’t given away my old videotapes…
14 Holy Rum Swig-X-Clan. From the “consciousness period”, which I totally prefer when it comes to Hip Hop, here’s another fave just chock full of timeless hooks.
15 Paper Thin-MC Lyte. and to further elaborate on one of those hooks from the last number…
16 Nod Your Head To This-Kings Of Swing. Another underrated group which prominently samples one of the more sought after funk 45s. Guess which one…
17 You Can’t See What I Can See-Heavy D & The Boyz. If I had to pick one joint that best describes what this brutha was all about… A well crafted and family friendly tune with lots of those easy to find hooks.
18 Rollin’ Wit The Flavor-Flavor Unit. Thanks to Smooth for posting the Brother Jack McDuff album which contains the main sample that makes up this fantastic track. Kudos, and one of the best joints from the glory years. Damn, I almost forgot about the even doper remix…
19 Peter Piper-Run DMC. What more can I say…
20 Follow The Leader-Eric B & Rakim. This is one of my many prized possessions, acquired ten years ago on a 45 when I had a job at one of those corporate record stores… Here’s another blast from the past for ya.

21 Bonus Question (unknown title)-Unknown Artist. A friend of mine put this track on an old mixtape about five years ago but alas, no information. Not even Scholar knew anything about it. Maybe someone can help us out for extra credit.

Please download and enjoy Pop Quiz, 73 MB, either mixed or zipped

And now for the closing commentary…

First thing’s first, make it a point to check out and support The Two Team. After only being in the game for just a very short while, these cats are starting off strong with two phenomenal mixes that really grabbed my attention this morning. Great job, gentlemen. Keep up the good work!

Be sure to visit and support these great sites as well. The army grows stronger and stronger…

Motown City. This spot features even more uber rare Motown treasures, including titles from the long lost Black Forum imprint, as well as lots of Rare Earth artists that I never even knew existed!

Blaxploitation Pride. The name says it all, and if you think that’s something, get over there and scarf up THE holy grail of all all Blaxploitation soundtracks…

Heavy Weight Crates. Once again, I’ve gotta give it up for the tremendous selection fresh out of the box… informative and insightful.

Just a quick heads up and thanks once again to the Hook And Sling team for the invite to serve up another guest mix. Well I’ve got good news. The Fufu Stew Baker’s Dozen is on its way so look for it to drop right after what should be another successful installment of their great funk night at the Brown Sugar Bar. This time around the mighty DJ Blueprint will be taking over the ones and twos for a set. Here’s hoping that all of you who got a chance to go and show your love had a great time… and I haven’t forgotten you Planet Mondo, you’re next on the tour circuit as I’m working on something very special for your blog in the coming weeks. With that said, time to brew another pot of coffee and get back to work. Have a great weekend one and all and as always, be safe.

Peace and blessings.

13 thoughts on “Pop Quiz… my first Hip Hop fix

  1. the binary star album is OOP afaik i dont even own a copy on vinyl 😦

    ps if youre ever getting rid of any vinyl let me know 🙂

  2. Vincent:

    Listening to your latest hors d’oeuvres from the soul kitchen bring back a flood of musical memories. As we have earleir written, I am from the jazz-side of life and I can only really appreciate the old school hip-hop – my loss perhaps, but there is just SO much music out there and limited attention.

    But you have opened me up to some newer appreciated tastes, ‘A Tribe Called Quest’, ‘Bahamadia’ and ‘Digable Planets’. You sly chef you, you remind this ol’ silver-haired devil that there is still fire down below.

    A warm welcome of thanks for the h-u-g-e investment of thoughts, energy and resourcefulness to pull these posts off time after time.

    Respect, my friend – respect. . .


  3. Vincent—This is a perfect example of why you’re the ultimate chef—never afraid to experiment with different ingredients.

    I’ll be bumping this mix for quite some time I’m sure.

    Guess no one else can figure out that mystery joint either, so isn’t just us.

    Be well, fam…

  4. Vincent, thank you for these warm words!
    We are really glad about it, especially since the stuff is really not the newest. So stay tuned for watching the mixes getting wilder! You’ll surely discover one or two of your ingredients soon …
    Meanwhile I’ll try to get “The Court Room” out of my ears … How I am loving the “Full Service”!


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