Come On In My Kitchen part eleven

Hello, kiddies.

The Come On In My Kitchen series continues today in the hopes that it brings a little comfort for your hump day woes. The next selector certainly needs no introduction, however, I will say that it is my extreme pleasure and privilege to bring to the kitchen my friend the Heavy Soul Brutha!

“Well, I’m very honored to finally present my very first guest mix to share here in the Fufu kitchen. Just wanted to give a MASSIVE thanks to The Soul Chef for inviting me to the grownup’s table. The concoction I’ve got for you is called Jazz…in the present tense. This mix features some of my favourite contemporary Jazz cats, as well as a few recent performances from a couple of legends. What weaves this mix together is most of the tunes are quite Funky. You’ve got New Orleans represented by Galactic and Stanton Moore. From out on the ‘left coast,’ keyboard player Robert Walter as well as the fantastic guitarist Charlie Hunter. Out of Oakland, the legendary drummer from the Headhunters, Mike Clark. A Bay Area super group dedicated to playing the music of James Brown, Thelonious Monk and Rashaan Roland Kirk that named themselves after two William Shatner TV characters calling themselves T.J. Kirk. Kooky! NYC shows up with Medeski Martin and Wood, probably the only super funky avant-garde Jazz outfit in the world. The superb trio called Soulive who almost improve on a Stevie Wonder classic. And a group based out of my hometown called Modern Groove Syndicate who dropped one of the best records of 07. Throw in legends John Scofield and Terry Callier and you’ve got

The Tunes:

01. Intro…Music Is A Science Of Sound!
02. Pappy Check – Medeski Martin And Wood
03. Damn Right I Am Somebody – T.J.Kirk
04. Jesus Children Of America – Soulive
05. Chilcock – Stanton Moore
06. Little Miss Lover- Robert Walter
07. Fly Like An Eagle – Charlie Hunter And Pound For Pound
08. B’Gock – Fuzz
09. Blackout – John Scofield
10. Stingers – Mike Clark
11. Go Go – Galactic
12. 3’s A Crowd – Talbot And White
13. Elephants – Karl Denson
14. El Guapo – Modern Groove Syndicate
15. Ordinary Joe – Terry Callier

Please download and enjoy Jazz… in the present tense, an .mp3 file, 87 MB

A HUGE thanks to Vincent for inviting me in to the kitchen. You are one classy cat, my Brutha!!!”

Peace and SOUL…


In closing, I am in the process of creating several 45 rpm exercises that will drop real soon, not just here, but also at Heavy Soul Brutha’s place and Parkdale Funk. I’ll be sure to keep you up to speed… Time for me to keep on rattlin’ those “pots and pans” some more so have a good week and as always, be safe…

Peace and blessings.

3 thoughts on “Come On In My Kitchen part eleven

  1. Heavy Soul Brutha, excellent mix!
    a few songs new to me 🙂
    and oh yeah, (as in the previous comment) bout you coverpic: nicely rebooted, it was taken from the 2CD set Dutch Rare Groove [:-)
    I’d love to hear more of that TJ Kirk btw.

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