Happy Spring (including Fufu Jazz Fix No. 3)

Hello, kiddies.

At long last, spring has finally sprung here in my neck of the woods. For those of you who already know me, you know that it’s time to dust off the ol’ barbecue grill and have some “dinner on the ground”… The fish and eggplant are marinating, the iPod and sound dock are in the window, and I’m ready to go. Before I get started however, I wanted to hip you all to my latest recipe. Actually, it’s been done for about a month, but I’ve been tweaking with the spices a bit so that it tastes just right… This time around, it’s another Jazz fix! I’ve really been digging that as of late, so all I can say is get your plates ready for some really hot grooves. Big shouts and thanks to My Favourite Sound, Fullundie and My Jazz World for the inspiration this time around. As always, nothing but love for you all. Here we go with the show.

01 The Yodel-Big John Patton
02 The Original Fingertips-Little Stevie Wonder
03 Call To Worship (Make Way)-Bethlehem Progressive Ensemble
04 I Can’t Keep from Crying Sometimes-The Dierdre Wilson Tabac
05 Blues Three Four-Brian Auger
06 Bobbie-George Bohanon
07 Elanor Rigby-Jazz Crusaders
08 My Favorite Things-Al Jarreau
09 What Is Wrong With Groovin’-Letta Mbulu
10 Get Off The Ground-Baaska And Scavelli
11 Headache-James Brown
12 The Hustler-Gordon Beck
13 This Here-Wynder K. Frog
14 Sunday Go Meetin’-The Latin Jazz Quintet
15 Rock Candy-Brother Jack McDuff
16 Under The Rising Sun-Johnny Lytle
17 Theme From “Joy House”-Jimmy Smith
18 Oh Happy Day-Bill Cosby & Quincy Jones
19 Just Friends-Lefty Edwards

Please download and enjoy Fufu Jazz Fix No. 3, 74 MB

Here’s the link to the mp3 file
Here’s the link to the zip file

and now for the closing commentary, or in this case, a few shameless plugs…

First, I want to send big shouts to the Heavy Soul Brutha who makes his return to the land of blog with his latest offering appropriately titled “It’s Been A Long Time”.

Next up is the latest “Soul Exchange” from the fine folks at The Hook And Sling. This time around, Tony C from Jazz Syndicate Radio steps in with “Feelin’ Alright”

Thanks for letting me get those plugs in… There’s also more installments of Come On In My Kitchen in the near future. Remember, the invitation is always open if you want to join in…

Time, needless to say, is of the essence these days, so I’ll leave you all with wishes for another great and safe weekend. Thanks a lot for dropping by. I hope to be back real soon with another mouthwatering recipe that’s sure to satisfy.

Peace and blessings.

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