Come On In My Kitchen part ten

Hello, kiddies.

The day off yesterday was too short! I did manage to get lots of cleaning done in the pantry, just so that I can turn around and get it messy all over again with more records to digitise. That’s the beauty of enjoying the record collection, and I can assure you that I thoroughly enjoy mine…

And speaking of enjoying record collections, let’s bring the next guest selector in. Here’s another member of the mighty Asbury Park team who I had the pleasure of meeting back in November. When DJ Prestige introduced him that night as being the one with all that “fuzzed out shit”, I knew that I was in store for somethng pretty special. This is a mix that I’ve been waiting all weekend to lay on you, so let me introduce from the heavy duty blog The Devil’s Music, Devil Dick…

First off let me say thank you Vincent for having me!
Being relatively new to the blogging game I was very pleased to be invited to do a mix on such a highly traveled and regarded spot such as Fufu Stew! So I originally had an all
Funky Lady mix in mind to hand over to Vincent but scrapped those plans when I realized I couldn’t give away my very 1st mix made in the blog-o-sphere! (I kept that one for my page over at The Devils Music!) So I came up with this here idea:


All rock oriented acts with a lean towards to soulful side of things. So without further ado, let’s get it on!!!
Rare Earth – What’d I Say. Funky white boys doing a great take on the Mr. Ray Charles’ classic. Full of raging guitar mania!!! These guys are probably mostly known for the hit I Just Want to Celebrate, but this jam, like a lot of their other stuff is major league!
Glass Bottle-Red River Sam. I don’t know much about the glass bottle but I know this cut is pretty damn awesome. Funky and Rocking with plenty of hot guitar action, just like i like it!!!
The Osmonds-Crazy Horses. Now when you think of The Osmonds you don’t think funk nor rock do you? Well this cut will totally prove you WRONG! It’s equally Funk & Rocking made by Mormons no less!!! Crazy indeed!!!
Crow-Gonna Leave A Mark. This is the flip to Evil Woman Cover by Black Sabbath and then later turned into Evil Man done by Ike & Tina Turner. This is Funky Horn Driven Rocker! You can check out the tunes in question here
Vanilla Fudge-I Need Love. This here is a Barnstormer! When you think VF you think of their major hit and cover of The Supremes You Keep Me Hanging On. Although these guys dabbled in the soul side of things they also got FUNKY! Be warned this is a HEAVY JAM! Guitars and keys bound all over the joint drums pound and vocals strain. What a hot MF… (caution: NOT for the squeamish)
The Illusion-Did You See Her Eyes. Great blue eyed soul jams here. I know my man DJ Prestige is down with these cats and rightfully so! Funky, Rocking, & Jamming with a killer drum breakdown in the middle and guitars everywhere!!!
Shocking Blue-Love Machine. If the only thing you know by The Shocking Blue is their major hit Venus (later covered by Banarama in the 80s), go out & track down their self titled album on Colossus. Here is a sample of the greatest that awaits you! A very under-rated album IMHO with great vocals by Mariska Veres. Love Buzz from the album was later covered by Nirvana.
Stone the Crow-Raining In Your Heart. Great call & answer vocals here by Maggie Bell and Jim Dewer (later of Robin Trower) It’s a great soulful bluesy number with some really heartfelt vocals by the duo of Bell & Dewer. Great hot guitar action by Les Harvey, brother of Alex Harvey of the Sensational Alex Harvey band, Les Harvey would actually die on stage by being electrocuted but here his playing is pretty electric.
Ten Wheel Drive-Aint’ Gonna Happen. With Genya Ravan doing her best bluesy soulful take on Janis Joplin. The epitome of Jazz Rock, Brassy & Sassy! Recently sampled by Jay Z & used for 1-900-HUSTLER. A great mellow jazz rocker to end with me thinks…
Hope you all enjoy the ride!
Until the next time!
ddPlease download and enjoy The Funky Side Of The Rock, an mp3 file, 48 MB.

and now for the closing commentary…

Make sure to tune in to Tony C’s Melting Pot tomorrow on Jazz Syndicate Radio for an exclusive guest mix. The show airs from 8:00-10:00 GMT (4:00-6:00 EST for those of you in my part of the world)…

I just found another blog today that warrants a mention. For the Hip Hop heads out there, head over to When They Reminisce and get your fix of classic joints and then some…

Since the day off was only half productive, I’m going to take a little time to finish the job. I’m sure I’ll probably be back later in the week, but in case I’m not… you know. Thanks everyone for hanging out. Enjoy your week and as always, be safe.

Peace and blessings.

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