Come On In My Kitchen part one

Hello, kiddies.

Today is a really special day here in the Fufu Stew Kitchen. I am pleased to announce the launch of a brand new series which I’d like to call “Come On In My Kitchen”, with the name of course being “lifted” from Robert Johnson’s classic blues standard. Over the past several months, I’ve had the privilege of doing guest mixes for some of my favourite blogs. Now comes the time to return the favour… My first guest is none other than Mr. Double Down, co-owner of The Hook And Sling. We’re trading places today as part of what he likes to call a “Soul exchange”, sharing great funk and soul 45s… Could it be any other way? Well without further ado (to paraphrase Mr. Don Cornelius), put your hands together for the mighty mighty Mr. Double Down.

Hello, My name is Mr Double Down and I am one part of The Hook And Sling, A monthly 100% funk and soul night in London’s West End with The Popcorn King and Hoppin’ John . We also run the same titled Podcast / Blog over on
It’s an absolute pleasure to be invited over here by Vincent The Soul Chef to share a few of my 45s with you, and I hope listening to my selections today will get your weekend off to a good start!
You can currently find Vincent The Soul Chef holding the reins over on our site, dropping his ‘Fufu Stew’s Baker’s Dozen Mix’ as part of our continuing Guest Mix series. So once you’ve finished up here head on over to The Hook And Sling for the flip side to our little ‘Soul Exchange’.
Back to business, and today’s ‘lesson’ is about to begin, so pay attention at the back because ‘School’s In Session’


showstoppers-what-can-a-man-do.jpg1)The Showstoppers – What Can A Man Do?? – Showtime
This is a great ’Northern’ number to kick things off with, a real feel good 45! This is the flip to the fairly well known stomper ‘Ain’t Nothing But A House Party’. I’ve just begun championing this one at our night and it goes down really well with our crowd.

jackie-wilson-i-still-love-you.jpg2)Jackie Wilson – I Still Love You – Brunswick
Another H&S favourite and quite rightly so, Jackie Wilson lays this down hard. This side featured in a recent article over on our site which proved to be one of the most popular we’ve done. I thought this could do with another public airing!

beau-dollar.jpg3)Beau Dollar – (I Wanna Go) Where The Soul Trees Grow – King
This is a really interesting double sided promo I picked up a while ago, Beau Dollar was a drummer and vocalist who worked closely with James Brown and also the Dapps. Check out ‘Who Knows’ also released on King!

tony-newman.jpg4)Tony Newman – Soul Thing – Parrot
Another organ and drum monster! A bit of a Mod feel to it, this always turns heads when I get to play it out, due to it’s recent sampling.

herb-johnson.jpg5)Herb Johnson – Make You Wanna Holler – Timmion
The guys over at Timmion do a sterling job, this was Herb Johnson’s last 45 before he died and was recorded with the Soul Investigators from Finland. This is truly a great side!

soul4sale.jpg6)Ace Cannon – Soul For Sale – Hi
I picked up this 100 mile an hour Hammond burner on a tip from a dealer from Camden a few years back , once you’ve heard it you’ll realise why I wasn’t disappointed!

mickey-_-the-soul-generation-chocolate.jpg7)Mickey And The Soul Generation – Chocolate – Maxwell
This is the flip to ‘Iron Leg’, another 45 most of you will be aware of. Mickey And The Soul Generation churned out solid funk grooves during their career and this side is no exception.

ernie-things-are-better.jpg8)Ernie And The Top Notes Inc. – Things Are Better – Fordom
This is the B-side to ‘Dap Walk’ and is a 45 that featured on our site a couple of times. It was apparently recorded in one take! It took me what seemed like an age to find, but was thoroughly worth it!

I’ve gotta chime in here to hip you all to the post that turned me on to The Hook And Sling. Check out this absolutely stunning performance of ‘Dap Walk’ performed with the Dynamites.

lee-shot-williams-our-thing-is-through.jpg9)Lee ‘Shot’ Williams – Our Thing Is Through – Shama
A nice solid guitar and horn led funk outing released on Syl Johnson’s Shama Records. Check the drums on this one, the hi-hat takes a serious beating!

honeydrippers.jpg10)The Honey Drippers – Impeach The President – Alaga
I scored this for next to nothing in one of my favourite spots in London. It was hidden in amongst a pile of trashed and beat up Indie singles, and my jaw nearly hit the floor when it appeared! One of the building blocks for the hip hop heads.

bill-withers-grandmas-hands.jpg11)Bill Withers – Grandma’s Hands – Sussex
Bill Withers hits us up with this classic cut. We often end our night with this and it’s always a big hit with our crowd.

ike-_-tina-its-all-over.jpg12)Ike And Tina Turner – It’s All Over – Warner Bros.
What…..A…..Record!!! A cut introduced to me by fellow Hook And Sling resident, The Popcorn King a few years back. They just don’t make 45’s like this anymore!

Please download and enjoy School’s In Session, an mp3 file, 29 MB, and don’t forget to head on over to The Hook And Sling for the rest of the Soul Exchange. It should be ready for serving realsoon… and for those of you not already in the loop, there’s more guest mixes available for your dining and dancing pleasure featuring two of Asbury Park’s finest, Larry “Funky 16 Corners” Grogan and of course, DJ Prestige! Did I forget to mention that there’s one from none other than Sister Funk creator and legendary cratedigger Ian Wright!

and now for the closing commentary…

I want to first of all thank Mr. Double Down for starting off with what I hope will be another successful feature here. I promise you, if I am fortunate enough to get to visit good ol’ London Town, I would be proud to share the ones and twos with you, John  and the “King”… If any of you kiddies are in London Town on the 8th of March…


Now for all of my blogging colleagues, I’m sending out this open invitation to you: If you would like to “come on in my kitchen” and cook up a batch of your fave funky goodness, just give a yell and I’ll be more than happy to have you jump on board any time.

Here’s hoping that all of you have a good weekend and as always, be safe.

Peace and blessings.

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