Come On In My Kitchen part two

Hello, kiddies.

The Come On In My Kitchen series continues with a big BANG! It is my privilege to bring the next guest in, although he really needs no introduction. Come on and put your hands together for Luxembourg’s number one son, and my friend, the mighty DJ Blueprint! As always, he comes correct with another of his patented funk workouts that’s sure to keep you on the edge of your seat, if you’re not already out of it… Here’s what he served up for our hungry ears…

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dj blueprint – fufu stew guest mix

01. bill withers – harlem (a&m)
02. henry ford – i love you and need you (starfall)
03. flame and the sons of darkness – solid funk (p&p)
04. the founders – i don’t want a second hand love (triode)
05. 1984 – there’s a wrinkle in your time (tramp)
06. otis and carla – tramp (atlantic)
07. abraham and the metronomes – party (funk 45)
08. howard tate – that’s what happens (lp’s turntable)
09. jb’s wedge – bessie (brownstone)
10. les cooper and his soul rockers – wahoo (samar)
11. lee fields  and sugarman co – stand up (daptone)
12. jungle jim – masai (do the masai children) (renee)
13. billy garner – i got some (fryers)
14. the whitefield brothers – yakuba (field)
15. the olympics – the same old thing (mirwood)
16. the golden toadstools – silly savage (minaret)
17. fantastic johnny c – hitch it to the horse (phil-la-of-soul)
18. lou pride – im com’un home in the morn’un (suemi/jazzman)

Please download and enjoy this 67 MB mp3 file, and be sure to visit for even more, but you don’t need me to tell you that now do you… Thank you so much for the blessings, Mike.

Remember kids, there’s more to come, including a couple more special guests just added today… if you want to come on in my kitchen and serve up some of your favourite goodies, feel free to drop a comment. Have a good week everyone and as always, be safe. I’ll see you all in a few days.

Peace and blessings.

11 thoughts on “Come On In My Kitchen part two

  1. vincent:

    i returned back from a ten-day trip state-side (boston & ny). business was hard, schedules were tough but your mixes in my ipod kept me going.

    i also went hunting for cds and vinyl in beantown, ny and princeton. not a bad haul, if i say so myself! but i still think that we have more interesting old music available here in japan. . .

    i just posted something at “the pit” that you probably already know and have but i thought of you when i posted it.



  2. Hey Soul Chef,

    Just wanted to say how much I’ve been enjoying your blog since discovering it a few weeks ago. So many brilliant tracks, it boggles the mind…

    Clarence Reid — Take It Home To Mother : Primal heaviness.
    William Wright — Charge It Up : “The hook and sling; you can do your own thing…”
    Black Experiences Band — Is It Funky Enough? : In a word, yes!

    All that, and excellent graphic design as well! Anyway, thought I should mention it. Oh, and I’ll leave a suggestion for a future mix or maybe a Snax post — Flip Flop Stevens’ “Let’s Shake That Thing” on the Dynamite label (not to be confused with his other single, “Let’s Do That Thing”…obviously). It’s like a demented version of the Blazers’ “Funky Bull”, complete with even more boisterously fake crowd response.

    Thanks for the Stew!

  3. Thanks for showing some love, Jdog… I normally try not to disappoint, but I really SUCK with the turntable wizardry. I like to leave that skill to the many many fine DJs out there that can do it much better than me. Maybe one day, I’ll try to get back into doing that but for now I must remain content with the most simple of turntable skills.

    Peace and blessings.

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