Come On In My Kitchen part seven

Hello, kiddies.

The time draws near for that all important milestone here in the Fufu Stew Kitchen…

 100,000 HITS!!!

Thank you one and all for all the love and support. There’s more and more to come, including all of the tried and true staples. An ALL NEW AntiDivas and another HEAVY DUTY FUNK FIX are in the works, so just keep on coming back and I promise not to disappoint. Now, let’s get another selector on board for the next installment of Come On In My Kitchen…

Today’s guest is a relative newcomer to the land of blog, but the wealth of high quality mixes that he blesses the masses with on The Right Side Of Funky and the all new Here Comes The Nice are loaded with heat. It’s my pleasure to bring you The Beat Collector!


The Zoo (The Human Zoo) – The Commodores
Mama Said We Can’t Get Married – Warren Lee
Boogaloo 3 – Roy Lee Johnson
It’s A New Day – The Skull Snaps
Licking Stick, Licking Stick – James Brown
Yak-a-poo – Lattimore Brown
Harlem Clavette – Bobby Womack & J.J Johnson
Dance Girl – Rimshots
Funky Washing Machine – Alvin Cash
The Duck – Jackie Lee
Andre’s Bag – Andre Williams & The Out Of Sighters
I’m Lonely, I’m Troubled – Limitations
Behind Closed Doors – Chuck Brookes
All Because Of You – The Isley Brothers
Foxy Woman – Eldridge Holmes
That Was Whisky Talking – Ronnie Forte
Up There And Out There – Kush

Please download and enjoy The Right Side Of Funky’s guest selection, an mp3 file, 47 MB.

The Beat Collector is also a part of the ever growing Soul Commune. Be sure to check out his page and dig the sounds.

There’s lots more guests to come, including Jazz Syndicate Radio’s Tony C. and one I’ve been stoked about for weeks, Flea Market Funk’s DJ Prestige, so stay close. I’ll be back with this weekend with a basket full of Easter cheer. Enjoy your week and as always, be safe.

Peace and blessings.

3 thoughts on “Come On In My Kitchen part seven

  1. Wow that is real heavy hitting – congratulations Vince and here’s to another year.

    Matt – top work a great selection with plenty of new to me tunes which is always good, kicks off with a great almost Osibisa type start and shifts into funky fifth gear straight away . Keep ’em coming

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