Can you help a brother out?

Hello, kiddies.

First off, let me once again welcome all of you kids who dropped by from the WFMU blog. That Devil Dick post was a real heater, wasn’t it?

I’ve been dying to do this post for a long time. Since I’m still having trouble with the kit, now is as good a time as any…


I’ve had this cassette chained to my hip for over twenty years. It’s a broadcast form one of the local college radio staions here in Baltimore (actually Towson) that unfortunately is no longer around. The show was called Yasgur’s Farm (what an original name, huh?) which featured some awesome rare psychedelic music. Let me briefly explain how this cassette came about. While sitting around with some friends back in 1987 listening to the radio (and of course enjoying some quality botanical refreshments), we heard this really awesome track that just floored us. Luckily, I was able to decipher the name of the artist enough to come back and request the track a few weeks later. With my finger on the pause button, I proceeded to record sixty minutes worth of excerpts of the show that night. As far as who the artists are, with the exception of one or two (High Tide* and the Tripsichord Music Box), I have no clue. Thanks to DJ Little Danny of Office Naps fame and Play It Again Max, I did discover that the track I was floored by was performed by Joe Byrd and the Field Hippies, but there are several two more awesome pieces that I could sure use some help with. That’s where you Psych freaks come in. If you’re game, then give the tape a listen. If you recognise any of the songs, please tell me what they are and who performed them as I would like to put the mystery to rest once and for all. If I’m lucky, I might be able to find the tunes on vinyl in the field someday…

UPDATE: after 20 years of searching, the fruits paid off. Here is the entire tracklist at long last…

1. You’re the Woman – Tripsichord Music Box
2. It’s Not Good  -Tripsichord Music Box
3. Blankman Cries Again – High Tide*
4. Come Away Melinda – The Velvet Fogg *
5. My Clown – July *
6. The Wind – The Accent*
7. Wooden Spoon – The Poets
8. Rock Me Baby – Apple*
9. Moon Beams – The Magic Mixture
10. Strange People – The Churchills*
11. Subsequent Final  – The Churchills*

12. The Death Of Louis Tollani – Kaleidoscope*
13. Sunday Morning – Five Day Week Straw People
14. You Can’t Ever Come Down – Joe Byrd & The Field Hippies

Please download and enjoy this mp3 file, 50 MB

As far as a new recipe goes, I’m still in there pitching so bear with me. Now that Spring Break is but a memory, I can devote more time to making the next one really hot. I do have one just about ready to serve so be sure to come back soon. As always, enjoy your weekend and be safe.

Peace and blessings.

*A BIG thank you to Phrockblog.

3 thoughts on “Can you help a brother out?

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