My turn to cook (including Fussy Eater)

Hello, kiddies.

Here’s to another really busy week here in the Fufu Stew kitchen. I’m posting heavy today so that I can enjoy the Soup Bowl Derby on Sunday. For those in the know, that would be the latest NASCAR event (yes, I AM a closet NASCAR fanatic although I call it “NAS(ty)CAR” these days) being held at the Bristol Motor Speedway. I just dig the action…

The next installment of Come On In My Kitchen is coming very shortly, but I had to give you kids my latest offering first. I’ve been going on and on about the latest digging excursion, so it’s finally time to make good on my promise of another all 45 rpm exercise. The bulk of the 45s used in this recipe are from said excursion, but I didn’t want to blow my wad all at once, so I added a couple of tried and true classics from the crates. I also added an extra special bonus 45 that I scored from the mighty (and unfortunately defunct) Funk And Soul blog a couple of years back. Big shouts to the Neopolitan Funk team for the blessings as always… Without further ado, here we go with



dig the nifty slideshow presentation… 

01 Check Me-Willie Mitchell (Hi)
02 King Of The Horse-Delights Orchestra (Atco)
03 Funky Thing-Ted Taylor (Ronn)
04 Coffee Is The Colour-Roy Ayers (Polydor)
05 Run It On On Down Mr. DJ-Bohannon (Dakar)
06 LC Funk-Lee Williams And The Cymbals (Rapda)
07 You’ll Soon Be Gone-The Precisions (Drew)
08 Can’t Get Over Losing You-Delfonics (Philly Groove)
09 Money-Don Covay (Mercury)
10 Funky Granny-Kool & The Gang (De-Lite)
11 Get Aboard The Soul Train-Dorothy Norwood (GRC)
12 You’re What’s Happening In The World Today-Marvin Gaye (Tamla)
13 I Turned You On-Isley Brothers (T Neck)
14 Devil Woman-Clarence Carter (Atlantic)
15 interspeak by Elizabeth Hurley and Brendan Fraser from the motion picture “Bedazzled”
16 It’s A New Day Part 1-James Brown (King)
17 Boom Boom Boom-Tony Alvon & The Belairs (Atlantic reissue)
18 Get Back Baby-Al Green (Hi)
19 Chicken Strut-The Meters (Josie)
20 Generated Love-BW Souls (Round)
21 Runaway People-Dyke & The Blazers (Original Sound)
22 Back Up-Manhattans (DeLuxe)
23 Give Me Love-The Foundations (UNI)
24 Anyway You Wanta-Jr Walker & The All Stars (Soul)
25 Follow The Wind-Midnight Movers, Unltd (Renee)
26 Keep On Dancing (Extended Cut ‘n Paste Edition)-Alvin Cash & The Scott Bros. Orch. (Toddlin’ Town)
27 Trackin’ Down Jody Pt. 1-Darker Shades, Ltd. (ACR Inc.)
28 Patty Cake-King Curtis (Atco)

Please download and enjoy Fussy Eater, 71 MB

Here’s the link for the mp3 file
Here’s the link for the zip file

If this ain’t enough 45s for you, then head over to see my friend Rich the Cratedigger. I did another guest post for his fine blog this week. I told you I’ve been busy…I want to send a HUGE shoutout to all my Soul Commune friends. For a list of all of ’em, check out my page. There’s also some tunes there that you can download with the latest version of Real Player.

I’m forgetting a bunch of folks that I’ve met over the past couple of weeks, but unfortunately ol’ Bessie has been suffering from heat exhaustion so I didn’t bookmark their sites like I should have. If you are one of those folks, please accept my apologies. Having an antiquated PC with all the innards replaced is not the way to go, but it’s all I’ve got for now.

Big Big ups to the Funky Disposition, My Favourite Sound  and the Four Brothers Beats teams for accpeting my small tokens of gratitude last week. Look for my extra special contributions…

Big ups also to Ms. Merising for donating the last piece of the Rotary Connection puzzle. I’ve been listening to it for days now and it’s the most amazing thing I’ve heard in a very long time. I’ll share it with you in a future post for sure. She also hooked me up with some links to some cool sites that I’ll get up in the blogroll post haste.

I know, I really need to get over to Fufu Snax real soon. Come On In My Kitchen has proven to be more of a success than I ever imagined so I kind of abandoned the other blog for a while. I hope to devote a great deal of time to putting up some new eclectic pieces and some other things that I find enjoyable.

Don’t go far because next on the guest list is none other than the mighty Planet Mondo! I’ll see you all back here in a few hours…

Peace and blessings.

4 thoughts on “My turn to cook (including Fussy Eater)

  1. thanks for the shout.
    you have another fine mix here.
    NASCAR? Come on, surely you prefer the NHRA? (just kidding).

    Hopefully the stang will be coming out of hibernation soon…


  2. Aw yes, le maître himself again!
    I’m into your Extended Cut ‘n Paste Edition. Good things have to be accentuated!
    Since I know you I love Clarence Carter, and since I love him I love you! 😉

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