Come On In My Kitchen Part Three

Hello, kiddies.

Happy leap year day first of all. Outside the weather’s frightful, inside it’s so delightful… since we have no place to go, you better come on in my kitchen!

Here’s the next installment… I’ve been stoked for this one all week as it features quite frankly one of my all time favourite selectors, DJ Bluewater, who I will still affectionately call Lou the pusherman. Ever since the first installment of DJ Prestige’s Asbury Park 45 Sessions last spring when I first discovered his very extensive archive, I was sold hook line and sinker. The mere fact that he agreed to do this mix for me just speaks volumes. Enough of my rambling on, let’s get right down to it, shall we?

Now I was thinking that I’d get a mix of some of his brutal funk 45s, but to my surprise he hits me off with something totally fresh. As he puts it, these are his top ten beat ballads at the moment, so what better name to give this mix than…

Beat Ballad


(I snagged the above jpeg from the post I spoke on previously…)

4th Coming – You’re My Precious Someone (Alpha)
Johnson, Hawkins, Tatum & Durr – You Can’t Blame Me (Capsoul)
Jacqueline Jones – You Make My Life A Sunny Day (LoadStone)
Curtis Blandon – Where Is My Baby (Buddah)
Soul Experience – Who’s Lips You Been Kissing (Smoke)
The Lovations – I Don’t Want You (Cap City)
The Soul Majestics – I Done Told You Baby (Al-Toc)
Intensive Heat – Keep An Eye On Your Close Friend (Soul Mate)
Lynn Williams – Don’t Be Surprise (Suncut)
Mary Wells – 500 Miles (Jubilee)

Please download and enjoy Beat Ballad, an mp3 file, 45 MB, and be sure to check out, but once again, you didn’t need me to tell you that, right? For those who have been keeping score for a while, he told me that he’ll be dropping an all new hour of power soon so be on the lookout… Thank you so much for the tremendous blessings, Lou!

In closing, I am steadily copping new sides to get all nice and mixed up for your dining and dancing pleasure. I braved the elements yesterday and hit up both of my favourite digging spots in the whole wide world. Well you all know about the Guru, but let me give a big ear splitting shoutout to the other shop ’round the corner… !El Suprimo! Records. Mr. and Mrs. Suprimo are also part of my ongoing plan to keep my house littered with more of that funky ass vinyl that we all need to hear. If you’re in Baltimore and have a jones for getting your fingers dusty, be sure to look ’em both up and tell ’em the Soul Chef sent you.

Well, time to get the new scores cleaned up. Hopefully, I’ll try get some of the too good to keep stuff up at Fufu Snax this weekend. Also, I joined a new spot called the Soul Commune today thanks to my man Todd over at Rhythms In Black Satin. The page is a little green now, but that will soon change as well. I’ve met a few friends and heard some pretty neat new stuff as well. Hey, the army keeps getting stronger and stronger! I’ll see you all on Monday with another solid installment of Come On In My Kitchen featuring my hero, the mighty Larry Grogan himself!!! Enjoy the weekend and as always, be safe.

Peace and blessings.

5 thoughts on “Come On In My Kitchen Part Three

  1. Not just is the mix another outstanding one (Though hard to decide, my favs are ” You Can’t Blame Me” and “You Make My Life A Sunny Day”), but also the term “Beat Ballads” is great. Thank you, Lou and Vincent. I’m inspired as always!


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