Come On In My Kitchen part thirteen

Hello, kiddies.

Time once again for another installment of Come On In My Kitchen. Lucky number thirteen to be exact, and how appropriate because I am indeed lucky to have the next selector join us. I like to call him the eyes and ears of the Soul community, but you all know him best as Colin Dilnot. There’s no denying that he really stays all over the latest Funk and Soul findings and brings it straight to the masses with In Dangerous Rhythm. And that’s not all. For now, let’s all enjoy this exclusive selection that features some of his favourite Detroit sides from 1972-1976.

1. Eddie Robinson-The Door Is Open (Myrrh) LP Reflections Of The Man Inside
2. Vee Gees-Talkin’ (Jump Off)
3. The Bitter & The Sweet-I Won’t Have No Babies For You (Anything Everything)
4. Ronnie McNeir-You Better Come On Down (Prodigal)
5. Sandra Richardson-Don’t Let me Down (Innersoul)
6. Eddie Parker-Body Chains (Prodigal)
7. Four Real-The Man (Flying Eagles)
8. Smith Brothers-Payback Is A Drag (Sound Dimension)
9. Flaming Emeralds-Have Some Everybody (Fee)
10. Fugi-Revelations (Chess) (Unreleased version)
11. Bobby Franklin-Whatever’s Your Sign (Babylon) (Long Version)
Please download and enjoy Colin’s special guest mix, a 56 MB mp3 file, and be sure to visit and support his fine family of blogs…
In Dangerous Rhythm. This blog is a soulful diary – reflecting my day to day involvement with music – featuring news, reviews often with audio samples, links to articles, short mixes, single tracks, videos, playlists etc
Dark End Of The Street. Soulful conversations – my in-depth interviews, conversations with soul artists, photographic record of meetings or reviews of shows I have attended.
Keeping Soul Alive. Dedicated to longer mixes often featuring sides mentioned on In Dangerous Rhythm or Dark End Of The Street. A new mix is posted every Monday and in the next month I will additionally be featuring guest mixes from DJs and friends some of whom have never posted on the Net before.

and if that wasn’t enough, he’s got massive amounts of live clips and even more interviews over at the all new Soul Mish Mash. I told you, this cat’s got his soul together…

I’ll be back soon with an all new all 45 rpm exercise and a bit of a surprise. Until then, have a good weekend and a wonderful Mother’s Day. I’ll be doing dinner on the ground for my mom. She really goes for shrimp on the barbie… Whatever you have planned for the weekend, be sure to be safe.

Peace and blessings.

One thought on “Come On In My Kitchen part thirteen

  1. digging this mix, catching it in a corp cube as I type.
    Laid back groove so far has been very conducive to taking care of business.

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