Come On In My Kitchen part five

Hello, kiddies.

I kinda knew that having the legendary Larry Grogan come on in my kitchen would get you. Thanks once again to Larry for dropping by, and to all of you for helping me to break yet another attendance record!

Now let’s get back to basics and bring in the next guest. I have a great deal of respect for Rich the Cratedigger in that he always provides a simple sensibility when it comes to bringing the funky soul. I also dig the fact that each time he posts a mix, it’s done live without the safety net of a computer. Not that having a computer is a bad thing considering all the fine blogs out there, but that’s something that I really need to get back into now that I am looking for a venue (club, bar or otherwise) to play my 45s. So as not to digress, without further ado, from the windy city give it up for my man Rich the Cratedigger!

Deep from the depths of Cratedigger Labs comes the latest mix entitled Dig Out! in reference to the massive amounts of snow that have graced us here in the Chi IL area.


I would like to give a HUGE shout out to Vincent The Soul Chef for letting me into the kitchen with my Technics and my records. It is a true honor to be among the soul blogging cognoscenti. Many more years of successful digging and blogging to you, my friend.



01 Good Old Music-Parliaments (Revilot)
02 You’re Getting A Little Too Smart-Detroit Emeralds (Westbound)
03 The Whip-Pal & The Prophets (Phil La of Soul)
04 Do The Dirt-The Meters (Reprise)
05 Hooray For The Salvation Army Band-Bill Cosby (Warner Bros.)
06 Jungle Strut-Ramsey Lewis (Columbia)
07 Boo Ga Loo Baby-Tommy & Cleve (Checker)
08 Groove Me-King Floyd (Chimneyville)
09 Since The Days of Pigtails and Fairy Tails-Chairmen of The Board (Invictus)
10 The Baby-Blackbyrds (Fantasy)
11 You Say It-Al Green (Hi)
12 Escape-ism Pt 2&3-James Brown (People)

This mix was made up from original 45s gathered in the field, excepting the Ramsey Lewis track which was pulled from his Sun Goddess LP.

And now some stream of consciousness notes and thoughts about the tracks that I threw into the mix:

I really can never get enough of early George Clinton and the Parliaments, check out the fuzz guitar riff on “Good Old Music.” Taking it a bit further groove to the Detroit Emeralds track. I pulled it back a bit with “The Whip,” by Pal & The Prophets. Taking it south with The Meters is always a good thing. The lazy strut that the guitar line provides pushes the track along with the call and response vocals. The Cos makes an unlikely appearance to Mr. Hendrix’ signature tune flipped in an homage to The Salvation Army Band. Sort of odd, but I have always been a fan of 60s and early 70s Cos… I am becoming more of a sucker for Ramsey Lewis in his early 70s groovy phase. I dig him before he became all Smooth (not Smoove) and then a morning drive DJ. This is a fonky, weirdo synth driven track. Analog synths are the best. Back into the Soul Zone we go with Boo Ga Loo Baby, awesome vocal workout contrasting with the guitars leading into the sax break. “Groove Me” has an excellent southern style vibe with a guitar chiming under the vocal. Great shouts and channeling of Soul. Moving further we go with The Chairmen of The Board for a more full sound. Lots more production here to provide a contrast. The hi hat slaps do it for me on this one. The Blackbyrds bust a groovy very 70s sound that is hypnotic as well as stirring with the cymbal taps combined with the synth groove. Listen for the break. It is sort of jarring. I think I could listen to that over and over. The jazzy riffing over it is killer. The guitar on “You Say It” is quite a counter to the previous track. Excellent tone and it provides an excellent base from which Al Green can do his thing. I will leave you with The Godfather. Nuff’ said.

I hope you groove on Dig Out! I had a blast putting it together.


Please download and enjoy “Dig Out!”, an mp3 file, 52 MB, and be sure to visit and support…

and now for a bit of closing commentaryfrom me as it has been a real busy couple of weeks personally… I am feverishly working on that all new all 45 rpm exercise. I put a HUGE dent in that stack so it won’t be much longer. I promise it will be pure fire! Have a good weekend and as always, be safe.

Peace and blessings.

6 thoughts on “Come On In My Kitchen part five

  1. Vincent, first i want to say you a BIG thank for the Iceband post, but most important is the friendship that really exist between our blogs.
    Is a honor for us receive this gift.
    Peace & blessing and a lot of friendship from all of us!
    Thank You!

  2. By The Way:
    all you said on the 4Brothers Beat spot a while ago about comments and stuff ( I just read it), man I vote for you, well I mean to say: Yeah, that’s about right, or I could go with: Talking to the people, yeah…
    Damn, praise or forget about the comments, but hell yeah, IT”S a ISSUE!.
    Indded it took me abou a minute or so to get this little bit of steam off, so…
    It’s like I said on the Lost In Tyme blog (who caught on to this matter) please read it cause I can’t keep repeating myself???
    props, praise & a little prayer for the true-hearted bloggers out-there!
    love, peace & all that jazz from me to all of you great guys & dolls out there!

  3. Congrats again,
    Vincent, to you for putting together this great line-up and Rich, to you for this great mix. I’m especially digging Cosby and the Blackbyrds. And never getting tired of King Floyd …


    PS: I’m waiting for Jones to return from his vacations. Currently it’s his turn keeping the show going on at our place …

  4. What a great mix – top work. I never ceased to be amazed by the amount of good gear made back then. Can you imagine anyone in 20/30 years time digging for anything from today? s’not gonna happen.

    Great to see Chairmen of The Board getting an outing ‘Go Down Gambler’ being an old fave of mine

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