Come On In My Kitchen part eight

Hello, kiddies.

I trust all of you enjoyed (or are still enjoying if you’re among the fortunate) your Easter festivities. Spring is trying to spring, but you wouldn’t know it by going outside. It won’t be long, then I’ll be complaining about the heat again. I just can’t win.

First and foremost, I must apologise for not posting yesterday, but as luck would have it, the headaches took over (Lily, I truly feel your pain…). I did manage to fill the timeline a couple of times though, so if all goes well (and I hope it does), I will post like I promised before week’s end.

I must also direct you to Devil Dick’s blog. He beat me to the AntiDivas punch this week, so head on over there and check out his ode to the Soul Sistas… He’s still on tap to bless us with a mix in this part of the land of blog so keep an eye (and ear) peeled for it.

And now, on we go to the next installment of Come On In My Kitchen. The next guest comes to us via Mr. Double Down of Hook And Sling fame. Any friend of Double Down is certainly a friend of mine… Without further ado, I’d like to introduce you all to Jazz Syndicate Radio’s own, Mr. Tony C.


Blow Your Head

Ettore Stratta and his Orchestra-The Godfather
JamesBrown-Shhhhhh (For A While)
Kadri Mix-I Got The Feeling
Le Robin Orchestral-Sex Machine
Marva Whitney-Hes The One
Fred Wesley-The JB’s Monaurail
Ricky Calloway-Tell me
Danny Hibrid, James Brown-Feel Alright
Vicky Anderson-No More Heartaches and Pain
Lyn Collins-Mr Big Stuff
Hank Ballard-Blackenised
Wilbert Longmire-Give It Up Turn It Loose
Wee Willie and the Winners-I Don’t Know What You Got But I Know What You Need
Maceo Parker-Soul Power ’74
John Wagner Coalition-Aint It Funky
JB’s-Blow Your Head

and now, a few words from the man himself…

Hello and welcome to my first ever mix, and it’s a privilege and an honor to be invited to the table of Vincent’s guest DJ series, An INSPIRATIONAL idea Mr Soul Chef !!
The mix that I have put together is not so much a Cordon bleu concoction but more of a staple meat and two veg dish as it serves up a portion of good old JB’S styled funk.
First up and easing you into the main course is a laid back library tune appropriately entitled The Godfather by Ettore Stratta and his Orchestra, We then dive head first into the rasping Hammond sound of the Godfather himself Mr. James Brown with Shhhhhh (For a While). Next up is a nice tune by a band that I don’t know a lot about, Kadri Mix, with I Got The Feeling, A serving from the French next, Le Robin Orchestral with a cool version of Sex Machine. We then welcome the first of three Soul sisters to the mix, Marva Whitney with He’s The One. This takes us to the station where we board the JB’S Monaurail, a real head nodder that chugs along nicely to where Ricky Calloway turns up the heat again with Tell Me. Danny Hibrid then gives James Brown’s Feel Alright the remix treatment with some tasty drumming. Two more Soul sisters next, The first being Vicky Anderson with No More Heartaches And Pain. The female preacher Lyn Collins then brings us her fine rendition of Jean Knight’s Mr Big Stuff, and what a fine rendition it is too!!! Another head nodder next with Hank Ballard’s Blackenised. I love the
Flute in this. Wilbert Longmire then brings us a storming bit of Funky Jazz with Give It Up And Turn It Loose before Wee Willie And The Winners (sounding very much like the JB’s) bring us
I Dont Know What You Got But I Know What You Need. Maceo Parker nearly blowing his horn straight then offers up the classic Soul Power 74. The penultimate track by The John Wagner Coalition is Aint It Funky from the rare Shades Of Brown LP, re-released a few years ago by the excellent Licorice Soul label. The final cut is another winner by the JB’s and the title of this mix, Blow Your Head. Just hearing the intro to this makes the hair on my neck stand up!!
Well that’s it for this serving, Thanks again to Vincent and I look forward to his mix for my show on
By the way if you are still hungry after this lot, You can always ask someone to Pass The Peas!

Cheers, Tony C.

Please download and enjoy Blow Your Head, an mp3 file, 52 MB, and be sure to check out Tony C’s Melting Pot on Tuesdays from 8:00-10:00 GMT. I am also looking forward to hooking him up with a fine mix or two which should be ready for serving next week. Of course, I’ll give you all the details. Thanks for the blessings, Tony.

Next time we meet, I have another special installment of Come On In My Kitchen on tap featuring one of the true veterans here in the land of blog. Remember, if you run a blog and want to join in the fun, by all means drop a line. You’re more than welcome to bring a dish to the table. As always, be safe, and I’ll see you all in a few days with more.

Peace and blessings.

8 thoughts on “Come On In My Kitchen part eight

  1. Nice mix tony,we’ll have to turn this mother up.When u come to chop down our tree,looking forward to see u lot again soon.

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